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there will be a bio here Shocked i promise...right now its just a little bit of non-sense. if anyone has any ideas for info that i could add just let me know ^_^

Name: Hocus-Pocus
Nickname: Ho-Po
Picto: (image pending)
Gender: both? none? usually referred to as "he"
Age: old enough...
Text: #CC1100

Antlers: Candle
Pelt: Antelope
Mask: Crying mask
---Special Trait- 3rd eye on mask

Orientation: Asexual
Mate: none
Offspring: none

Family: ???
Friends: Jorogumo

~*.:Favorite places:.*~
De Drinkplaats
Under one of the three willow trees by the pond



~*.:Screen Shots:.*~

Current Stats: Offline

~*.:Today's Thoughts:.*~
"It's fun to just run...run and forget everything"

~*.: Journal:.*~

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I swear, my deer Way kept

I swear, my deer Way kept running into him today.
Was a little freaked out when he was laughing and mushroom nomming. XD

Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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was he zapping a fawn? XD

was he zapping a fawn? XD usually have a laugh attack after he gives a fawn something like trumpet antlers or the long mask
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Trak track track Oh... Ho-Po

Trak track track

Oh... Ho-Po is his nickname. We had fun finding you! Way to be wierdos. ;p