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Andrei Malkov - Identification - Adult - Canine & Cervine Hybrid - #15 - Tumblr
- Born on the 12th of January, 2016.

The Deathwish, The Wolf, The Moonshine

Spawned from The Head Hunter & Ravenmother

Has gained a lot of respect of his work, his success rates are climbing through the roof as well as his stealth points. Has gotten his own apprentice to work with and to train, calls him by the name of Oliver. Started basic training a few weeks ago and was occupied with that for a while, has high hopes for the new comer but doubts he will become anything too special.

Has been keeping an eye on the new Ismay kids as much as he can, bringing them treats and making sure the den and the area is danger free for the kids to mess around. Wary of not becoming too attached to the kids due to his talk with ismay some time ago, thinks he should move on from them but cant get himself to leave the triplets, nor the already adolescent teens. Realizes he longs for a family of his own, meaning a wife and children. Due to his work he tends to suppress these feelings.

After months of rehabilitation he has finally got back to being his normal self. Lost quite a bit of muscle while hospitalized and recovering, but has managed to gain most of it back. Returned to work a few days ago, preparing for another rather large hit, somehow finding himself thinking asking for Ivy's assistance with this one. Balances between risking his sister's life while risking his own and keeping her as far away from his work as possible.

Woke up a few days later feeling dizzy and disoriented, has been staying at the quietness of his family's home laying low and trying to recover. Slowly gaining his strength back and is actually starting to do shit again.

Fell unconscious during his sleep last night.

tfw your sister follows you to your next hit and you both are awkward afterwards. and your sister thinks it is a good idea to grab the steering wheel and cause a car accident and you end up with a severe head trauma, broken ribs and a bleeding artery. Then yo boss is nice enough to fix you up so you can get in forest to heal further but you really are a trainwreck and everything hurts but she yo sister so you gotta love her.

Learnt new things about his current mentor and how his business works, taking up on some of the mentality from him, in good and in bad.

The Wolf had returned from a two day journey, firstly checking up on the den and the fawns there. He had been doing it daily since their birth and recently started leaving small amounts of berries for them to eat. Not because he thinks Ismay wouldnt feed them, but to spoil them and her. After strolling down at the den for a daily checkup he had tracked down the mother. Had a brief conversation with Ismay about Ophion and ended up cuddling with the bloodmoon to soothe her nerves.

When your sister is a total bitch but you have to love her.

His training coming to an end he has been doing the job alone for a few weeks now, successfully. Has taken another occupation to gain some extra cash at a local drug cartel. Making good money, maintaining the lifestyle he wants. Suit up, man. Came to the forest for a brief visit before his next hit.

Spending quite a lot of time in the company of Naoki, enjoying her silent company. Today was joined by Ismay, had a conversation with resulting him offering his help with her future kids if she needed anything.

Has been spending his time mostly getting himself in good shape, practicing the art of fighting and taking gun handling lessons in the human world. Has become quite the shooter, specializing in sniper riffles. After testing out various shotguns, machine guns and other weaponry has chosen the sniper riffles to be his thing. Over the past few months has been gaining a lot of muscle strength and mass, however attempts to keep his body lean and swift. Boy needs his agility skills, too.

Received his first paying job, too. Hasn't spoken with his mother about his new assignment as he believes she wouldnt be too pleased to hear her son is working as a hitman. For now he won't be working alone, his mentor will be following him and teaching him the ways. Feels guilty for focusing on himself more than on his family, likely to track his siblings down whenever he catches the slightest glimpse of them or a trail of their scent in the forest.

Visited the forest to relax and take some time off work.

Aged, gained antlers and bodymass, likely to grow rather large if he still continues to gain weight and muscle mass. Antlers resemble those of a white tailed deers', but are likely to grow more complex over time.

Overall a happy camper.

Sidenote; Player really needs to update all the info around this place. So outdated omg.
Just editing some stuff here, no biggie..

This character is on hold until further notice.

In the human world with his family.

Spent the day with Nad, Kalma, Ivy, Hrafn, Kira, Kettu, Kali and Assbrah. As he managed to open his eyes the family was about to go for a den hunt. A new home for the puppies to wreck. Roamed around the forest, travelling most of it in Assbrah's back, though. Happy to be on an adventure and see the rest of the forest. To him the whole world was just between the ruins and their former den. Vision is getting better and is just subtly blurry nowadays.

Teething. Will be a huge pain in the ass for a few days to come. Has been already spending time gnawing his toys and testing out biting, getting ready for his epic bigboy teeth.

First attempts of the day were to get out of the den unnoticed. Obviously failing like a sloppy pup he is and woke up mom while sneaking out. Was told to get back to the den. FIEN.. Sulked there and as Ivy woke up tried to get her in with his notorious escaping plans. Succeeded but they had a tiny problem. Mom was blocking the den entrance. Ivy disguised herself in the furs, mimicked her and squished under the furs trying to move forward being as flat as possible. Mission failed again, mom radar caught them. Was pushed to the far end of the den so that Kalma could fit in. Plotted on more escape plans but was struck by the fact that Fat Kalma was blocking the entrance.

Eventually when the rain stopped were allowed to leave the den for a moment, tried to escape too far apparently because mom brought him closer to the courtyard. Fair enough, at least he was out. Played around in the snow when suddenly a mighty Malik woke up by them. He had wondered who that blob of fur was anyway. Sniffed him but wasnt convinced so kept his distance, getting close once or twice in order to change his mind. Nope.

The whole pack was led to another den because adult talk. Was transported there between mom's teeth crying for his plush and furs to follow. Was shown a new den and given his plush back to him. Instantly went on a rampage with it and nearly broke it. Ivy think he cant hunt anything without getting hurt so hunt her. Playfully. Sneaked back in to the den when mom came to investigate his business with sis. Was doing anything, srsly. Back to murdering the plush squirrel that has already became very dear possession. Glared at Malikorin as he entered the den. Glared Ivy even more when she immediately clung to him. RRRrrruff.

Asked about those spiky things on Malik's head and wondered if he will have those, too. Meh, he seems okay enough. Told him to touch his soft belly fur. Howling and roaring around with his new toy. HELL YES THANKS MOM. Completely focused on it and playing with it.

Slept the night like a log by his siblings and mother in his mother's den. Started to investigate things around him with his mouth, suckling on things and licking them. Also paps everyone and everything. Becoming more vocal as he realized that he can make different kinds of sounds. Mostly goes with squeaks and small rufffruffs. Unwilling to leave the warmth their little cuddle pile provides even though would manage just fine with all his fluff.

Born alongside his siblings to the Ravenmother. In good health, vision is still blurry but even as a wolf pup is able to see and was able to open his eyes immediately after birth due to the cervine blood in him.

Chubby little toothless ball of fluff. Clings to his mother with all he got, imprinted on.


Solitary - Cold - Pack oriented - Loyal - Predatory - Passionate - Flirtatious - Secretive

» He has grown into a rather confident and proud wolf. The upbringing for the wolf was not the most promising as his father was nowhere to be seen and it could have affected his mind greatly. This did not happen however, and he grew into a well balanced beast.

» Being raised only by his mother he holds great respect towards mothers and mothers to be in general. Likely to treat females with respect and gratitude because of this.

» A solitary wolf who finds comfort within his own pack, there is no length he wouldn't go to keep those cherished safe. However, his circle of close ones is small and private, prefers keeping in that way.

» Growing to be even more solitary, unlikely to talk about his personal life with those outside his family in order to keep himself and his family safe. No one besides currently his mother knows of his profession and will like to keep it that way for now. Later on might take up on requests from those in need.

» Gets easily irritated when hungry. Unable to stand the feeling of an empty stomach longer than 5 seconds. As he is still growing and gaining weight he eats _a_lot_ and constantly.

» Does not wish for a family of his own as would feel highly chained and restricted if he had children. Careful with the matter, even though his flirtatious and flying from nest to nest might suggest otherwise. Loves to love, craves to please.

» Strong favor for a favor mentality in both good and bad. If you treat him well, he will return the favor. If you will harm him or his closest ones, he will make sure you pay for it. The basic rule of mafia life.

» Climbing up the food chain in the mafia as he is being trained and hired for better jobs. Recently learnt that his mentor works for the mafia in a high position and being his right hand man is giving him a lot of power, hoping not to get overwhelmed by it. Calm by nature, keeping it chill.

» Monoamorous, monogamous. Believes a relationship is something to be valued and respected, a bond between two in love. Likely to pair for life and remain loyal once finds the right female for it. Does not fall easily or carelessly.

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! Dad/sister track ♥

Dad/sister track ♥
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Brother ♥

Brother ♥

bby number two ;u;

bby number two ;u; <3333


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Sigi by Wake

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pup <3
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I love him.

I love him.
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chubby brother &hearts; C:

chubby brother ♥ C:
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Mommy double track c8

Mommy double track c8 <3
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Aaand track. c':

Aaand track. c':
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So...dang...cute. Omgosh.

So...dang...cute. Omgosh.
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Thank you everyone for the

Thank you everyone for the tracks. ♥
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Aww, BEBE - those pawpads!

Aww, BEBE - those pawpads! ♥

By Leuvr
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Quote:was struck by the fact

was struck by the fact that Fat Kalma was blocking the entrance.

hhhhh say wHAT
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Uhoh. It was Ivy who said it!

Uhoh. It was Ivy who said it! BC

Plus it's a kickass mob boss name anyway.
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Thank you for keeping my

Thank you for keeping my overly nervous girl company; sorry had to log her so soon, but she appreciated it!
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It's okay. I should be

It's okay. I should be getting some sleep soon anyway. He had fun spending time with her, and will definitely seek her out again. c:


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_speechless_ Isthatreallyyou

_speechless_ Isthatreallyyou ;;

Yes ; w ; &hearts; its me !!

Yes ; w ; ♥ its me !!
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Asfggsdh. She caught


She caught Andrei's eye real good btw.

Viper felt a disturbance in

Viper felt a disturbance in her nap force and wanted to investigate this new person. she thinks he's neat.
; w; its good to see you.
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He tried to be v quiet and

He tried to be v quiet and stealthy in his investigations and failed miserably. Glad to have her to keep him company though.
omg, same. It's been a while.

She's very hard to sneak up

She's very hard to sneak up on. especially if she lifts her head and its someone interesting looking, that little bit of curiosity piques and she's like i gotta be polite and say hello. She's very happy to spend time with others. u v u she's a nice beast.

but omg yeah i just like barely came back a couple days ago tbh ; w ; but its awesome to see you're still around !.
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He was sorta disappointed in

He was sorta disappointed in his sneaking up on skills due to being a hitman he should know better. She a nice beast? She looks _v nice_

Aw really? Saw your name on the online users list and was like naaaah, she been gone doubt its her. Was such a pleasant surprise to realize it was really you omg. You've been missed.
And yeah, got no other place to go so here I still am lol. c;

Viper's just very hyper aware

Viper's just very hyper aware of her surroundings, ; w ; that and she heard him trip, But ahhhh she'd be happy to know this. she's a very humble thing. is always afraid she might scare someone cause the whole angler fish look. u v u

and yea ; w ; ahhh lol yeah no i uh got really nostalgic the other night and i was like man i wonder if anyone still hangs around TEF , and i missed a lot of my characters so i kinda packed a bag and headed back ; w;. im so glad to hear that it was a good surprise that i rolled in ; w ; ♥ but ahh i feel you i got like, bored of a lot of the other places so i kinda mosied on back here.
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Yeah, he tripped quite bad

Yeah, he tripped quite bad and cursed it in his mind. And nooo, her looks drew him closer tbh, he isnt scared of a lil fish action. She cute n he gon tell it straight and fair.

The characters and the people are the only thing keeping many of us here, like the game itself is kinda youknow. Somehow this place still has a pull to it, even after 9 years we still find ourselves here. ffff

That made her smile a little,

That made her smile a little, he's certainly gotten her attention. lol fish action goodness, she'd be very bashful if he called her cute. What a charmer.

And yeah ahhh, gosh it really does i just was sitting there looking at all my characters going man i miss these guys. and i miss this community. so like i bounced back and yeah heck dude, its crazy that like some people have been here for like 9 to 10 years or more its like. even me ive been here what like 7 or 8 and it still is crazy to think that i always find myself back here but like you said definitely a pull. Oh heck btw do you have Discord ??
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Boi gotta try to stay

Boi gotta try to stay charming and nice when it comes to ladies huehue, no one likes an ahole anyway.

It's good to know, somehow, that there are other oldies still hanging on. The community has exploded so much since. and OH yeah I do, Kaunako#2487 Add me up! (8
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-fans over-

-fans over-
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hello there. (8

hello there. (8