Zera is a character and her actions and feelings Do Not represent those of her player

Thank You, Spyrre <3

Z | Zee

Doe | Hind

Forest Identity

Magpie Pelt | Real Deer Mask | Noh Stubs
Has a black pelt with purple markings,
Has a large, canine bite scar around her middle,
White, bone stumps for antlers and purple eyes with white pupils.

This is How She Speaks; A Bright Purple of #CC00CC

♥ Erza - Her brother, she is the one that keeps him sane

♥ Phion - Phion... More than an friend, an adopted sister
The Red - A friend, good to sit with but also to have fun with
Honeyfur - Hurr... lovely doe ♥
Nekumbra - Z knows she used to each fawns, but she also knows Nek's changing
Phobos - Respects this older deer but also has had a fun time with him
Nanetta - Doesn't really know the doe but she seems nice
Big Bunny - Well... aren't you a sweetie ♥

Zera is a child of the twin gods who was "given" to Erza as a gift to keep him sane.
Due to this, she had been gifted with the abiltiy to control waves.
Light waves, sound waves and waves by water.
She can also scry the past present and future in water.
The downside to her abilities is that, after getting angry or over using her powers
she is consumed by another personality that resides within her mind.
When this happens, her pelt turns yelllow markings on white and she grows a full set of antlers.
At this point she is incable of speech, instead snarling, growling and hissing.
She cannot control what she does when like this and will hurt both friend and foe.
Due to this she tends to refrain from using her powers.

This section is a constant WIP and will develop as she develops Smiling

Excitable | Generally Happy | Calm and/or serious when the situation needs it | Caring | Kind | Sincere

~ Likes sitting with friends and strangers equally,
~ Will not judge anyone on the word of others,
~ Rarely fights, although will try to save friends and family,
~ Loves spontaneous playing,
~ Doesn't mind spell spamming,
~ Loves fawns,
~ Dislikes fawns or nameless being mistreated,
~ Likes laughing,
~ Will sometimes just watch her friends before saying hello,
~ Likes the Pond, the Ruins, and the Blue Bowl - these places are where you'll most likely see her.

Now, these are me -
If my responses are slow, it's because my computer is lagging, or becasause I don't have hotkeys so I have to do everything using my mouse which doesn't always 'click'.
If I poof without saying good bye, it is becasue either my laptop has died, I have closed my laptop by mistake or I have plugged in the charger.
And finally, I've noticed people writing about how they fear they are intruding if they approach someone they don't know. Please don't fell this way about Zera, she is approachable whenever and will not reject your deer.

If you have any questions, post them here, or if you want to RP you can do so here ♥
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Hey you! :D

Hey you! :D

Hello ^^

Hello ^^

Oh right! Z's sleeping with

Oh right! Z's sleeping with you right now! Haha, I'm slow ^^'
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Tracking! <3

Thanks (again) though it

Thanks (again) though it might not be worthwhile - I really need to update more often ^^'
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*nuzzles, ninja style*

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Awesome ninja style

Awesome ninja style nuzzles!

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I'm herrrrrrrrrrrree!! *jumps

I'm herrrrrrrrrrrree!! *jumps up and down*
*Nayu glomps and chew on Zera's antlers*
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Oh, Dere you are!! Eew!!

Oh, Dere you are!!
Eew!! Slober (z laughs)
*hands cookie* I'll make n effort to find you in forest so z and I can give you one personally ^^
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This is a deal!

This is a deal!

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Stalk- I mean track

Stalk- I mean track <3

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tracks <3

Thank you

Thank you <3
Z's next to Nanetta, isn't she?
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yup she was (:

yup she was (: