I have returned!

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Been quite awhile since I wandered around the forest. I've popped in and out of the game here and there. But this is my somewhat triumphant return to the community.

So. 3.4, lacks spelldata saving user-side? That's disappointing. Not only have I lost my saved spelldata with a dead harddrive mishap awhile back, but even the spelldata I was wearing has vanished server-side since this is the first time I'm playing the new version.

So, as a fellow long-time member of the forest...could anyone with an older version help me out getting back Oni's default set? I'd really appreciate it. His naked human-esque face freaks me out right now...

What he usually wears is the secretary pelt, candle antlers, and the skull mask.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help and it's nice to be back once again :3

EDIT: Meant to add this in but I realize it is probably impossible for me to get the skull mask now, the deer mask will do until I can obtain it though. If I went and got the older viewer though, could I get the skull back with spelldata then?
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You? : DDDD Dunno if you

You? : DDDD

Dunno if you remember me. From dA.

Our characters looked alike. |D


Welcome back, anyways!
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GASP. YOU!!?? Yeah, I

GASP. YOU!!?? Yeah, I remember! How are ya?

Thanks! :3

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I don't remember you, but

I don't remember you, but welcome back!
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Never better. |D Glad you

Never better. |D Glad you remembered me! How's life rolling for you?

No problem, hope you enjoy your return! ^^
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As much as I tried to

As much as I tried to befriend a lot of players/deer, it seems I mainly stuck to my little niche so I'm surprised. Thanks for the welcome back still, Ravynn!

Glad you're doing well ^_^
I'm doing pretty good myself. I've moved twice since I was last really active around here. Spent a couple of years getting on my feet in Vegas. My big sister took me in and helped me out. Now I'm in NY (back where I grew up), working on finally getting into college for the fall :3

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Hey Maz. c: Been playing for

Hey Maz. c: Been playing for a bit now myself with some friends. Got back into it. ( /Kah |P ) I like pelts saved server side to be honest. ; u ;

Uh, sure actually, I could help you get your set. Do you have skype or something we could talk on, though?
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Hey Kah! Been a long time.

Hey Kah! Been a long time. How have you been?
I don't mind it all being saved server side. Can't misplace it or have it go down in flames with dying hardware. But at the same time...my default set wasn't stored. Kind of defeats the purpose.

I do. Same as my dA, MazukaGhoul :B

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