Kiara's Biography

Hi friends! You may have seen Kiara, you may know her but now it's the time that you also get some info about her Smiling

Name: Kiara
Nicknames: Lil K or that little does who looks like a stag Sticking out tongue
Gender: Doe
Age: ageless (When Kiara entered in the forest she did so like an adult and remained so)
Scent: Vanilla mixed with blueberries.
Territory: Birch Forest.
Mate: N/A
Offsprings: N/A

IC: Started with big, muscular legs and body that you just can't notice Kiara's body is quite gorgeous. Her blue eyes mixes perfectly with her white fur which is fluffy just like a cloud. She is wearing a feather behind her ear, which her mother gave to her.

OOC: Pelt: White
Mask: Skeleton
Antlers: BZD Antlers

For her friends she is known as a loyal one, to some she may seem like an aggresive individual and for others she may be the perfect friend.
Sometimes Kiara has tendency to isolate herself from other deer, but other times she may be the most sociable creature you'll ever met.

Parents gave birth to her in The Birch Forest, her father forced her mother to abandon Kiara. Unfortunately she did and the only thing she has from her mother is the feather.


Adolf: Seems like a big brother for Kiara. Always there when needed and a very loyal friend.
Hannelore: Misses her, protects her at all cost.

Simo: Mother, lowkey despises but also loves.

Tequilla: Father
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