Hynde {bio, interactions welcome}

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I have no territory, no one I know, but I feel every blade of grass, every rock and every tree is home


HEALTH :: Mental 100% Physical 100% Emotional 100%
THOUGHTS :: "..."

Clear for now

forgot to track oTL

forgot to track oTL
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Ah thank you, Fishbiscuit!

Ah thank you, Fishbiscuit! Didn't see you post it, I was on a humongous Baldur's Gate marathon and none could stop me.
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@LooksForDoves Thanks for the

@LooksForDoves Thanks for the track! <3
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.track. Maybe I'll give a

Maybe I'll give a whack at drawing her later. She seems lovely ♥
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@Bayleen Ahh that's so sweet

@Bayleen Ahh that's so sweet of you. I look forward to it, I'm really excited! Maybe I'll try drawing one of yours too!
But not right now, I have a massive pile of maths homework I'm severely procrastinating on. Sticking out tongue
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Woo! And aw, you don't have

Woo! And aw, you don't have to do that ^^; Especially since I have yet to make official refs for them though they've been in the forest since the beginning lmao
O GOD I hate math ;; Godspeed, friend haah.

Hello! I'd like to ask a few

Hello! I'd like to ask a few questions before I start on our art trade!
So regarding her appearances - are those eyes on her sides? I'm sorry I'm not very good at percieving things
And also, on her neck and down her back - I'm assuming they're like pebbly scales, but again I'm pretty horrible at figuring things out. THank you!

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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@Niriya haha no worries, it's

@Niriya haha no worries, it's more my fault for lazy painting!
The stuff on the back of her neck is very dense, stiff, tightly coiled fur, I suppose the closest thing is a sheep's wool
And the circles on her sides are just markings in the fur, like the eye pattern on a peacock butterfly. Not working eyes Smiling
Hope this helps!

Ah, I see! Thank you so much

Ah, I see! Thank you so much for clearing that much for me!
I can't wait to start on those beautiful golden hues hhh

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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do you have a Skype? I'd love

do you have a Skype? I'd love to share the lifework with you before I move to color Laughing out loud
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@TreeDancer No sorry I don't,

@TreeDancer No sorry I don't, but I do have a gmail, would you like that? Smiling
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Yes please so I can send you

Yes please Laughing out loud so I can send you the image as I finished today (got a burst of muse haha)
also feel free to let me know if you want anything added or changed!
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@TreeDancer My Gmail is

@TreeDancer My Gmail is Smiling
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And sent

And sent Smiling

fINALLY! I was like ok I'm

I was like ok I'm gonna finsh this now and I did a good solid hour and a half pretty much turning the sketch into this AND I HOPE YOU LIKE IT
Sorry about taking so long, I was in the first week of school!

ALSO I'm sorry if I got her design a little wrong, like the earfluff and the shape of her nose and other many things! If there is something off, please tell me <3
And, lmao, wanted to show you this when I turned off the line layer and thought it was funny x

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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Ahh!! I legit made a really

Ahh!! I legit made a really weird squeal when I saw this. The movement and the colour palette oh my god. The fur?? How did you do that sorcery? It's so silky and shines gently ahhh. The face is absolutely adorable and has such a charming expression!! It's perfect in every way! The nose is fine and the earfluff… is something I might absorb onto my character canon because it's such a great idea!

Honestly I have no words to express how much I like it!! Thank you so much.

Oh my gosh, haha Speaking of

Oh my gosh, haha
Speaking of charming, thank you again for putting up with the time I took to finish her urgh
But she was definitely a pleasure to work on - all the subtle colour changes in her coat were really fun and interesting to paint on.
Ahaha, I'm sorry about the earfluff thing I guess it was default for me to assume that she had some. (niri pay more attention to the design next time)
Thank you for asking for the trade!


Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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I hope Tristan wasn't too

I hope Tristan wasn't too much of a bother for her.
Track. Lovely character, design and set~
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Ah no it's fine! It was super

Ah no it's fine! It was super nice for him to stick around, Hynde had been trying to interact with other deer all day but in the end just kept skittering off!
Gosh thank you for the compliments and the track. <3
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ayyyyyyy top banter m8

ayyyyyyy top banter m8
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This is out of the blue, but

This is out of the blue, but would you mind if I started an rp with this gorgeous gal on this bio? I keep forgetting to ask, but I have finally re-reminded myself enough times for me to remember hah.
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*tosses iPad across the room*

*tosses iPad across the room* hell YES you can I would love it! Sorry if I'm a little clunky tho I haven't role played in like years
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LOL ok rad xD And psh same,

LOL ok rad xD And psh same, I'm still pretty rusty ;;


It was late in the evening. The short, winged doe had been feeling a bit blue lately. Why- she had no idea, as there were few reasons for her to be. Regardless, her energy had depleted quickly through the day, and it struggled to replenish. Feeling rather exhausted, the doe settled at her favorite spot in the forest- next to the Crying Idol river. The poppies grew in clusters high along the edges of the trench. They grew well past her head and surrounded her small form when she lied down in the midst of the vibrant pink flowers. The doe let a front leg hang into the ravine as her wings slumped to her sides wearily. Releasing a gentle sigh, Bayleen looked up to the forest around her. Though some would assume she was blind by her blurry, pupil-less eyes, her sight was actually better than most. Her golden eyes could see the bright specks of orange-pink peeking through the trees from the sunset.
A vision of a raven flying through the birch overlayed her view pf the trees. The doe shook her head, giving a frustrated huff. Such visions would occur often to her, yet she has not discovered a reason why.
Bayleen closed her eyes and tilted her head back, meditating as the rush of the stream drowned her hearing. The ambery sunset light bathed her feathery pelt in its warm hues as she relaxed beside the water.
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Ayyyy! Sorry for being slow,

Ayyyy! Sorry for being slow, I did see this message but it was 5am so I thought if I tried to reply to you I'd probably end up accidentally writing about aubergines or something.
(Also, poor bayleen - for this annoyance Sticking out tongue)

Hynde flew in through the pearlescent birch trees and skidded to a halt by the crying idol, leaving torn streaks in the surrounding moss. She was sprightly in her movements as she descended into the crystalline stream, repeatedly tripping over the russet, algae-covered pebbles while she waded her way down towards the pond. Pausing and craning her neck downwards for a long drink, she spied a soft wing peeking out the poppies, spiking her curiosity. Neglecting to think this wing would be attached to anything alive, she eventually scrambled up out the stream, nosed though the poppies, and gingerly tugged at it.
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no worries, take your time

no worries, take your time with the rp ^^

An ear flick was the most Bayleen reacted to Hynde's sudden noises. She didn't bother to open her eyes to see who it was, the doe wouldn't be disturbed that easily. That was, until she felt something -unbeknownst to her it was she same individual skidding across the mud earlier- tug on her wing. Immediately, her ears perked forward in alert and spread her small wings upwards. The feathery doe untucked her legs beneath her, but lay low in an almost crouching position. Fluffy backside in the air, and legs bent, it was almost as if she was in a feline pouncing position. In a single moment, Bayleen leapt to the edge of her poppy circle; and, meeting nose-to-nose with Hynde (who was taller and bigger than her), jokingly laughed a "Boo!"
A short and stout, fluffy doe stood before Hynde. The feathery doe was grinning ear to ear, eyes shining as bright as the diamond piercing on her nostril. Though her eyes were completely blank with a gold-ish hue, they were still very expressive. Ram horns and short, wavy ebony hair perfectly framed her round face. Tiny feathers at the back of her head and wings flapping slightly raised and wiggled in amusement.
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With a yelp, Hynde

With a yelp, Hynde immediately leapt veritically into the air with shock, legs straight, and fell ungracefully a metre or so backwards. She arose shakily to her feet and eyed the small doe before her, keeping the distance she had made out of embarrassment. Shifting her weight alternately between her hooves and pawing the ground below, she finally made an uneasy smile and shook away the mud stuck in her russet scruff.
”God, oh God, my apologies. Sincerely… I just, ah, I thought that… that wing of yours belonged to a dead bird. Not that, not that I thought the wing looked rotten or anything, no, honestly it looks lovely! I simply wanted to collect it - have a good look at it you see. It's brilliant white really stood out in the sun, and I thought to myself 'oh, that looks interesting.' Honestly you don't know what you can learn from the fauna around here once you get the chance, but clearly, but clearly… you're not fauna…" as she chattered, Hynde was ever so slowly backing away, feeling increasingly sheepish.
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Bayleen muttered a small 'oh

Bayleen muttered a small 'oh shit' at Hynde's sudden leap of fright, and stifled some innocent giggling at the comedic moment. Feeling a bit guilty that her moment of impish delight had nearly given this stranger a heart attack, Bayleen took some slow and calm steps from the poppy bush towards Hynde, giving an apologetic smile to the doe.
"Ahh, I don't take offense at all my dear," the winged doe cooed with a warm, almost motherly tone which she hoped would ease the newfound deer's embarrassment. "It is I who should be apologizing to you.. I didn't mean to scare ya' hun- well, at least not to the point of jumping out of your pelt. I suppose it's a bit of a, uh, guilty pleasure of mine."
The antlered doe gave a sing-songy laugh and then continued, exhaling a light sigh. Bayleen then proceeded to extend a leg, and dip to a low bow with wings spread at her sides. "Bayleen is what I am called. May I ask who you are?"
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Hynde eventually stopped

Hynde eventually stopped backing away, ears panning upright where they were once flattened against her head in embarrassment. Calmed by Bayleen's words, she came to realise the deer was no threat and let her guard down a little, bending her neck down to somewhat meet the doe's eye level. She squinted a little, inspecting her, entranced by her feathers as one would look at a new species of bird. Hynde was perpetually bewildered by the other deer in the forest, the odd characters in this new world completely alien to her, if not completely illogical. However, the one before her she deemed to be good, and she grinned.
”Hynde is the name." Hynde replied, as she bowed. ”Now, may I ask, what are you? It's not often you see a winger deer!" she chuckled.
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Bayleen smiled at Hynde, as

Bayleen smiled at Hynde, as if enjoying being examined. But, she cocked her head to the side in confusion when Hynde asked what she was. The doe just shrugged and said laxly, "Mm, I guess I don't know..."
The small doe gave a hop as she followed the edge of the ravine. She paused and peering up at the streams of amber-gold light. Its radiance reflected in the water from the Crying Idol, as if it was crying gold. "Never really thought about it before," Bayleen added suddenly. "I can be whatever you like."

(sorry for late reply!! I've been super sick and super busy this week so I wasn't on my comp at all ;; )
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AAAA sorry for the even later

AAAA sorry for the even later reply! I kept forgetting!

Hynde huffed at the remark and grinned slyly. ”I can't say I've ever heard that before. What if someone wanted you to be a vase? Would you run around holding flowers for them?" She laughed. ”Are you not seeking to find what you are? Then again, I suppose in a place like this not everything can be categorised."
She stared across the forest for the moment, smiling absentmindedly and a little vacant. Her eyes settled upon the turquoise pond a short walk from their position. She began to canter her way over, a sprightly kick in her pace. ”Come on, let's go the pond, I'll race you over there, whatever you are!"
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HHAAAYYY no problem at all

HHAAAYYY no problem at all fwend ^^


Bayleen gave a giggle at the doe's vase-suggestion. "Why, of course I would! Why not?" the doe laughed, wings flapping a bit with excitement. "I'm a mere wanderer, in a land I could never claim as my own..."

Her second comment was said with a sort of wonder and awe, as if thinking to herself- what, indeed, was she? But it also had a hint of melancholy to her tone as her voice drifted away. Lately she had been feeling very lost in the forest, and very difficult to ignore.

But within a second, she did a 180 and cheered up at Hynde's challenge.
"I'll take you up on that!"

The fluffy doe jolted forward, skidding past Hynde.
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!! Hey mind if I add bayleen

!! Hey mind if I add bayleen to hynde's friend list?

She laughed nervously "Ahh, yes, I am familiar with the sensation. I still dream of being in my old home, with a roaring fire and blankets." She said, and added in a more jovially "Yet, you know, the best we can do is cope with what is at hand. I'm sure this forest will befit both of us one day. It's a big place and I couldn't waste my life lamenting over what is gone, now."
After a short pause Hynde bounced into the whisp-filled summer air, "A vase, eh? Hold this!" Mid sprint, she stopped down and snatched a slender-stalked poppy from the river's bank and tossed it through the air to Bayleen, before springing deep into the reedbeds by the pond, snapping the sun-dried stalks with a sharp 'crack' noises.
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ABSOLUTELY NOT go ahead!! ♥


Bayleen gave a nod at Hynde's positive advice. She knew she was right, but her emotions easily got the best of her to distract from the reality to move on.

Bayleen didn't waste a second and caught the poppy in her mouth with a grin. She splashed into the river following Hynde, the tall sleek stalks of grass making her entrance even more slippery beneath her. The winged doe laughed and twirled the stalked poppy into the air in victory before catching it again in her mouth.
Immediately after she realized she had splashed water all over the both of them. Shaking her pelt and flapping her wings to rid of the water drops, she laughed with glee. "A true vase!" she muffled through the poppy stem in her mouth. "Filled with water."
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Soaked in water, she stood

Soaked in water, she stood bolt upright with the shock of the cold water hitting her face. Her mouse brown hair was bedraggled, clinging to her cheeks and dripping all over. Her grin returned and without a moment's notice she shook herself like a dog, purposefully aiming the spray at Bayleen.
”Filled with water? Looks like you need topping up!" She tittered, and began bounding through the water kicking up as much droplets as possible with her back legs. The water caught the sun in mid air and refracted off the golden sunlight, scattering the colours like a prism.
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