Mating search

My deer Shasha is in the mating search . Does anyone wants to be her partner ? Please whoever !
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Hi, perhaps you should

Hi, perhaps you should consider role-playing with other characters rather than jumping too far Eye there are a lot of characters who would roleplay with you if you ask, and you and the other owner of the character can decide iftthey will be mates, if they have a good enough relationship. Sorry if I've explained it in a strange way.
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You could possibly look into

You could possibly look into Umay. Her bio isn't up, but she's lovely and very active.
If not her, you should check out Kody. He's so hot everyone wants to be him. Eye

i'm not serious, but my beloved friends like to tease me and a girl has to get her revenge somehow \;
You should let your deer get to know others around the forest. Something could come out of that in a much more 'natural' way and be a lot more fun, too. c;
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Why would you need a mate?

Why would you need a mate? Why not start off by making friends first?
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