My deer in heat

Although nobody wants?
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No. Stop making these

No. Stop making these posts.

This is a family-friendly site, meaning young children get on here to play.

This is inappropriate. Stop.
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Just ignore this

Just ignore this person.

She's been getting quite a lot of warnings and even friendly advice on how to handle these matters, but it's quite clear everything is going to deaf ears.

Not worth your time.
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I'm well aware. At first I

I'm well aware.

At first I thought she was joking, so got in on the fun. But when this continued I got more and more concerned, and offered friendly advice. However, I am not sure that this person understands what we are telling her. Maybe if I use the language that is on her Facebook profile?

Va rugam sa încetati postare faptul avansuri sexuale . Acesta este un forum care copiii folosesc . Acest lucru este nepotrivit .

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