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Bhealthy -

Was witness to the birth of three beautiful fawns on a fateful sunny morning. Absoloutely enamoured with his children--thankful that they'll grow up somewhere lush and teeming with life, rather than a desert.

Watching over his children and Nhoz. Extra protective and likely to act short to anyone he doesn't know who's near the kiddos. Gave each of them a gold and quartz pendant, a symbol of good luck and acceptance of his paternity.

Informed by Nhoz that she is pregnant with his spawn. Unsure of how to really process the information--both terrified and ecstatic.

Met a younger fellow that went by the name of Lovelace--conversed before the topic quickly moved to war and battle. Deemed Lovelace far too "vulnerable" looking for battle, but then began to encourage the youngster that anyone could fight...Lovelace lamented that he simply wished to be someone seen as having power.

That was definitely something Thanos has heard before, so he didn't hestitate to offer training him. He is a former war general, after all, so he's no stranger to being a teacher. Lovelace agreed to Thanos's condition of being paid back, decidely in the form of Lovelace accompanying him on his next trip to Gurundurah. The trip is intended to be a revenge mission to kill one of Wulandi's many close associates--and Thanos intends to use Lovelace as bait.

Not that he'll let anything happen to him, if everything goes to plan. The stag also agreed to have Nacci come along, figuring that any extra manpower would be helpful. With how recognizable Thanos is in his homeland, a few battles during the trip would be almost guaranteed.

thanos is being dry fucked by life rn

uhhhh marked 2 sferno + saw mag again fckin HATE THAT GUY

realized pho and mag might be??? a thing?? kinda disgusted cause he saw pho in a respectful light and he sees mag in the exact opposite. so stressed out from seeing both creatures he hated not only in the same day, but together, that he's succumbed to the brain rot due to lack of any disassociates on hand. Currently just actin like a feral deer boy...not rly talking...he's dying

i'll make this a real update tomorrow mmmkaay

The worst of his wounds have been taken by Dante.

The Enduring found himself approaching a very...dignified looking creature and asked of its nobility. He later learned that his name was Salem. Thanos was relieved to find someone at least somewhat reminiscent of the class he was used to speaking with in Gurundurah, right up until the hORRoRBLoB not only mentioned that he owned slaves, but that one of them was Phobos.

Thanos was both shaken and upset by this, quickly excusing himself from the conversation. His goal was to go as far away as possible from the horrific thing until he noticed an infant nearby. Decided it'd be cruel of him not to watch over it if it was near such barbaric company.

Dante approached asking if Thanos was fine or not. Consequently glared at Salem the entire time and talked DANK SHIT abt him, hoping to find some level of similar disgust in Dante. The conversation was pleasant, although it eventually devolved after Thanos had asked Dante if he had seen the child around.

"No, but orphans are fairly common here."

"So as long as they don't grow up too soft in the wake of such nurturing..."

"The world doesn't just need battle hardened veterans."

Thus spawned a debate on whether those who couldn't defend themselves were burdens or not--Thanos stuck concretely to his opinion that they were, even if there was no shame in others defending them. Dante responded that wits were just as sharp as a blade. Not that Thanos disagreed--so he bode him farewell and moved the fawn towards a safe area before sitting alone to think.

And then fuckin..this guy showsu p...this Sfernocyz gUy...thanos thought he xanthe or someone from one of his lesser pantheons and started panicking. when he explained his discomfort, Sferno took advantage of it to terrorize him, pretending to be a "champion" of Xanthe. Was certain it was Xanthe toying with his mind for the fun of it (as he had done before,) only to realize this was simply someone attempting to emulate. Got him...understandably pissed off. The fight was brutal but quick, Thanos leaving a fair amount of blows to Sferno while suffering wounds to his flank, face, and neck. Probably would've bled dangerously low if Libel hadn't shown up just in the nick of time and gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. Literally.

Libel commented on his blood and bound his wounds with some of his wares, leaving Thanos in relief--a brief conversation of payment lead to the discussion of blood. Libel was none too pleased at how it turned to sand once away from Thanos's veins, so Thanos confessed it could be kept somewhat fresh in another vessel of a steep price of quality, of course.

It turns out that admitting that it had any sort of quality gave Libel an upper hand Thanos hadn't even considered, as he originally only wanted the Bestowed's blood for its aesthetic properties. Thanos had no choice but to confess a few of the properties, keeping his description conservatively brief.

More or less had his life on the line while Libel tried to strike out a deal to keep Thanos's secret and keep him from bleeding out. Thanos was staunchly against any notion of trading his blood, until Libel took away the material holding his wounds together. In a panic, he agreed, on the condition (given by Libel himself) that he recieves a few of Libel's wares for his blood.

Was led by Laney to the bluebowl, where a haphazard job is being done of wrapping napkins (yes napkins) over his wounds for when the medicine wears off. Feels disgusted with himself. Like a failure to both Xanthe and his own dignity. Also oddly intrigued by one who had managed to outsmart him so.

Sought out Phobos for more painkillers, and just cause he kinda likes his presence. Finds him very comforting. Followed Nhoz after an incident involving some rude shouty kids that Phobos was apparently in charge of and spoke to her, gladly received some chocolate from.

Later saw Libel and his wares in the distance and decided to investigate--why not? Once he knew he could get even more of what he needed to ease the femur's swelling and pain, he quickly forked over eight of his golden teeth. They're still growing back, so maybe he's still in Xanthe's favour. The thought brings him some faint spark of hope.

Went back to Phobos eventually. Gave him a little bit of his newly gained portions. Thanos eventually wandered off and got high off of his ass RELIEVED OF PAIN.

Woke up next to L'ubomir, decided to hang around due to the familiar feeling looking at the ruins brought him. To his contempt, even more showed up--Thanos decided to commit himself to temporarily looking after the young kid (ink goat babbin,) warily listening to the conversation of Ku and Lemon about a face he had never seen before--Walter. Was understandably a little stressed out when the demon gazelle approached even closer, and thoroughly approved of Ku leading him further away to talk.

Persuaded Nhoz to have the responsibility of looking after feeling a little too much like a mother hen. Inexplicable anxiety.

Eventually departed the odd group when a creature he had never seen before (Rhea) showed up, seemingly injured. He's big and intimidating and also kind of grumpy so he just...didn't really feel the comforting vibe. Unfortunately came across Mag, the same creature who he had to stop from eating a fawn. Didn't make any effort to hide his contempt, although he tried to take Mag's taunts and mockery and flirting for the sake of not exposing his blood.

His temper snapped when Maggot called himself dominant and superior--a humiliation that Thanos simply couldn't abide by in any form. Charged Mag, got in some pretty good antler wounds and bites from his golden teeth (thankfully none were dislodged by his...gross rubber skin.) Right after one final gore with his antlers, Thanos attempted to leave with his dignity in-tact, only to be caught off guard by a snap of his hind femur.

Only noticed that Maggot had left an awful bite on his flank after this, which made Thanos hurriedly limp away, dripping ichor. Went to the only source of running water that was nearby, the Idol, to wash off the blood and hide that he was wounded. Just in case--he's not going to risk being hunted again.

Was approached by Nhoz. Begged her for a dissociative drug of any kind, to keep away the impending illness of brain-rot after the shock of such a humiliating battle. Denied once and then was obliged the second time. Also tried chocolate for the first time--it was horrendously sweet, yet comforting. Made sure to thank the doe for her kindness. Ziv later approached him, the same kid he had been watching over earlier. Insisted to him that he was fine and received a golden ink-feather from him. The gift was surprisingly heartwarming to Thanos, as well as...fitting? Tucked it into his mask until he can find a place to keep it safe.

Began limping to the bluebowl after his in order to eat easily and rest at the same time--he's never had blueberries before entering the forest, but he finds himself very fond. In-between states of lazy grazing and sleeping. In a sleepily good mood, at least until the ketamine wears off--his body metabolizes drugs much slower than humans do, meaning it lasts for at least six hours, rather than just one.

Met Laney, a happy-go-lucky canine creature. Had his reservations about him and is under the assumption that he's a girl. Thanos eventually sat next to the dog as he slept, feeling responsible for his safety after such a civil (albeit odd) conversation. A little paranoid that he let on too much about himself to the creature, but it's not like he seems capable of causing any harm to Thanos.

Athanasios. Goes by Thanos.
The Bestowed, the Enduring, the God-Touched.
Hails from Gurundarah.

From two of the highest possible castes in his realm--
A former war general, and one of the Tsar’s advisors.
Decades old, incapable of physically aging.

Male. Identified by the antler.
Elk + recessive stag-moose genes. Gargantuan.
Sweet, musky, burnt smell--like the desert. Heterochromia.


⚭⚬⚭ Bested a god from his own realm, Xanthe, in a fight, knowing not of his divinity. When Xanthe revealed himself and offered him anything he wanted, Thanos boldly demanded the same immortality of the gods.

⚭⚬⚭ Thus, the god bestowed him with ichor-- the same ageless blood that ran through the veins of deities. With a catch, of course.

⚭⚬⚭ Thanos’s blood is a shimmering gold with a somewhat syrup-like consistency. Sweet, psychedelic, and euphoria-inducing, the ichor contains potent healing powers. If drank from the source, it can do anything from curing physical ailments, to bringing someone back from the brink of death. However, it is finite--if he loses too much, he will once again age.

⚭⚬⚭ A somewhat substantial amount needs to be ingested to gain any benefit other than a cheap high, meaning that in order to harness the healing powers for oneself or others, one would need to bring down the creature in battle. Brutally.

⚭⚬⚭ Thanos was eventually hunted by almost all factions in his realm when knowledge of his gift spread, even the one he was loyal to--the Tsar’s family. Many believed that if they managed to kill the Bestowed, they would inherit his “immortality.” Receiving no help from his patron god, Thanos resolved to flee the only home he knew.

⚭⚬⚭ Wears a mask that's hard to decipher from his actual face--adorned with sharp, golden teeth in order to give him an advantage during fights. Forged by Xanthe's hand and gifted as one final blessing to the Bestowed.

⚭⚬⚭ Thanos heals at a slightly faster-than-average rate, with the unique trait of being seemingly incapable of permanent scars. If wounds are inflicted by a deity-like creature or higher power, scarring is possible, usually in black. Higher pain threshold than many, especially when under the influence of the brain-rot.



⚭⚬⚭ Views others rigidly thanks to the castes and power-obsessed nature of his culture. Respect is earned by those that present themselves as strong, not freely given. Creatures that are too small or defenseless on their own might find refuge in his presence, but it’s certainly not out of any sense of reverence, simply pity.

⚭⚬⚭ Has a deep temper thanks to what he considers his “condition.” Thanos will try to avoid bloodshed for his own sake, even at the cost of others’ well-being. The only time he seems to ignore this rule is when he feels obligated to due to the rules of his caste--in the case of someone completely defenseless being injured, if he has sworn fealty to someone, or if he’s inexcusably humiliated by another’s actions.

⚭⚬⚭ Schizotypal. Swarmed with constant thoughts of paranoia and doubt of others, Thanos is almost incapable of forming healthy trust. He’s certain that it will only result in his death. Although he will form fast friendships and protect those who have shown him kindness, his hospitality only reaches so far. Thanos is just as ready to throw someone to the wolves if he suspects betrayal, no matter how irrational his fears are. A true dedication would be needed to capture his full loyalty, although manipulation would work just as well.

⚭⚬⚭ Suffers from an illness known as “brain-rot” in his society, due to the constant battles he has engaged in and the horrors he has seen as a result. Capable of forgetting who he is, who he is around, and where he is, this turns him into little more than a feral beast for unpredictable amounts of time. Ironically enough, the condition is soothed by dissociatives.

⚭⚬⚭ Violent towards bigotry--such is simply warranted to him. Any insults to his sexual orientation or his beastly appearance are considered as a barbaric affront meant to challenge and belittle his authority, at least in his culture. May or may not also inflict violence on the behalf of others.

His patron, whom he first encountered in a battle--the one who gave him his "immortality." Aches for him every day, despite the deity wolf's somewhat manipulative influence. Deeply misses the ever-constant presence of. Feels betrayed and hurt by his lack of assistance. Still regrets putting his pride in front of. Trying to forget. Seems nigh impossible.

The Tsar. Thanos was merely an advisor to him, but took part in an off-and-on tryst with the kirin-like beast, despite knowing it'd ruin both of them if discovered. Aches for. Thanos was deeply hurt and betrayed by when he learned that he was one of the many who was plotting to end his life for his powers.

Anger over the betrayal has begun to consume Thanos, leading him to journey back to Gurundurah periodically in search of former lovers, family, and friends of the Tsar, all of whom were in on the conspiracy against the Gifted. The stag leaves them maimed and broken once found. He's not proud of the violent actions, but hurting those Wulandi cares about is as close to revenge as he will get.

The first of his children.

The second of his children.

The third of his children.

The dog has shown nothing but kindness to Thanos, one that is sometimes frustrating, but nonetheless welcomes. Cherishes his presence and seeks it out. The stag would protect his canine friend in a heartbeat without even considering it as a burden. Fast friends. Still under the impression that he's a girl.

After offering him assistance after the fight with Maggot, he finds himself instinctually drawn to her and her kindness--although he finds it somewhat unbecoming, he's also appreciative of it. Someone he feels he can depend on, an emotional rock of sorts for when Thanos feels as if he's losing himself. The dam of his children--a charge and a priority to Thanos in terms of protection.

Initially met him during his first entrance of the forest, later approached and bought painkillers from. Unsure of what to think. Mysterious? Flirty? The Bestowed respects him already, anyhow. Shocked and horrified to learn that he belongs to Salem.

Thanos has agreed to take the boy on as an apprentice of sorts, teaching him proper fighting techniques. Although he doubts Lovelace's chances of success, he nonetheless admires Lacey's apparent determination.

A source of vivid paranoia after Thanos insulted him and Libel swore to spread the secret of his ichor around the forest. Still craves the wares of the creature and attempts to obtain his coveted "floaters" through others. Constantly on alert that Libel will spread the secret of his blood. Infuriated that no apology seems to appease him, even one of gurunshar, self mutilation.

Only encountered once. Caution. Equal parts loathing and respect, with a burning desire to disenfranchise the demon for his unwarranted attack and confusion. Has no idea that he is a demon, only that he's a fUCKinG ASShoLe. Insecure about Sfernocyz's knowledge of his blood, which found out after their fight--keeping a constant eye out for.

Has nothing but disdain for the horrific creature. Something about him disgusts Thanos to the very core, from his lack of honour to his unnerving body. It didn't help that his first encounter with him was keeping an angel in the form of a fawn from being eaten. After his last encounter, Thanos would rejoice at his demise. Humiliated by. No chance of being appealed to...weird hate attraction? Impressed and fascinated by his lack of morals and strength.

Gold feather
Given to him by Ziv. Has yet to discover its ink properties. Cherishes as symbol of youth, something Thanos desperately misses--even if his body is young, his mind is weary.

Box of tea leaves
Given to him by Laney.

Rose necklace
Given to him by Nhoz.



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ty for the tracks!

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