Lucian's Diary 15 - Definitly scarred.

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He is:



Don’t worry Takeshi. Our secret love child will be our secret. O___o’…


Reed and I had been fighting a lot those days. He came after Tilly, whilst I couldn’t protect her anymore. Luckily Takeshi jumped in to help out.

Argument with dad.



Ah, we’re cute fawns!

This day was amazing.

The dancers!

And our own dance.

Love to play games with you ♥

So first they spam me into Ren, then they act scared of me. O_ó…

Hey you didn’t see anything! Had to entertain the ladies.

Back into fighting:

I’m not even sure what was going on…

Vasla. He went after Dajhi too.


This took so long.

And some chatting:

”Well ehm. Yeah.

A lot of fun, with friends ofcourse. Takeshi, even though I don’t see him much, really is an awesome guy. I’ve always loved sparring with him and, turns out he’d even help me out if I’d need it.
That day I had been fighting with Reed far too often before. Days before, even. And as Tilly came to keep me company, he chased her away. I suppose that’s fun, deer whom flee for you. I really was so tired.. Luckily Takeshi came to help me protect her, he told me Reed wouldn’t hurt him because he was Kaoori’s son.
Mommy’s boy.

Dad was pissed with me for well, fighting so often I suppose. Getting myself into trouble. I couldn’t beet Reed, I know that. I’m too small, to puny. Ehm, anyway, after an argument we came to some sort of.. Agreement I suppose. I have to be smarter? Use tactics?
Fun he didn’t show me any of those the next day, when he mixed himself into a fight he didn’t have anything to do with. You learn from the best, huh.

Anyway, after healing up I met up with Dajhi to play. She accidentally fell into the water, aww. So to help her feel less embarrassed I jumped after her. We transformed into fawns and had quite a lot of fun!

Ah, semi cloning was fun! And then we all transformed into does. Even Zach and I, yes. Was quite a lot of fun! The dancers came though, so we gave up on trying to all look like Stel. (That would’ve been even more amazing!) So we went to watch the dancers, later on had our own dance party on the logs.

I kept Stelmaria and Dajhi company the other day, being silly, being alert for them. Vasla was around at some point, but he didn’t come near luckily. When I took a nap, they transformed me into this handsome guy. Stelmaria complimented me on how well I “acted like him.”… I don’t think that’s actually a compliment!

So I went stripping instead and that was a lotta more fun.

Ehm well. The other day I met up with Zach and Dajhi, I think. But I took some time to train my charging techniques. I’m not good enough yet and, in every fight I end up at the wrong side of the antlers anyway. But I tried anyway, because I felt like I was going to need it that day.
First, I thought it was this “fight.” Stelmaria seemed to worry about the white doe, whom seemed harassed by the big white stag that Zanny likes so much. I’m not even sure what Stel thinks of him, come to think of it.
Anyway, we went to protect her. I followed because it seemed important to Stel.
(It’s not like I really trust that white guy anyway.. Sorry.)

But later that day, I figured why I was feeling nervous in the morning. Vasla appeared, and gave us quite some trouble. We were all really luckly we were with a group, otherwise me and Zach wouldn’t have been capable of fending him off with just the two of us. He went after Stelmaria first. So we charged after him, quickly a group formed. And then he went after Dajhi.
I think both me and Zach snapped.
Dajhi is very important to me. I’ve met her when I was still a kid. We always had a lot of fun, grew up together. She teached me what love was for the first time, and also what heartbreak was.
I’m glad we’re still this close.
So no. You don’t hurt her. You don’t even touch her without my permission for that matter.
Zach and I weren’t the only one whom lost it though. Stelmaria started to go after Vasla.
And I tried to stop her. I wouldn’t be able to beat him, alright. But all she was doing was end up getting badly wounded! We were all worried, but you can’t save the world on your own. I suppose.
I can be quite the hypocrite.

Well in the end, he left. Finally.. I was so angry at Stelmaria though.. Normally she’s mad at me, but now I just.. Yeah. I headed to Dajhi immediately, checking on her, grooming her scratches. I always check on everyone but myself first. Always.
Stelmaria was sitting on her own near a tree. And when I saw the sad look on her face, I couldn’t help but rush over immediately. Sigh.. I can’t be angry with her for long anyway, and she had the same reason Zach and I had. I couldn’t help but worry though…
Cleaning her obviously pained her, but it had to happen anyway. She was hit badly.. I couldn’t bear seeing her like this, urgk…
Well, the next day me, Zach and Zanny made sure Stel was alright. When they left, I tried to guide her to the pond to clean up these wounds. We managed, in the end, though don’t tell me how long it took haha. I’ll feel better soon, promis. And I hope they all do, too. We should take some rest…"

The last screenshot... ;;

The last screenshot... ;; Baww, Poor Lucian, all those fights! Be healing fast, boy. Lol, and I smiled at some screenshots. ♥

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ROFL so replying to this when

ROFL so replying to this when i get home.
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*skips in tossing hearts* I

*skips in tossing hearts*
I love these entries, even though I've said that about every one of them. <3 Poor... well, everybody. They've got some healing up to do. ;_;
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*laughs at 8th picture* I

*laughs at 8th picture* I think Reed would be too busy laughing at you guys if he saw you, than he would be chasing off deer. (:

I love reading these entries.. ♥
Hope Lucian gets better soon.

Stripper pole! XD Amary had

Stripper pole! XD

Amary had a lot of fun with them all that day. ^^
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Takeshi: Oi. Anytime you

Takeshi: Oi. Anytime you need backup, let me know. I'm not the strongest fighter but I can hold my own. But no more damn doe antlers. And I am not a mama's boy! Please don't tell anyone about our child. God..


Oh my goodness, I laughed so

Oh my goodness, I laughed so much during this. XD;; Dunno why, just...XDD;
Nice "dancing", Lucian. ;D
Poor thing, so much dramadrama. Hope he feels better soon. :/
Nonetheless, fantastic entry! Keep it up~!
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So much is going on Luc's

So much is going on Luc's life. Well, and everyone around him, I suppose. =/
Drama and joy, then drama and joy again. ^_^ It's a nice balance of both, although I find myself wishing that healing would take less time. XD (Especially since our boys hardly sit still, anyway).

The dressing up and the log dancing - I can't describe how much fun I had during that day. It was awesome.
I hope Lucian heals soon! ^_^
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Nope: Aww he'll be fine

Aww he'll be fine <3.. Thank you XD

*Tries to catch hearts o_o XD* Rofl thank you, glad you do! <3 And they do. Silly, silly kids.

He should joiin! XDDD
And you do? Thank you <3 Oh, he will! Never worry about that XD

It had to be done. Rofl. Lucian was glad to see Amary! <3

"Oh, tsk, I can hold my own better as you can. And they look good on youuuu! Stop your whining. AND YOU ARE. DANG YOU ARE. Just give in. You are.
The whole world knows already baby~"

;_; X"D

ROFL X"D He knows no shaaame. >.>'...
Ohwell he will <3 Dramadramadrama. It's such a teen sometimes huh. He'll grow up some day. Some daay...

He attracts drama o_o'.. ROFL well, healing's just punishment for the boy. You wanna fight? Then you no walky for days. Hahaha.
It was <3 He will!