hope is the thing with feathers


8 / 21 / 2015


physical Fine. mental Fine.

Pushed out of comfortable, warm darkness into something very new, and though it had been sorta cramped in there, she wasn't too happy about it. Wiggled around a bit, surprised by the unexpectedly open space around her. She missed her wombmate but found her momma. Was nuzzled by a very large someone- her dad. Very interested in him, but too weak to do much more than make tiny little noises and wiggle her legs and tail.
Discovered she had eyes upon cracking them open and peeping at her surroundings; instantly awed by the bright light that seemed to be everywhere. Couldn't see much other than the light and the blurry, bright colors of objects and people nearby. Was eventually joined by her wombmate, snuggled contentedly in her sister's and momma's fur. The big, bright world could wait 'till tomorrow.

DARYL: ":D."

DARYL: ":D."

*squeaks in excitement for

*squeaks in excitement for this beb!

Hello baby ♥

Hello baby ♥


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uvu thanks everyone ♥

thanks everyone ♥
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Hello, welcome to the forest!

Hello, welcome to the forest!
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Hey, can I ask how you got

Hey, can I ask how you got the music players to work because I've been trying to no avail to get one to work and I'm really confused. Thanks!