The Great Red Dragon

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Absolutely no thought to anatomy whatsoever /o/

Based on idea FishBiscuit and I chatted about in this thread, a quick and dirty concept design of Francis Dolarhyde/The Red Dragon, who is a psycopathic, schizophrenic murderer in the Hannibal Lecter universe.

This is only going from the book by Thomas Harris, as opposed to the Man Hunter/Red Dragon films, which I have yet to (but really want to) see. If I were ever to play him, which I am very tempted to do, he'd probably go under major design tweaking, or most likely complete redesign, so this time was completed wasted, huzzah!


WE CANNOT HAVE SUCH A THING EXIST because as we both know, there are absolutely no dangerous characters in the Forest whatsoever

Ok enough silliness.
This is great! I've always imagined Dolarhyde as having a face very similar to that: angular and very serious.
Aaaagh the secretary pelt is so perfect for him!! I love how you incorporated the dragon tattoo into it as well. you're making me want to draw him. Darn you..
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Oh wait yeah. And frankly, he

Oh wait yeah. And frankly, he covers aaaalllllll the basics for REALLY BAD and DON'T GO THERE... so all the more fun /o/

No, you're right enough silliness.
Thank you, although I think I'd change the colour of his face to more human, if I was gonna do this again, y'know? I'd find that a lot more sinister.

Don't try and blame me for suddenly getting the urge to draw B| Your Hannibal was the one that started this all :L

Ahhh, yeah! I'd imagine from

Ahhh, yeah! I'd imagine from the book that he's kinda pale seeing as how he doesn't go outside very often.

I.. I.. hhhh... HHHHHHH. First of all, I am very offend and how DARE you /rolls about. Man I'm like all getting ideas and stuff now, but I have other things I need to do.
Important stuff first, then I want to try and doodle up something :I We'll see. Weeeeee'llllll seeeeee.... [ominous music]
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I know what you mean about

I know what you mean about ideas and stuff -has already got another one in the works-

Jeez, at this rate he really is gonna end up as another character *wails* my other character isn't even developed properly yet Dx
Never mind, we shall also have to see how everything pans out on this side... [dramatic zoom]

Don't you hate it when that

Don't you hate it when that happens???! "Oh let me develop this character a bit more--*slammed over the head with a different idea*"

Oh, yes. We'll see.......
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Great books but their focus

Great books but their focus is not on the psychopath. It is on the characters that stop them. They show how we work as individuals psychologically but at the same time with our intellect can circumvent such people from harming us. Anyway love how you did the horns. That flattened twist makes it ambigous whether evil has entered the endless forest in the deer or appearances are deceiving at times. I found myself drawn into the the deers smaller eyes. More focused I suppose. Putting the red horns with so much gray creates a sense of balance so which way does this deer go.