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I just keep on having ideas for new designs, and i dont wanna make thousand of characters, that i gonna barely use.
So i decided to put some of my designs for sale or exchange them for 2nd gen or 3gen pictos.
Ofc i have more coming up so expect some of them to be for free to grab also. c:

For now imma put two in here and well see if peoples gonna be interested,
my designs arent so detailed as you might expect but i wanna give it a chance anyways. Smiling
If so, you can contact me on my Discord: Oturo#5401

LostKing 15$ or 2nd or 3rd gen picto

Marshmallow 8$ or 2nd or 3rd gen picto

GoldenAngel - 10$ or 2nd or 3rd gen picto

Scale 10$ SOLD by Apeldille

Tusk Deer 5$ or 3rd gen picto

Beautiful designs! Tracking

Beautiful designs!
Tracking this c:

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I'm interested in Scale! I

I'm interested in Scale! I added you on discord Smiling

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Tyvm all!

Tyvm all! <3
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Traack :3 Very lovely designs

Traack :3
Very lovely designs <3
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