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After about four years of inactivity, I will soon be returning to the forest. I know there are a lot of new faces around here, but I am excited to re-explore the forest and meet everyone! I won't be on often, due to work and other responsibilities, but when I am, I'll be using my old friend Sqish to adventure through the forest.

And hello to any old friends who happen to remember me. Even after a long time away, TEF has left a lasting impression on me. Never quite forgotten it, or the very creative and friendly people here. Smiling

A big thank you to Seed and Uitleger for helping Sqish get his set back and glitching around with him. It was a very fun return to the forest <3
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Sup. 83

(By the way, you can't post comments if you use a display name that's different from your registered name.)
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INDEED. You I certainly know,

INDEED. You I certainly know, lol.
And thanks for the heads up, I was hoping that was fixed now, ah well.
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Oh Hai! I remember

Oh Hai! I remember you!...Probably. If I'm remembering someone else and thinking it's you, I'd be pretty embarrassed, but my head's so sieve-like, it could happen. But my guess is I'm totally overthinking it and do remember you. *hugs*
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Well I remember you as well,

Well I remember you as well, so I hope I'm who you remember, lol. Good to see you're still around Smiling
And still know how to air sit, unlike me.
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Heh, that was fun, though!

Heh, that was fun, though!
Anyway, definitely the right person. My brain just needed a little jogging so I'd stop over-thinking things. That's how I roll.