Hey guys...

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Please pray for my cousin tonight. I just found out he died from a drug overdose. We're all really shocked that it happened, he had a bright future ahead of him.

I just saw him the week before Dad passed away, he was going to come visit me if I ended up living in Texas. I don't think he was suicidal or anything, so I don't know. But please pray for him. I prayed part of the Rosary tonight (got stopped because Brandy wanted to go out) but I'm going to finish it in a bit.

Mom's going to fly over to Texas to be with my Aunt tomorrow morning.

Here's a photo of him with his dad and brother. He's the one wearing the orange jacket.

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Ah Quad...♥ I hope the

Ah Quad...♥
I hope the best for him in whatever is after this life.
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I'm sorry everything seems to

I'm sorry everything seems to be happening all at once. That's horrible. :/
I'll pray for your cousin, no problem. <3

I'm very sorry for your loss,

I'm very sorry for your loss, having just lost your father as well.
Losing so many people in a short amount of time, I know what it feels like, and while I can never feel your pain, as I am not you, I would like to think that I can sympathize rather well.

Losing someone, it tugs at your heart and tears something away from you, and to lose so many in such a short amount of time is like turning a hole into a pit.

People say that these things heal in time, but no matter what there's always some little scar there, for me, hearing 'it will get better' has only ever annoyed me, true though it may be.

So all I can offer is my sincerest apology, and the fact that I, as well as many others here, are always willing to talk.
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Sorry to hear that. I'll be

Sorry to hear that. I'll be thinking of you guys. <3
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Oh Quad I am so sorry! >.<

Oh Quad I am so sorry! >.< You and him both will be in my prayers.

Oh, hon. ;; /huggly.

Oh, hon. ;;

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I think we're going to get

I think we're going to get all the information about what happened tomorrow. Mom's pretty much done packing so we're going to drive to Gulfport and fly her out at about 7:00 AM.

I just can't think about it. He was a great guy, and just remembering some of the things we did when we were younger, I just can't believe he's gone.

Hey Ravynn, do you mind if Quad comes and sits with you and the gang over by the Ruins? I was sitting here with Vipin and some others but the group kind of mostly disappeared aside from the nice zombie deer next to me. I hate to leave them but I just need a familiar picto to sit with.
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I can't pray, but I can carry

I can't pray, but I can carry thoughts of him and of you with me. My thoughts and best wishes are with you in your time of loss. I second Vandetta in saying that we are here for you.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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Dear God, Thank You for

Dear God,

Thank You for blessing me
With special people
To comfort me throughout life.

Today I am asking You
To bless one of
These very special people.

This dear person is in pain...
The kind only You can take away.

As I send up this prayer
Please comfort my friend;
And in Your own unique way...
Let them know You are there.

I will do my part too...
By showing them that I care.

With complete trust in the
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
I know that You can hear me...
And will answer my prayer.

Thank You once again
For all that You do;
Not just for me,
But many others too.

In Jesus name I pray.


You're in my thoughts, Quad.
And here's a song I found for you. oOo


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I put the only picture I

I put the only picture I could find up of him with my uncle and younger cousin.

It's going to be just like taking Dad across the bay the last time, a day I thought he didn't enjoy but now I fully am glad that I got to experience it with him. For Mason, it will be the day I got that stupid traffic ticket, because we wanted to get out of the house. I asked him where he wanted to go and he said the arcade at the Mall.

So I took him, taking a bad route as one of the roads was closed for repairs. I took a detour only to find that the road didn't connect to the service road by the interstate, but watching a car infront of me make an illegal right turn onto the service road, I followed and was immediately pulled over by a passing sheriff.

So I wasn't having such a great day, but we went to the mall anyway. We were the first people at the Arcade, in fact the games and lights weren't even on when we got there, so we went to the bathroom for a moment while they were setting up. Mason ended up getting about $10 in tokens, most of which he spent on a hunting game. It was sadly ironic for me watching him kill elk, deer, bison, and so on since I love those animals so much, but it was kind of entertaining watching him play the game. He was really good at it too, and it reminds me a lot of taking Dad on his trip across the bay - we went to the Bass Pro Shop and played the live action laser arcade game, and Dad was really good at it.

So after the arcade I took him to the nearby Wendy's for lunch. He told me about how things were at home, how his brother was being a jerk and stuff. I mentioned that after I graduate, I was thinking about living in Houston or Austin and getting my master's degree at one of the local universities there. Mason told me how awesome that would be and how he would come and visit me so he could get out of San Antonio for a while.

So we went back to the house that day. Of course the last day I saw Mason was the day before Dad passed away. We drove down to Gulfport and sent him home that morning. I hugged him for the last time and promised that he could come stay with me when I got my place in Texas.

Earlier memories included him and his brother coming when we were younger, and we would record funny videos. He played a variety of roles in our videos, from a 'Luchador of the Ring' to 'Tony Hawk on Crack', and also as a member of a pop band called 'J-Fyte'. He was really good at acting, and it was a lot of fun making the videos.

Just wanted to share a few memories. I just don't know what to say anymore. It's kind of a horrible feeling when someone close to you that is young dies so suddenly. I've had a similar experience but it was a friend's death instead of a relative's.

Sigh...he was a good guy. He made some bad choices before, but don't we all?
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here's one i found when we

here's one i found when we were down there in 2008...

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I cannot imagine the

I cannot imagine the magnitude of your feelings of loss. To be honest I have so little experience with loss of friends and family. I hope that meeting with his friends and family, you will have a chance to pool your memories and ease your heart.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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We took Mom this morning to

We took Mom this morning to fly out to San Antonio. I don't know how long her flights are but I hope she does okay getting there. She'll stay for a week so we're going to look over the house while she's gone. Luckily I only have three workdays (including today) so I'll be able to take care of housework and dinner while she's gone.

I'm convinced that bad things happen to good people, because of how terrible this summer has been.

I'm so sorry, Quad

I'm so sorry, Quad <3

Oh Quad... *hug*

Oh Quad... Sad *hug*
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Mom got there safely. The

Mom got there safely. The new update is that Mason will have a memorial service and then will be cremated.

Been having to deal with my snobby coworker all day who thinks it's funny when people die. I wish I could just punch him in the face because I'm so tired of hearing him talk.
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All I can say about that

All I can say about that coworker is: I believe in karma.

That's absolutely tasteless,

That's absolutely tasteless, I wish I could be there to punch him for you. >: P
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....Oh Quad ... I'll pray for

....Oh Quad ... I'll pray for your cousin and your family....hug<3
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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.sorry double post

.sorry double post
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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I'm so sorry to hear this

I'm so sorry to hear this Quad, I wish you and your family luck with all that comes ahead.

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Mom asked me to write a story

Mom asked me to write a story for my aunt in honor of Mason. She asked me to do something specific in the story, but I think you can figure that out.

The Golden Hare is dedicated to Mason just like The Grey Rhino was dedicated to my Dad.

Edit - My aunt got to read "The Golden Hare" this morning. She called and told me that it was beautiful and they were going to read it at Mason's memorial.

Edit 2 - a little more information, but the official cause of death is "cardiac arrest". I was glad to know that he was an organ donor, and also he had donated part of his last paycheck to a charity for Autism research. Mason was a good guy.
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Starting tomorrow they're

Starting tomorrow they're going to have an 'online memorial' for Mason on this site. I'm not sure how it will work out but please feel free to visit it, it doesn't have a whole lot up yet other than information about his memorial.

Edit - They added a lot more stuff to it now, including his picture.
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I'm so sorry, Quad.

I'm so sorry, Quad. Sad <3 I'll be thinking of you and your family.
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I visited the site. What a

I visited the site. What a beautiful memorial. God bless.

*HUG* Feel free on contact me via e-mail or yahoo any time.
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