This is the end result of the

This is the end result of the ongoing conflict between the Inferno and a dethroned King.
After a strike to his temple during a fight, Saosin went to sleep only to not wake up again, put into a sort of comatose state. In it, all his senses apart from sight work, albeit in a dream-like setting. It is an out-of-body experience created by his subconscious mind. This little comic represents that and it's something I felt like sharing... Feel free to pay him a visit; he'll know.

also sorry for the crappy use of tabs
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We'll look out for him.

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o: sends dr Kostyano LOL


sends dr Kostyano LOL his remedy would be blueberries. Kostya is worst doctor
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Saosin, nooooooo.

Slenderfawn though. I was scared.
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omgg. that fawn is super

omgg. that fawn is super creepy. loving the edits here.
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That Slenderfawn. It's all

That Slenderfawn.

It's all so creepy, surreal, haunting, and beautiful at the same time. Might have to pop Lacie in for a little visit.
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ooh goodness. very curious

ooh goodness. very curious
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Ahhh... <3 Very interesting!

....mmm also that fawn's face... or lack thereof. Not like I wanted to sleep tonight anyway. Cool
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Excited to see things coming

Excited to see things coming along.

This song hurts.
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But... but I loved to see


but I loved to see Saosin sitting on the idol

now this *rages and cries*

Keeping an eye out.

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Aaaaa! Slenderfawnie

Aaaaa! Slenderfawnie
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Invisible scrollbox cos I didn't want a massive comment LOL

Kostya might have only met Saosin a few times, but he'd know something isn't right.

Vee - Please. Draak - Pffft!

Vee - Please.
Draak - Pffft! Kostyano pls.
Thelittleraven - That is roughly how he views every stranger pictogram he senses. Those he are vaguely familiar with, but doesn't remember well, may have heavily distorted faces instead because of his inability to memorize all the features at once...
Clare - I was hoping for that effect. Thank you.
Mjrn - Mmm. I'm glad to hear. Please do.
Din - <3
Onowl - Eee! Happy you think that. Haha... So sorry.
Hum - Hnngh. I love that song.
Mary - Keep his seat warm for him? Hehe... Thank you.
Rouda - Static intensifies.
Draak - MY HEART.
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I really miss plots with

I really miss plots with screenshots especially with so amazing edits. The first picture on III is so beautiful... ♥

and I love how Sao sees the slenderfawn and in the next picture he is like "I'm getting too old for this shit"

Can't wait to see more!
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... Response The



The emotional turmoil...
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Sao. ;; Lovely edits, I'm

Sao. ;; Lovely edits, I'm intrigued to see more.

And that fawn. Nopenopenope.

Poor Saosin... :C

Poor Saosin... :C

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I like those !! But poor Sao

I like those !!
But poor Sao !
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Ryff had heard through the

Ryff had heard through the grapevine. Something's happened to the Inferno, they said, He's sick, he's dying, he's been hurt, he's been defeated. As usual she did not believe it. Rumors surrounded the mysterious veteran like a dense fog, and every other overconfident stag boasted that they had defeated Saosin, and that he was so old that he was falling ill and weak. The warrior doe knew better than to trust such rumors over the word of her friends and mentors.

She stepped over the rise and found him there, still as death on the crest of a hill that was not his. A small scattering of watchers lurked in the trees nearby, like vultures, and Ryff's heart leapt into her throat. Surely, this was not what it appeared to be. Virgil was beside him, utterly silent. Among the distant watchers Ryff had noticed Lacie and Moss in passing. She could retreat to them later. Now she could do nothing but stand and stare at the still image before her.

The Inferno was a kindred spirit. Free and endless, built for combat and tempered by a life of hardship. Born from the gods, from the mouth of the Idol, they said. In this he was kin, her elder and her brother, a mentor and companion. To see him crumpled on the cold earth chilled her to the bone.

"S..Saosin...?" It was unlike her for her voice to falter. Ryff took a step closer, lowering her head to the trembling wisps of scarlet mane. He still radiated heat. He was not dead. A sigh of relief parted the silken fur. She raised her head now to Virgil, still looking desperate and afraid. "Why won't he get up? Is he... is he sick?"

She didn't wait for an answer. Carefully, she folded her legs and lay beside the great stag, resting her head gently on his shoulder. He still breathed. He would not die now, surely not. She hoped.

Come back, Ulh, come back...
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I never actually considered

I never actually considered the idea of a screenie-comic. You've made this so nicely though. Shocked

Really excited to see what's next!!

Schutzgeist - Thank you.

Schutzgeist - Thank you. Happy to hear that you enjoy it. Hah. pretty much
Apoidea - <3...
Snow - Thank you. Got something more personal and less to do with the forest coming up. Hopefully it won't disappoint.
Luksus, Flyleaf - He's hanging in there. <3
Thelittleraven - I have no words... You and Ryff hold him in high esteem and that makes me really proud and happy. Thank you. Perhaps he will talk of this encounter with her in the future.
Starling - Thanks, star'. I have been wanting to make one for some time, albeit with a maskless subject, since that would make for a lot of interesting expressions. Perhaps some other time.
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Oooooo interesting... Will

Oooooo interesting... Will come up with a response over the weekend.
wake up you drunkard
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The titan doe was moving

The titan doe was moving through the Birch forest with slow, heavy steps. It had been a long time since she had set foot within this forest, and over time she had gotten used to find a familiar faces in an injured state - or dead. This forest was hardly as peaceful as it seemed, and Illrose admitted she at times had been the source of disturbance. Still, one of the last she expected to find laying motionless on the ground was Saosin.

A silent greeting was offered Virgil before she walked closer to Saosin and lowered her head, allowed the tip of her skull to brush through his red fur while she recalled memories of the past, times spent in his company. It was a long time ago, but the memories were still cherished. And while she stood there, she eyed him carefully. He wasn't dead, and she couldn't really see any sign of injury but there was clearly something that was off. Soon enough, Illrose raised her head again with a soft snort, a sound made hollow by her mask, as her pale eyes found Virgil. "He'll be alright." She spoke in a hushed tone, perhaps sounding more sure than she truly was. But then again, she had seen many strange things happening during the years spent in the forest; deer taken by creatures or diseases, ripped apart or giving in to sickness; in the end they always seemed to come back. Death was rarely certain in this forest. And Saosin was strong, surely he would overcome whatever this was.

One last glance was given the one on the ground, before Illrose turned around and moved a bit away, where she eventually settled down near a tree. The least thing she could do was to help keep guard for a little while, before it was time to head home.

Just a lil something since Illrose visited n_n'
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"I have been doing a lot of

"I have been doing a lot of thinking as of late...
In my lifetime, I have become all too familiar with death, replacement, and rejection.

I have grown accustomed to this, learnt to live a life free of dependence.
But I am unlike most of my kind; I know the emptiness that comes with solitude.
I felt incomplete, in light of knowing better.

Perhaps I am tainted, bound to live with the need for companionship. A close bond.
I have lived many a seasons turns, and I accept that my time is limited.

But I would like to spend the rest of my time close to you.
My friend, my enemy. My Equal.
And if that means staying here for the rest of my life, then I will accept this."

Okamilugia -

Okamilugia - 'Sup.
Iaurdagnire - I WAITED FOR YOU Haha, thanks man.
Snow - Thank you for this. We cherish the memories, too.
Veedeer - The dearest hart.
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Ahh, poor Sao.... and Virgil

Ahh, poor Sao.... and Virgil too, must be quite a shock for him too.
Loving all of this, though. The comic looks incredible. <3
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Perhaps it was his own

Perhaps it was his own experience that made him seem a little cold towards the situation. A lot are upset by the Inferno's sudden collapse, but his strange stillness was something Dag could understand; he was not gone, but not here at the same time. Towering over his unmoving body, he stared down at the closed eyes sheltered within Saosin's skull. Dag's appearances in the forest had become increasingly sparse, yet he was somehow always there. A weathered stone monument of legendary stories that only those of his generation knew inside out. As far as he was concerned, himself, Saosin and Virgil were united in their place in the forest, though there was a time none of them got along. Adept at stories, Dag had even hypothesized why it took so long for them to coexist; his analogy was that they were elements, and the forest needs all three.

He settled down next to Saosin and looked out over the grass.
"You know, I'm very much like water." He began, his voice quiet and smooth, "I can be gentle, flow with the needs of others, yet I can be a stubborn ocean storm and just as fierce."
Dag raised a brow and shot a glance to Saosin, expecting a comeback or a challenge. Nothing, so he continued.
"Virgil is the very earth, a life based on pure instinct and nothing more. Rooted and cares only for what is real, and is the foundation for all other elements. He is a permanence in the forest. And you guessed it: you are fire. Passionate and impulsive, which I'd say is neither good or bad... depending on the situation you find yourself in when facing your visual intensity. Let's face it, you're a knife with legs."
Not even a chuckle, or a groan for him to stop talking. Worth a try.
"Too close, and water will extinguish fire. Too fierce, and fire will evaporate water - I am happy we have found a balance with Virgil..."
His voice then grew darker, and his expression more severe.
"Therein lies the problem. Water and fire can nurture earth, or completely destroy it. Virgil is hurting, and you have become one lousy campfire."
The Fortress closed his eyes and exhaled in a sigh,
"I've been long gone from the forest before. I wonder where you are..."


Spyrre - Her visit was the

Spyrre - Her visit was the most heartbreaking. Hopefully Saosin will get the chance to let her know that it's okay soon. I'm really grateful.
Iaurdagnire - I loved the 'lousy bonfire' line. Special to hear from Dag, too. Means a lot.

Updated the comic.
I originally intended this to be a rather personal experience for Saosin and didn't expect the community to become as involved as it did. I felt those who interacted with him had to be included somehow though. Sorry if we forgot anyone.

bump because i made an oopsie
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*lurks in silence*

*lurks in silence*
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*loud noises*

*loud noises*
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O: !

O: !
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OH IT'S THE THING. The thing.

OH IT'S THE THING. The thing. Dream beast.

Yeeeeess. Wake up, Sao!
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Soul Retriever! God, they're

Soul Retriever! God, they're so creepy... But I really dig how you've integrated them into his canon, though. Always protect the dearest...

Red's missed him terribly... So glad he's awake now.

(Guys the comic is finished rofl)

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Beautiful. I really enjoyed

Beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing all of the pictograms floating around... it really reminds me how much everyone can love.
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Welcome back.

Welcome back. <3
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I'm glad that we could be a

I'm glad that we could be a part of this but I'm more than happy to see that he found the way back home ♥
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Welcome back, sleeping

Welcome back, sleeping beauty. (':
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A very late track. This is

A very late track. This is wonderful ♥

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This is lovely, glad Sao is

This is lovely, glad Sao is back again. ♥
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this was great. *claps*

this was great. *claps* <3
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Thank you all.

Thank you all. <3

The creature he encountered is Soul Retriever, a being created by my dad many years ago and named by my mum, and they act as one of my many fictional shapes.
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Yeeeeeeees my money was on

Yeeeeeeees my money was on that dude showing up, I remember you writing about it somewhere and showing the picture. Cool to have it feature with Saosin.
Sould Retriver's shape reminds me a little of Flame Princess when she's pissed.

Aaaah! It's actually hinted

Aaaah! It's actually hinted in various places throughout the whole comic. Thanks. <3

I f'n love flame princess tho.
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Cool. I like comics. Soul

Cool. I like comics.
Soul Retriever does look an awful lot like Flame Princess.
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Heh. More like FP looks like

Heh. More like FP looks like Soul Retriever. It's inspired me my whole life.
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