Little pieces of art. (UPDATED!)

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So I was bored and I decided to draw something that is related to The Endless Forest.
And.. since I started as a fawn, I decided to draw a fawn's face.
Things I used:
A pencil.
A rubber.
My finger to smudge the picture.
Here's the piece of art ^^

This time, I drew a full body buck which was a challenge. ;u;

P.S: I will update this post from time to time so stay tuned! Smiling
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this looks great! I love the

this looks great! I love the expression and conception of volumes
I'd love to see more ♥
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Thank you so much! ^^ This

Thank you so much! ^^
This means a lot to me.
I never expected that someone would like to see more of my art ;u;
More coming soon! <3

- Please don't hunt these majestic creatures. How would you feel like if someone was out to hunt you? Deer have feelings too.