my tongue sharper than a switchblade

!This 'bio' will certainly contain bad words, nfsw, gore and lots of blood!

Cherry Bomb
False Viking, Meat Baroness, Butcher, Hellfire, the..

of Blood & Rotten Meat

nameless, doesn't associate herself with a nickname or something. called Ragnara by others
adult, late twenties. stripped hyena & dhole wolf hybrid. spotted hyena 'n direwolf traits
omnivore, eats everything, yet she prefers meat, scavenger. neutral evil
female, masculine energy. primarily sapphic, homoflexible tendencies
speaks in #8b0000 | voice

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Trivia & Personality

violent, obsessive, noisy, crude, greedy, cold, petty, warlike, wary
survivalist, reckless, elusive, emotionally unstable, unmannerly
persevering, protective, playful, humorous, flirty, devoted


Scarred petty asshole with self-control and emotional problems, doesn't care about the most of things in her life and probably also about you, but don't dare bark to her thinking that you're gonna left well later.
It can be called a troublemaker, just consequences of her unmannerly and violent personality, not someone with a strong personality, just a certainly hellion, yeah.

A murderer, none of her friends knowing about this another side of hers, but possibly notorious of her frequent bloodthirst. Completely comfortable (obviously) in blood-sea and bloody scenes, opens big wounds, open fractures, broken bones and etc.. Can be hired as a hitman, but only with a large amount of money involved, she never does anything for free or for fun, and if she doesn't have her money in a short period of time, will go after their promised money. Don't easily forget faces.

A reckless, aggressive and hard way to live, strives in vain to be someone better, but has improved a lot over the years, but never close to being in a healthy period of a normal and happy life. Faces with claws and teeth all the difficulties in human life, as well as in feral life. Working at least three terrible part-time jobs on a mild salary, having little time to have fun, but always trying to make some escapes from the stressful life. In her spare time, she goes to boxing classes, which finds fun, and almost a therapy at the same time, discounting all the hate inside her chest. Has already ripped at least three punching bags in five months class.

Not-so-fun-fact: It abhors water with all her strength and hate, the fact of having her hair wet on the back and leave it wet until it dries, make her crazy, avoiding rainy days or getting too far from humid places or with water nearby.

Hate-driven vibes, restive as fuck, spitfire bitch, hysterical mind, remorseless killer; Very healthy to be related with (:

DESPITE all these terrible things about cherry, she's very passionate, lively, outspoken, cry-baby and affectionate; she's a glue girl!Exclaim!!

she likes boys as well! but have some skittish/rude behavior with them. more comfortable with girls, 200% sure, sometimes even submissive with them?? but don't be afraid to approach! or do, who knows, depend on her mood.

open to any alias, literally aNY 'cause she doesn't care.

Self-destructive tendencieS. more words hereeeE

Strangely draw to canid species or canid-esque creatures, but can be attracted to another species as well.

women worshiper. strongly feminist thoughts and won't tolerate any sexist act/word.


Troels; best friend, lover. beloved.
Ris'pa; close friend, beloved.
Taveer; dear friend, beloved.
Nélida; dear friend, beloved.
Vash; liked, close friend.
'Bane'; crush-ish, friend.
'Sunniva'; ma waifu, friend.

+ 'Tthosser', Magnús, Hróðvitnir, Sabbath, Brent, Akina, Elliasén, Tsubaki, ++'Prism' +
= Tállak, Sky-Sight, Kenna, Spencer..... im sure im forgetting someone =
? Maggot, 'Starkiller', The Tiger... ?
- Osha, Mikill, Fari, Garai, Ruuvik, Umay, Greitai, Hammel, Helm, Braam

Noh pelt, magpie antlers, and skull mask. Yes, changing her set for the 98475 time.
| Damage account for. 200% IC and ALWAYS open to interacting, be good or bad!
Any question, RP or just babbling, contact me via discord; Luz#1288 |

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there she is

there she is
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yess, finally

yess, finally <3
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look out, kid.

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