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A lot happened I am so incredibly terribly lazy and I know for a fact I'll miss a lot out if I try and remmeber as much as possible so i'mma just update relationships again.

Also Ded isn't part of the rut and he mostly stays in the pond red/safe zone, but he's still ok to be interacted with!

(I finally added everyone I remember to his relations please lmk if i missed anyone I am really forgetful!!)

Being the worlds most social whale. Has been making many "friends" in his mind, as well as making a genuine effort to remember them and seek them out later. Cannot shake the reminder of Mydas though and that the behemoth was always lurking somewhere, hunting him. They were overdue a duel anyway.

Lol I didn't

Spent the morning with Canary
Returned to pond to check on RunnuR and was like haha n00b.
Left the pond to find a unicorn that turned out to be Sage. Spoke to sage lots.
Went back to the pond.
Waited to see if Lio would come back and he didn't ; (
Robobeasty got up! Wow.
No time for that, gotta go find Starcub and Lou.
Lou is a little pussy no surprise there.
Fucken Starcub made me think about Mydas aaaargh.
Return to pond.

17 to 20/06/20

Started these last few days by literally staring at everyone who came near the pond. Much like a hippo only exposing the upper parts of his face. Logged some unique faces and then immedately forgot them because his brain is a leaking oversoaked sponge.

When it became sufficiently dark and soggy, left his pond wallow to seek out food. Came across a manticore cub who he eventually learned was named Carys though he immediately forgot that name and thinks of her as 'star cub'. Had a brief conversation when he'd figured she was trapped amongst the roots of the oak by his positioning, and delighted to learn that she had a father here, and even better her mother was a unicorn. A father manticore with magic like hers would be yum yum in my tum and potentially even lure the mother out. He even considered actually battling one for that, and so had no interest in eating the cub.

She asked him about his magic a lot and he didn't really care to answer, and eventually left her alone.

More pond shennanigans when a greatly injured robotic beast appeared and lay there sparking. Dedalus did an inspect but didn't care much for it, instead drawn to the presence of Canary though he didn't know her name on the bank. Vaugely able to make the connection that (Canary) -> Varg -> Stabbed Bzoo that one time. Didn't matter as Bzoo and Varg were no longer around as far as he was aware. Kind of likes her company, shes so small and absolutely fearless of him.

Later in the day after she'd long left, another figure arrived to talk to the ruined robobeasty, Dedalus did his usual inspection and ended up following the littler sphinx to the shoreline and sat with him. Learned his name was Lio but more excitingly, came from a world where the higher rich creatures possessed great magics. Insisted he be taken there, and to seal the deal gifted Lio a silver ring on a jewelry chain from his internal stash of magical objects. Attempted to commit his name to memory.


This guy is 5 years old wow.



He dont remember Bzoo look like anymore. He think it was Kesari today who was actually Bzoo because deer face??? but not...white?? gods idk anymore. Sad whale noises. Also earlier met a Lou and gifted him a bike bell, confusing him for his 'son' Spencer and not rly understanding why the small male wouldn't let him sit near him. Also met a sea witch doe at the pond and was like HMM BZO? not. SMells like magic. Tastey.

Yesterday FOUND the Bzoo and was like Bzoo i am very heterosexual for u let me roll on u a lot like those videos of baby elephants trying to climb in tourists laps. Which does bump his 'I actually remember what u look like' percentage back up to 100 for a bit.

Today LURKED like a lurker in the pond. Saw Sheba and did a whale face at them but then spotted a lil black puppydoggy getting a drink (Eydís). Ambushed and picked them up by their tail, swung around BUT GENTLY and then pinned to the ground with his head for a while.


Stalked and stared at Váiðr trying to communicate and HOARDE him with sweet kisses and mouthing. DID NOT WORK. went and sat in the pond. Met Þórhalla who was sat by the water edge and was like?? BZOO IS THAT YOU~???? went to kiss/mouth but was shoved away. Ended up in a longish conversation with the doe whom he found quite amusing.

After she left, spotted a little fawn (Lathyrus' babby) and tried to tempt it over with a present, eventually did so and GRABED THE BABBY untilit calmed down and he held in his mouth like 83 i get. Then let the lil mite go and let him take the snowglobe with them. I am very good make the friends good whale.


STILL FOLLOWING BHAELUM AROUND found him with another fawn (Kanan) which was very... friendly. And Ded didn't know what to do other than humor it. Yes I keep these two babies all safe and unfrightened Bzoo come and eat u then she let me do my mating display?? at her yes good.

He doesnt know what he'd get from her tbh. Zoned out for a while suddenly there were MANY FAWNS And he humored them all because why not. Some smelt tasty some where just fawns but w/e. Fletcher came and that was alright cause he wasn't bothered by Ded bein a weird baby hoarding log, and then Ross came with Liathe and Ross was bothered but WUTEVER MAN, mooched off cause primary target #2 (bhae) was stood on his own in the ruins and thats weird. ur weird.

Anyway sat with him when he moved to a grave and then told him not to die before ded moved off to lie in the pond.



Blobbed around in the pond again for like 5 hours straight, climbed out to the smell of delicious magic manifestation in the form of a fat fawn (Bhaelum) and was like WAIT ISNT THIS WHAT BZOO WANTED ME TO GET (in a remarkable form of memory recalling) and so sat there staring.

Then it sat with him and he made gross sputsput noises in content as he waited for Bzoo to find them. Which was great except the likelihood of her doing that was slim so fat whale made a fat friend.


Been bein a fat blob in the pond for the past few days because he can. Grown fatter on the diet of unicorn and magical fawns due to the massive influx of spring births so pretty complacent and 'happy'.

Found the bzoo again which made also very happy find the you good yes. Sat with peacefully on one day and followed her hunting on another, and didn't help because bears arent magical bzoo u silly. Spoke to her later and learned that she was angry and orney because she was hungry for meats. Made an effort to find her something alive cause shes SOOO SPECIFICCCC but then forgot and went and lay in the pond again.

Also need to update his personality.


Tf is Bzoo she gone LOST again. But in typical fat whale fashion only remembered her about three times that day. Lay around at the corner of the pond before wandering off. Played with the corpse of Kuwaka (gently) for amusement, before it made him hungry and he walked off again.

Stared at Chime and Jackie making YUM YUM eyes at Chime. Investigated and got booted in the nose which was Bl but decided to wind up the smoll fae by being super friendly with Jackie and even gifting her a magic doubloon which sounds super childish but he coughed something up so they'd let him sit there. In return was gifted some saltwater taffy.

Lay there sputsput-ing like a walrus does and being generally annoying, before lumbering off and leaving the taffy piece on Bzoo's tree stump because??? maybe will want.


Finally returned with Bzoo. Just sort of looked at the goopy mess and walked off leaving her to it because he had to find something to murder/eat because to him the forest is like walking into a buffet hall.




Two months of essentially hunting, coming to the forest sporadically to fawn on Bzoo and then doing nothing. Has been tickled a few times by the impulses that caused him to seek her out so feverishly a few months ago but mostly hangs onto them until he simply forgets.

Today gave her face licks until he forgot the emotion of missing someone and his brain snapped into thinking they'd never been apart anyway. So braided her hair like nothing was any different.




WHy do you even have updates if you just don't bother updating for literal months jack why.
Anyway came home to the forest with Bzaer after a lot of RnR in space/the void. Got all fidgety and angry about there being toO SMELLY SMELLS around which was making him FEEL WEIRD but couldn't express why he felt weird and he wanted to DO THINGS but also DIDNT.

Felt terrible, as much as he could feel since Ded didn't really feel much of anythings, about harrassing Bzoo so much so brought her a fresh mangled deer as an apology gift.

But still annoying the snot out of her by following her around.


Updated personality, relations and added his monsterform as a second ref next to his forest.

Probably better if you read Bzaer's updates as I am a lazy fat fuck but I'll summarise;
Has been lying around for a few days, the usual routine, focusing on the many many voices he had going on in his head (his own thoughts, constantly having to deal with having about 30 or so thoughts at any one time) as they slowly started to die down to one particular phrase over and over on repeat. Find Bzaer. Find her.

With a great deal of effort for such a lazy giant, searched for the albino through various places in space and time through a sort of scrying effect, and found the parasite in her natural form. You be big? ME ALSO!! Big'd at her (changed his form to his monster).

The worlds most awkward dancing ensued, a lot of head bobbing, thrashing around, tail thumping and vocalization to keep the parasites attention, show her how big he was. Every action dictated by tens of voices shouting the same instructions over and over, muffling the other ones behind a wall of NOW THIS, NOW THAT.

Very seductive. Showed her his 'star' (the light that eminates from within him out his throat due to the celestial body he swallowed) and even spat up a lot of materialistic objects that he hoarded within himself. She liked the star yes good, this allowed him to get up close and really personal and the worlds most awkward "n then they fuq'd" between betty spaghetti and a big fat fish.

MANY PLEASED WITH HIMSELF afterwards, nudged, bumped and rolled the scenery and her a lot, chewed her and booped and GOT RLY INTERESTED IN VARGS SWORD sord sord sord gib pls. She scratch. Ow 8'c

Then they came home and he is all over her like cheese on a toastie.

Returned from the weeklong absence, though actually time had passed much longer in the forest realm than anticipated. Important to note that for the most part Dedalus did not take on a human form.
Had taken Bzaer to meet Spencer and his dog Selim. Things went mostly well, mostly. The first day was a lot of heightened tensions as expected as the little witchling did not take well to his mentor appearing late, unannounced and with a naked albino lady in tow. Warned Bz off eating the pair of them but mostly just stood around indifferently while they bickered like children.

Took her down to the lake for the evening and showed it off. The next day found they’d been banned from the house by a very worked up and irritable witchling, so instead took the albino swimming. Which did involve him breeching on her, and dragging her around by the leg through the water until the parasite broke her human form in order to fend him off and escape to shore, hissed and growled at him and made a lot of nasty faces. Was threatened with impalement if he ever did that again.

Didn’t know how to feel about this, hadn’t ever had to apologise for something before so mostly watched and stared and swam around in the lake for a few hours. Eventually climbed out and located her only to rest his wet bulk on her and be silent, which is as much as an apology as he could give.

Went back to the house and warmed Spencer up enough to let the poor naked lady stay in the house, and he would lie on the porch. When inside the witchling was slowly becoming less and less hostile, even going as far as to try and clothe her in an old poncho and boxers as it was the only effeminate thing that would fit her (as Spencer is a literal shrew child) to help keep her warm.

The day after that, both laid waste to local wildlife for the fun of it, until Spence again had to come find them and make them stop else it would make too much attention. Accidentally mentioned he was going into the town, and reluctantly ended up bringing Bzaer with him, and Dedalus remained at the lake being an aquatic fishlord.

When they returned asked how it went though seemed again indifferent, but very nosy with her (as in literal nosing and bothering) and a lot of shadowing about, pleased that she enjoyed her trip so much. Spoke a little more about their forms, as he was interested on how hers worked so differently to his, was tempted to show her his humanoid form which was essentially his first, and after a little coaxing, did so. But kept the horn because that is how he do.

Didn’t want to speak much about his home world or his family, and so didn’t ask her many questions of the same sort. Wanted to know about her skins mostly even if she was reluctant to tell, but eventually cottoned on that it was a facade to make people think she was pretty and then eat them. Waht a woMAN.

Very interested then, wondered how much magic she had in her and how much he’d gain for eating her, but played it off by having a romantic sit on the porch under the stars and be super hetero.
The day after, Spencer seemed in a flap after returning from getting groceries that some towns’ people were spreading rumours about the death of large animals and a strange creature lurking in the pond some fishermen had sworn they saw. Got a scolding from his apprentice, so appeased him by luring him off with some magic tutoring. After that though was pretty much pressured to leave.

Left the forest with Bzaer and her things in tow to visit Spencer in Alaska as he promised.
Will update again when they return with the stuff that went down.

Updated Personality and some other things.

Chilling in the pond, eventually climbed out to talk with Bzaer and stand over her when she kept passing out face down in the water RUDE. Managed to worm out of her that somethin was wrong, and she wanted to leave and go somewhere else. Made another promise to take her to see Spencer, and actually explained that the witchling was his adopted son, who stayed in the human world, and was generally a whiny shitbag.

Bzoo decided she would come with him in a few days time, secretly he was rather pleased about it.

Stare at Lilu from pond. P sure will try and eats. The more she sees him the less afraid she seems to be though. Troublesome.
Bz found him, lay beside her superheating himself so she could be snuglet.

Fightin in the mud with Bzaer after she said he was a wuss for not eating a million dryads. Sat on her. Mudrolling, then let her sit on him while he used magic to keep her warm WHICH WAS ACTUALLY A VERY AFFECTIONATE THING FOR HIM TO DO, USE MAGIC FOR SOMEONE ELSES BENEFIT HOLY COOOOW.

Found Bzoo at the playground, and watched her give a gift of a dead thing to the white wendigo creature he wanted to eat. Much scowling and squinty eyes was had. Had a talk about attachments and how she seemed like she wanted to use Wind for food later on but Ded was just like "naw son naw lettuce eat".
May have accidentally referenced Spencer when he tries not to around other people but eh it was vauge.
Followed her down to the pond where she could stash her gift of a dolphin skull from the aforementioned white creature after Dedalus mentioned it might be a useful bartering tool later. Also he was kinda squinty about the irony of it being a dolphin when he was a whale i digress.
Playfighting, nipping, bucking all the things before a savage tongue dominance battle where they just idk licked each others sides savagely like the wild animals they are.
I'm sleepy.

Lazy updates meh MEEEH.
Spent most of the week outside of the forest hunting and devouring a pair of witches, arrived and was a stagnant log in the pond until he decided to climb out. Followed the scent of Bzaer and caught sight of her wounded among many others. Called out loudly in a hideous noise that fudge being blown through a trumpet before thudding towards her.

Sort of relieved she came to him too, covered in booboos 8'c

Light scolding, offered to heal her if she wanted but she was too prideful, scolded her for that too that her pride would hurt her more than his healing tactics. Got annoyed when she rebuffed him again, so started butting her and forcing her to stand until she did. Ignored her angry words to inspect all the damages but then was hit by the overwhelming realisation that she was weak, faltering.

Her adamant pride was the only thing that stopped him from turning from healing to killing her. It still made him all jumpy and twitchy and generally not himself. Attacked her with healing actions (horn to the leg to heal it, and then forcing her deep wounds shut with a blow-torch cauterizing like effect with his mouth). Left all her lesser wounds alone assuming he'd only have a limited time window to work before she turned to black goo again or attacked him for hurting her.

The moment he was done, turned away and stood at a distance, only staring back with a hard to read expression. As she approached angrily gave nothing but a savage warning display but dropped it as soon as she saw his expression. He was vaguely disappointed and confused and ALL OF THE THINGS. She stormed off and he followed at a good distance (though he didn't want to admit it, he didn't want her being picked off by some of the other forest monsters.) before peeling away to think things through at the pond.

Wasn't sure if she could look after herself (as he assumed so strongly before) but his emotions couldn't quite settle on anything let alone worry. Eventually she came to him again and the Trenchheart was rather glacial and cold about it, but warmed up swiftly as he closed a few more wounds and tried to goad her into leaving the forest with him on his next trip to hunt, as a sort of date recuperation trip.

Met Cadaver with Bzaer, did not like when the dragon tried to keep them apart but Dedalus was only vaugely protective so it was mostly a lot of 'wat' and 'hmm' staring. And had a bit of a magic-off with him when Bzaer challeneged his skills.

Tried to change her into a tree kangaroo when the dragonstag left, but ended up backfiring and turning her into black goo by accident. Much apologeticness as he could afford to be. Changed her back, gave her a flower and then mooched with to the pond to fall asleep alongside.

Lounging around in the water. Tried to stalk and pounce on a stag who wandered too close, but the male did not react for a while. Kinda shadowed him around.
Got sniffed and approached a few times by Circe (smelt like delicious white magic), Kiosydian (delicious darker magic), Nimh and the tiger cubs mother Shahla. Probably would have gone after Circe with little to stop him, but chose not to. Instead stared at Kios, mouthed him kin dof roughly and headbutted the youth whilst trying to decide if it was worth killing him now or letting the magic in him manifest a little more.
Back to the water with only minimal staring at strangers.

Stalked Bzaer, much following about and headbumping for most of the day. Hunted another unicorn (called Atcher) only semi-heartedly as the little stallion did not seem afraid when confronted, but did keep moving away rather rapidly whenever Dedalus and Bzaer weren't keeping an eye on him.

Eventually cornered him in the blue bowl, his albino accomplace at hand. Much sniffing/drooling/touching as the other pretended not to care, which was probably the best thing to do as Ded immediately got bored and wandered off after the moose cow. Was teased at the playground for being unable to jump as friskily as she could. Fell down one of the gaps between the rocks and hit his head. Much ow, but only kinda stunned. More so because he was now stuck in that gap.

Eventually squeezed out while the moose laughed her butt off at him. Found it kinda funny himself since Ded struggles to be very serious. Down to the pond they went, before Ded hauled out beside her. And then sat on her. And fell asleep lying/sat on her.

Try and drown your friends, ITS ALWAYS HILARIOUS. I forgot I was supposed to update this properly, but was turned into a very large rabbit for most of the day, tried to tempt Bzaer to eat him so he could drag her into the water, but it backfired.

Pondlife. Climbed out to go on a rampage about his lack of killing things to murder a fox and drag it into the pond. Promptly skinned it, since Dedalus did not eat or need to eat as other creatures did. Wandered from the pond to the playground to find his moose 'friend', dropped the wet pelt on her and then laughed when she asked why he was so persistantly annoying. Returned to the water.

Remained there, went and sat with Hydra for a while though she eventually noticed and shooed him off, back to the water. Noticed a Kettu lurking, and stared at her from the waters edge before getting distracted noticing Bzaer had come closer. Edged closer to each other even if she was all grumble and sharp glares, he was nothing but warm smiles and flappy tails.

Lurking in the pond. Said hello to Hydra nicely this time. She stare suspicious but hey girl your dragony features are quite hella you are cool in my books ok. Returned to puddlelife. Stared at Kettu when she appeared, eventually climbed out and challenged the little kitsune and was quite amazed at the fight she put up. Quite aware when Bzaer and Hydra were watching him so started showing off a little, pleased when the fox submitted and left.

Padded to the moose cow first, smugly stayed with her despite her evident displeasure, putting a willow crown on her head in amusement. Soon returned back to the water, and thought about going to find Hydra. Watched Bzaer leave and after a while followed her. Sat and stared from a distance through half lidden eyes faking sunbathing/being asleep, merely watching over her as she slept like a creeper since he had nothing else to do.

(Added Kettu, Bzaer and Hydra to relations)


Lounging around in the water. Stalked every shadow that came near the pond, took an exceptional interest in a moose lady and her companion and followed them around every time they came close. Behaviour was reigned in later in the day by Haelan's appearance, subtly unwilling to scare his only companion away by eating something infront of him, settled into just being a bit of a dick to others.

Did stalk Poe though, and when she ran chased with his teeth snapping at her heels. When she whirled to face him his taunts and sneers doubled, and the only thing that saved her from him diving in to attack was the eyes he felt on him from the aforementioned unicorn. Spat at her and saw the doe off as he returned to the equine with a wagging whale tail.

More of essentially this-ing at the moose cow, before climbing out of the water to roll in the mud beside Haelan.

An exciting day of beiNG A HUGE LARDY HIPPO. Hippotted about staring at people and things. Mostly staying near the pond. Approched a lone doglike doe named Zenaida and sniffed/shoved at her indecisively until she retaliated by hugging him. UhhhHHHH...

No longer saw her as potential prey as prey did not hug, but still didn't really expect or know what to do so just peeled off and mostly swam around like a hippot do. Approached Hydra again, interested in the dragoness like creature but not yet finding words to talk to her, was gangsniffed by Nimh and Umay but knew better than to snap at them and risk making enemies before hes made friends.

Followed Zenaida for a brief spell but more interested in her peculiar actions than making friends, before returning to his hIPPO ACTIVITIES before again following Hydra away to the ruins and passing out like the fat beached whale he is.


Dedalus "Dead-al-uss"
Alias: ‘Ded’ // ‘Deddy’ // ‘Whale’
Title: "The Trench-Heart"
Less common titles include:
"Witch-kin" // "The Devourer" // "The Whale"


Age: Hard to tell, possibly ageless? Ancient. Adult.
Sex/Gender: Primarily Male with a hermaphroditic undertone (see misc). Identifies as male.
Species: “Unicorn” by his own definition. Whale Creature.
Sexuality: Not sure on romantic orientation, Polysexual.

Reference: X // X
Size: Impressive.
Scent: A deep forest soaked with rain. Faintly of salty water.
Voice: Deep, Gravely, like Thunder. // “#001F2E
Diet: ‘Magical Creatures’, absorbs the magic from other users for sustenance.
Haunts: Around the pond, Idols and stream. Likes the more open areas.
one two three four five
Enigmatic - Strange - Protective - Placid - Intelligent - Humorous - Kinda Playful

Powerful - Unpredictable - Intrusive - Stubborn - Manipulative - Possessive - Low Morals

Dedalus is an odd creature. In times long, long past he was once a man from a tribe of nomadic ice-dwelling humanoids, once a powerful sorcerer in his own right, would often visit a trapped world eating monster in the ice. Wanting more power, he happily accepted the monsters gift and was cursed into the form of a beast very different from the form he has now. These times he will not speak of, but he was initially instilled with the desire to reclaim his once human life and incredible power by stealing the magic from other beings.

He soon found that unicorn magic was the most suited, and he began to travel the worlds looking for unicorns to hunt. Although light magic, especially that from a pure unicorn, is actually the only thing that can physically harm him (although other things can kill him) he essentially courts with death when hunting a unicorn and relies on their innate sense of fear/to flee to beat them.

Because of this, Dedalus will only hunt things that are afraid of him, and appears disinterested even against the tiniest, youngest characters if they are not afraid and do not run. His prey drive is based on movement, and most fleeing will incur him to chase.

Generally amused by the folly of other characters. He has the potential to become another of the forests' deal-makers/wish-granters due to his impressive magic skills, but he literally could not care about you and your problems and has no desire to help others. As enigmatic as he is however, may sometimes randomly choose to help a stranger without cause or gain, but I wouldn't rely on him.

'Passive' possessive, will herd and guard a harem or herd unit of characters he likes, but honestly would not bat an eyelid if someone came in and seduced or claimed them as long as he still held the highest claim and he could still keep them in his herd, but generally pesters 'rivals' into submission which may cause the possession fighting. Because of this, unlikely to ever take a fully monogamous mate as he simply forgets what he's supposed to be guarding without proper reminding.

Is however, possessive of his items though he currently has not brought any with him into the forest. If he was too, would hoard them jealously and often lash out with uncharacteristic violence if someone tried to take without his expressed permission. Carries his hoard literally within himself orbiting the celestial body he swallowed.

Is not very parental, finds caring difficult above an instinctive level, is mostly indifferent to most fawns around the forest if they are not potential food. Sometimes even allows rambunctious fawns to climb on him or skirt through his legs without harm. Though also sometimes headbutts them into the air like a rhino.

Likes to show off, loves to be revered and complimented. Will gravitate towards those who compliment him and may sit in the extended company of anyone willing to stroke his ego. However allows rudeness and insults to roll off him like water upon a ducks back, does not care for them and may not react at all par amusement.

Feels little pain, through training of his own mind and body, tries not to flinch or cry out about anything lest he be seen as weak, even if the action hurts. Will never walk away from anything without making it look like he doesn't care (though 90% of the time, actually doesn't care), and will never run in fear as he is then seen as good as dead.

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/Dramatic whale noises

/Dramatic whale noises
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eUe ayyy

eUe ayyy
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Ayyyyyyyyy <3

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mmm yes

mmm yes

*flails into blog* This is

*flails into blog* This is now my spot.
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o_o Ross had better watch


Ross had better watch out XD
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He will only nibble tenderly

He will only nibble tenderly i sware.

Also thank star n hadoink uvu

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track trackity track

track trackity track
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Dat Stache.

Dat Stache.
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Yoooo. Also pretty dog


Also pretty dog confused him when she gave him a hug hes all "8T not as expected"
also aaaayyyy 'nother British player ovo

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Eyyy'. Oooh. Well, Dedalus


Oooh. Well, Dedalus has a really interesting appearance n' Zenaida is easily excitable around unique things so she thought she'd give him a hug. |D

yeye ; v;
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LOL shit wrong account. oTL

LOL shit wrong account. oTL
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He only speaks in humpback

He only speaks in humpback dialect.

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Track! :>

Track! :>


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Arigatoooo. Tho I feel bad

Tho I feel bad the only reason hes following her around is hes debating whether or not to try and eat her ahaha whoops

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Haha I figured as much, he

Haha I figured as much, he would either way be in for a rather angry/grumpy treat x )
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I do believe I should stop

I do believe I should stop going afk ._. taking care of the animals of the house
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Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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Thanks for giving me

Thanks for giving me something to do earlier! It's fun getting chased even if Stargaze doesn't feel the same.
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I'm terribly sorry about that

I'm terribly sorry about that ahaha, he likes stars and Dedalus got excited when she ran as that's what his hunt mechanism is triggered by, but then when I skimmed your bio (whenever she out manouvered him) I saw it said that you were trying to use the forest to relax and I was like fffff- WELL.

I can't promise he'll be good next time but we'll try and be a little more conscious to not terrifying poor Stargaze <33

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Saw you watching earlier

Saw you watching earlier 8D

Retracking for my derpcorn.
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Nahh, don't worry about it,

Nahh, don't worry about it, it was fun and I don't take anything personally! Sticking out tongue
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Gotta stalk this c:

Gotta stalk this c:
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Yasen thinks he has a new

Yasen thinks he has a new cuddle buddy
being the naive fish thing he is
donut eat

Two why two omg -hurls self

Two why two omg -hurls self into ocean-
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"Fish are friends, not food."

"Fish are friends, not food." //brick'd

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Well then. Forgot to track

Well then. Forgot to track this hot whale beast. <3
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uvu <3

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I just realized I have

I just realized I have tracked this on the wrong account ;;
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Lmao didn't even notice.

Lmao didn't even notice.
Throws some air smooches

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MMMMMMMhello c;

MMMMMMMhello c;

*sQUINTY FACE AF* (sorry if


(sorry if I miss actions laggy as hecky)
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or if i should let you live and then feed u to my parasite lady later

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Bridge be v sideways squint

Bridge be v sideways squint face "yas that me face now backup plz mustache deer creature"

(you always catch me at the worst times - family reunion and I am not used to foREST ACTIONS and computer only loads like..one)
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// its awkward bridge isnt reacting in game do you wanna do a very short rp instead?

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/IS SHOVE? sorry if I


sorry if I freeze, nerves easily fry
a relog is in order. Pictos unspread?)
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Thanks for spending time

Thanks for spending time with Latoya^^. Track for this attractive big boy X3.
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Yw, Ded likessss Latoya as a

Yw, Ded likessss Latoya as a pet haha

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Track. c:

Track. c:
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handsome -u-

handsome -u-
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Haha thats a first thenks!

Haha thats a first thenks! Which reminds me I should update some info here hmmm

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Tracking! Carys is terrified!

Tracking! Carys is terrified! lol

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whale boi >O>

whale boi >O>
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Menacing the local pond-goers

Menacing the local pond-goers #2020

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genuinely surprised I haven't

genuinely surprised I haven't tracked this because whale deer yes please