I am so, so alive; Morgen


"I'd like y' t' forgive me, but I don't need it."
At least y' not gonna drown alone.

6th December 2019
Visited the forest and caught up with Ross. In the end, brought to tears by the topic he brought up, felt very passionately about his plight because she couldn't imagine going through it. Tried to give him what advice she could.

Finally caught up with Hlín. Watched a tear in the air swallow Hlín whole the first time she tried to talk to her which was Alarming. Also, was pissed so went off to chill. Approached her again later (and her stupid dog friend).

Had a conversation in which she tried to explain a few things and offered some gifts to ease the strain of the coming season. Unsurprised by the rejection, but did glean something valuable within the girl's words. Essentially told her a few blunt truths - mainly that she had no real need to be forgiven. In the end, relieved and felt a weight off her shoulders. What Hlín chose to do was really no great concern of hers.

Sought the pond, quietly hoping to see a shape beneath the waters. Heard approaching hooves soon after and watched Hlín throw the package she'd left as a gift right into the pond - with Ashira right behind her, the latter who proceeded to make some weird barking noise at her before the pair ran off. Sort of just...

Unperturbed after her initial irritation - the gift had already served its purpose - and chalked it up to 'kids being kids' and sorta like 'not my circus'. Thinking ahead to other items that require her attention.

22nd November 2019
Happy in most aspects of her life, shouldering a few more responsibilities here and there out of the forest which has cut down her ability to wander as much as she wants to. Returning to the woods as consequence. Confronted with the result of her inaction when she approached Hlín, and though sympathetic to the other girl's feelings, completely incensed at the treatment she received. Cue passive-aggressive bullshit...

Most of her visits have been purely nostalgic, though has met a few new faces here and there.

Entered the woods today with the intention of meeting up with Hlín, though found no trace of the girl. Instead, turned her sights on the pond. Greeted by a friendly face in the water - Brindle. Proceeded to get half-drowned by the kelpie. Broke away as her lungs started to burn, and shared words in the aftermath. Not really upset with them for it - far from it, really. Quickly came to forgive them and make a few promises while she started to cry. Lingered after they sank back into the pond's depths, then eventually headed homeward.

13th January, 2018
Somewhat busy in her way, keeping a little closer to home as a sort of 'break', and as support for another, should it be required.

Spent the early portion of her day on and off with Lusi, though as their time together grew to a close, felt a trickle of concern seep through. Checked in on her one last time before giving space, though pointedly chose a spot near Sky Sight as the thought had been with her for hours already to check in on the canine. Napped and parted from the Wayward's company with a bow.

Came across something otherworldly, uncovering a dim memory and drawing her closer. Passed a greeting to Kato in return for his, then settled by Akira. Content until the sounds of a scuffle drew her up, intervened when she deemed it necessary to separate Mirah from Sky Sight and, ultimately, Lusi. Thanked Sky Sight briefly before turning to the Amahni to 'ward' her from future incidents, though unphased if the other didn't notice. Deeply disturbed by the scene, departed in tears.

Took to the water to clear her head and to seek the solace it always brings, and though didn't outwardly recognise it, was aware of Kato's presence... did respond to Pagan's however. Attempted to drive her off through tears, unaware and uncaring of her motives. Returned to the water with her success, but missed the sting of salt.

UPDATING EARLY because of harassment.

Returned to the vicinity of the earlier fight, herself a mess. Patience grew thin with Pagan's approach, brief as it was. Glad to have the privacy to work through her tears at her own pace. Approached the scene in her own time, asking those who lingered (Éasca and UY (sigh)) half a question in an attempt to protect the child with them (Sahar) from the details. A wave of emotions following the answer, brought to a relative high and then a crushing low. Thanked the pair and bid all three goodbye.

Took a moment for herself, then sought out Sky Sight (sighs...) for a talk. And then Nyami (SIGHS).
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13th December, 2017
After some drama later in the day, spent an hour in the stream deep in thought. Made a point to visit Pagan and 'ward' her away from her family in future. Rested with Zeke afterward, quiet in a very different way than the usual. Pointedly giving Mjolnir the space she believes is desired.

11th December, 2017
i've written several updates for her in the past few months that i either lost or she didn't want me to post?? and fi na l ly i can post one

Went on a trip with Sky-Sight and 'Lusi' a while back, enjoyed it and has hopes for the sea serpent along with a newfound respect for Sky-Sight. Working on a little project that she alluded to her friend that, while not too different from something she's done before in the simple mechanics, is also vastly more complex. Pleased with her progress, regardless.

Visited Mjol and Zeke either yesterday or the day before, idk, gave both a nuzzle but left them to hang out with themselves. Instead spent time with 'her' fish, and when the pond was quiet of other inhabitants, spoke to them quietly on and off for hours of things big and small. Rejoined Mjolnir late into the night and spent the remainder asleep by her mother's side - but for one wander around the forest where she briefly longed to be young again. Holds a love for the forest despite all she knows it to be, but misses when it was still huge and unfathomable to her.

Today, spent hours staring at the pond's surface after waking, remained in thought for hours. Eventually made her way to greet Zeke and Mjolnir, but found herself with mixed feelings that drew her away from the area. In the end, closed self-made distance to settle comfortably with the pair. Moved off after Zeke left, giving a forehead kiss to Mjol, to seek Rossamund. Ended up in a pleasant talk with his daughter, Irene.

Afterward, made a small note of a few things and headed home to her family.


Name: Morgen, x
Nicknames: Enny*Nephele.
, Pondling*"Unnamed".
, Ripple*Tamsin.
, Mormor*Players.

Gender: Female.
Birth date: 7th March, 2015*Adult.

Zodiac: Pisces. Wood Ram.
Species: 'Marsh deer' x Irish elk variant.
Set: Magpie pelt, magpie antlers, fan mask.
Reference: Here.
Size: A hair above #13.
Speech: #65C9B0
Tumblr: Here.

"The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, or the ocean."
— Isak Dinesen

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Arghhh yes. ♥

Arghhh yes. ♥
look out, kid.

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adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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yesyeysyesesyysyis eue

yesyeysyesesyysyis eue
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bABY ♥

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also the cutest ♥

also the cutest ♥
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<333! eue
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So purdy &hearts;

So purdy ♥

Thank you guys ;v;! &hearts;

Thank you guys ;v;! ♥

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trackin this tiny beb

trackin this tiny beb

Kimi darling, &hearts;

Kimi darling, ♥

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Tracking this little playful

Tracking this little playful girl <3

Discord:Nazzard#9068 ||Click for bios.

BB &hearts;

BB ♥

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omg the cute. cant deal

omg the cute. cant deal ♥
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Kets having a hard time

Kets having a hard time keeping up with this little bundle of energy. lol
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Mmmyes hi hello c:

Mmmyes hi hello c:

Cutie. Zach loved her. Thanks

Cutie. Zach loved her. Thanks for the play!

mm thank you eue!

mm thank you eue!

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ey beb

ey beb

eyy d!cknugget &hearts;

eyy d!cknugget ♥

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? Track this cute fawn.

♥ Track this cute fawn.
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Walks in four months late

Walks in four months late with Starbucks.
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This little girl is such a

This little girl is such a sweetie ♥


Kicy - thank you very

Kicy - thank you very much!

Hum - excitedly gets under feet.

Farlone - aahn, thank you!

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Hum where's my starbucks

Hum where's my starbucks

omg kimi it's mine. fite me.

omg kimi it's mine. fite me.

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&hearts; Such a beauty

♥ Such a beauty

Need to track this cutie.

Need to track this cutie. ♥
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Gotta track this, that update

Gotta track this, that update is adorable, lol. ;;
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sdfdsqsdfgh &hearts;

sdfdsqsdfgh ♥

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Oh, ~Tracking~&hearts;

Oh, ~Tracking~♥

thank you all

thank you all ♥!

Laiia: you! ♥

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Track :>

Track :>

cc: &hearts;!

cc: ♥!

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tracking her &hearts;

tracking her ♥
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Insta puppy love. You now

Insta puppy love. You now have a fluffy feathery stalker named Reiji.

Ah, yes I did notice little

Ah, yes I did notice little Reiji! Planned on having Mor go over to investigate but of course, real life always finds a way and he was gone when I finished up. Mor loves 'puppies', sigh.

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Flint says you're pretty cute

Flint says you're pretty cute for a flatface AND I SAYS YOU'RE ADORABLE IN GENERAL! Track <3

Omg. thx u pon I hear this a

thx u pon I hear this a lot uwu~

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I just came here to way

I just came here to way overfeed your fish.

Hello, Morgen.

Hello, Morgen.
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Quote:(so lucky vid rly). but

(so lucky vid rly).

but i am a sister too

no yr a stupid boi!!

no yr a stupid boi!!

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so ur only comfortable w/ me

so ur only comfortable w/ me bc i'm stupid!?1/!
do you have any boy fish friends bc i bet they'd love to hear t h i s

don't be silly!! the boy fish

don't be silly!!
the boy fish don't suffer from the same problem (:

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