A little update

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Hello dearest deer,

I know we have been quiet for a while. But don't worry. Everything is still on track for the continuation and the remake of The Endless Forest.

As is abundantly clear by now, we have gravely underestimated the time remaking The Endless Forest would take. As a result we need to supplement the budget that you so generously help create through crowdsourcing with our own funds. To gain those funds, we need to work on other projects next to the game.

On top of this we are also in the process of moving house to another country (from Belgium to Italy). This is a complicated affair that will take up nearly all of our time until the end of September. But after that, we will get back to the Forest and you can expect regular remake step updates.

If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to email us (the.endless.forest at tale-of-tales.com).

In the mean time, enjoy the Forest!

Michaël & Auriea.
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Thank you for the update and

Thank you for the update and good luck with the house moving!
Looking forward to the news about the remake's progress.
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Makes sense. Good luck with

Makes sense. Good luck with your move & thanks for the update!
Formerly ocean.
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Thank you for the update!

Thank you for the update! ♥ Hope the move goes well!
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When I finally checked out

When I finally checked out the new version, that Tin deer design was brilliance. I adore it.
Thank you for your work, have a smooth move.