Higanbana \Biography/



Physical0% (DEAD)
Emotional0% (DEAD)
Wearsonly bones left without a head

" . . . "




On another beautiful day, I decided to go around the vicinity of The Endless Forest out of great curiosity. While admiring the vegetation, I came across the moving vegetation! It was a little scary, the first time I met something like this. But it turned out to be a doe who was friendly to me. We become acquainted. Her name is Elsa and she is a Spirit. After that we decided to take a walk and explore this world.


After a little experimenting with the mask, I ended up in such a world as The Endless Forest (at least the desert sphinx called it that). I did not appear here very well, almost with my ass I met a creature who introduced himself as Sadiki.
We talked a little and he even offered to watch me while I sleep! After such a meeting, I definitely don't deserve it. But I seem to have tired him too much or he is completely uncommunicative. In general, we talked about this Endless Forest and I also tried to get him to talk about his deserted world. After we fell asleep.



NAME: Higanbana
*Higa, Twinkle (by Elsa)

GENDER: male | ♂

SEXUALITY: demisexual?

SIZE: [35]

AGE: mature adult (eternal) dead

*Keaton Henson

SPEACH: like this (#ffffff with shadow #990000)

SPECIES: human, red deer, big horned deer, reindeer

FORMS: human & deer

DIET: omnivorous
*fish, mushrooms, mice, berries, grass, flowers and meat

THINGS: [Yokai Mask]


SET IN TEF: Default (without mask)
*if he's with a human face
& Zombie Deer Skull
*if he's with a deer face
| Crying Idol (Red) Skin | Zombie Deer Antlers


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Hello and track here

Hello and track here Smiling

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)

omygod you are very fast!

omygod you are very fast! thanks for the first track!
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Track track track °3°

Track track track °3°
Thunderstorm is about to begin...

hehehe thank you very much

hehehe thank you very much Hagal!
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ahhh thank you

ahhh thank you Redface

Wow I haven't tracked this

Wow I haven't tracked this yet, but now I have!
gorgeous red bull ^^

Ceramic fish by Whiskeybeast

thank you dear!!!

thank you dear!!!
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Sig by Lathyrus. ♥



red boyyy

red boyyy
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Ursch: "I'm sure they can't

Ursch: "I'm sure they can't see me!"

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@Lathyrus: yeaa too red

yeaa too red

Higa: "Who?"
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The fawns screaming somewhere

The fawns screaming somewhere in the distance, I guess Laughing out loud

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