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Bio May Contain Mature Content.

**Drawing done by fang1014**

Name: Lewis

Maturity: 9 Months (May 10th, 2018)
Species: 45% Whitetail x 45% Visayan Spotted Deer x 10% Thoroughbred
Size: #11
Sexual Orientation: Heteroromantic Demisexual

Call: .oOo.
Threat Warning: .oOo.

Recently The rain soaked his dark coat, making it cling to his muscled frame. With a shake of his head, he curled into a ball in the thicket where he was born. His mother didn't go there much anymore, but he knew he needs to find his own bedding site soon. He knew his mother was nearby somewhere but he was too cold, wet, and tired to get up and find her. He is pretty sure she is in the hollowed oak tree, she always hated being in the rain. The young buck didn't mind the rain, but the wind was biting at his soaked fur and making him shiver. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he made his way to his mother who, just like he thought, was in the hollowed tree. A small creature was also taking shelter with her but stayed away from her. He settled down on the opposite side of the entrance and tried to lick his coat dry. Eventually he drifted off to sleep.

Real Picto:



Breeding Season:
Breeds: October to December
Bred Before: No
Does Covered: N/A
Fawns Produced: N/A
GeneticsEach parent passes down 50% of their DNA. Lewis will pass down 22.5% Whitetail, 22.5% Visayan Spotted, and 5% Thoroughbred DNA to his offspring.

Talks in: This Color.


*Blue Pelt
*Swan Antlers
*Orca Mask

98% - Mental
95% - Physical

Pine Trees


Aspen- His mother; adores; gaining independence from as he nears closer to his first birthday; will seek out
Gorge- His father; never recognized his existence; abandonment
Feeon- Adopted little sister; adores; protective of; will seek out
Zombie- A stag his mother is fond of; familiar with; will seek out
Anpiel- Really nice fawn; friend to his sister and mother; will seek out
Alchemilla- A friend of his sister and mother; comfortable around
Kokabiel- Sibling to Anpeil; curious of; may seek out
Tristan- A friendly stag; curious of; may seek out

Recently Met:


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-. track .-

-. track .-
that tickles#3207
@impordant (DeviantART)

Drawn by Spirituelle
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Track bb

Track bb

Discord that I rarely use tamermist#7788
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hello! ♥

hello! ♥
- By thewhitefawn
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Hello!~ <3


TRACK ! <3
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love the design. c:

love the design. c:
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TheWhitefawn- <3

Ixnay- Thank you :3

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Thanks for the track, even though I'm trash at trying to keep this bio updated xD