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Random 1

Next up!
Uitleger = 100% complete
Pandoras = 0% complete
My character = 100% complete
11dollarbills = 30% complete
Poppyflower = 30% complete
jalawhey = 0% complete
wake = 0% complete
Sleepything = 50% complete
JackStrauss = 100% complete
Aihnna = 0% complete
Jacklo = 0% complete
Kaoori = 100% complete
Hum = 100% complete
Nothing2FEAR = 0% complete
warui = 0% complete
Tornpaw = 0% complete
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no good with I deer faces :x will try my hard to make off good
All deers be with the my country flag is the bg for program on my. Hope no mind Puzzled All character are belonging to their owners
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Woah. That looks

Woah. That looks amazing.

I'm in awe.
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oh wow, what is this?

oh wow, what is this? Interesting!

edit: oh, thank you! Smiling
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Wow xD Awesome!

Wow xD

Art by viktes <3

.: Looks very interesting!

.: Looks very interesting!
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How neat. Watching this

How neat. Watching this grow.
Love the use of paint and 3d...

Oh wow ;u; I'm surprised to

Oh wow ;u; I'm surprised to see my name there. These are lovely by the way, I cant wait to see more! Have a track!
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Wow; it was a wonderful

Wow; it was a wonderful surprise to see my name up there! ^^

Thank you doing these; it`s very kind of you. They`re looking really good so far <3
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Pixel Wis by squeegie~

Oh wow! These are really

Oh wow! These are really cool! Tracking this~
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Those sculptures look

Those sculptures look amazing!
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Cheers! I enjoy the style you

Cheers! I enjoy the style you have going. Makes for a neat gift, too. Thank you, liked it and saved it.
Can't see the picture of your character up there anymore, I loved that one.
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Oh! I hadn't seen this at

Oh! I hadn't seen this at all. Not used to random art anymore. It's very thoughtful of you!

I would have told you you didn't have to do Hum, encouraged it even. I get well enough attention off-site that I surely don't need any more, and your time and effort could certainly be better spent on someone else. A lot of nice people here hardly get a second glance--not that such a thing should be expected.

I wish I'd noticed this earlier when mine was still up. Unless Hum is there and I just didn't recognize myself? Always a possibility with fanart, seeing yourself interpreted in ways you never saw before.

Regardless, thank you for the kind thought and action.
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These are snazzy! Were they

These are snazzy! Were they done using ZBrush?