Little Warrior.

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Name • Åsa, o-sa,
Alias • Little Warrior- Åsleif
Title • bla
Age • 1 Year; 12th March 2016
Gender • Female - ♀
Sexuality • Undeveloped
Species • Red Deer *Scottish, Cervus Elaphus Scoticus
Size • Between #7 & #9
Scent • Åsleif, baby-powder, rain
Diet • Herbivorous
Haunts • soon..
Zodiac • Monkey,
Vocals • bla

Troll cross necklace and wolf bracelet + fur from her mother on the day of her birth.

Wired tree of life necklace given to her by Åsleif after their return from their first trip to Scotland with Red and Rhona. "Just like our family. Our roots reach from Scandinavia to Scotland. And the branches symbolize the family members. Together we are strong, little Warrior. Never forget that."


mentalHealthy/Content / physicalHealthy / notesBaby art is out of date. She has lil antlers grown in!

Oh my sweet bby q^q had her birthday ten days ago. Spent it with her mother, away from the forest. Today, found her way back and settled among Rhona and Elliot. +Notes.


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precious child ♥ c:

precious child ♥ c:
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Welcome, beb.

Welcome, beb. <3

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Oooohhhh look at this cutie

Oooohhhh look at this cutie

so tiny and cute

so tiny and cute <3
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omg &hearts;

omg ♥
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Hello smol. &hearts;

Hello smol. ♥
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Tysm everyone &hearts;

Tysm everyone ♥

&hearts; !

♥ !
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&hearts; !

♥ !


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Hai bb ^^

Hai bb ^^
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Welcome &hearts;

Welcome ♥
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&hearts; tysm guys. I'm so

♥ tysm guys. I'm so bad at replying. ALSO THIS BEB A MONTH OLD ALREADY? Gosh!


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dis need updates, yo. also

dis need updates, yo.
also track