Issues with flash and seeing pictos - help

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Issues with flash and seeing pictos - help Any tips?

I'm trying to draw my pictos and make small arts of them as a way to get back into art, but adobe flash uhh died and doesn't work these days. Besides logging into the game, how can we view our pictos now? I know I can log in and zoom in, but my eyes are bad (oof) and I can't pick up the details. Anyone find a way around this? Maybe a specific browser or smth?

also uhhh hi guys how is everyone, it's been a long time. I lurk around but haven't been active since going to college. Hope all of you have been able to be safe with the pandemic, and to my friends I do miss you. I am back on discord so feel free to reach out! These days i'm in charge of 30 kids and i'm a queer student leader on my campus (president of pride) so if any of you need some support or just wanna chat lmk. (Luna#8228)

Best of luck and love to you, stay safe <3
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Hope this helps