free drawings!

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What's up everyone?
I need to inprove on my deers so im taking requests for anyone who has a ref sheet or picture for their deer.
I'm going to have to limit one deer per person cause i know a lot of you guys have more than one deer.

I'm excited and looking forward to drawing your deer!
btw. my dA is
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Oh, hi! Would you draw

Oh, hi! Would you draw Flyra, please? That would be very nice of you! <3 8D
You can see my bio when you click the mini-deer below. :3 Thanks sooo much in advance!

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HELLOO 8D! i'd be glad to

i'd be glad to help you, so if you want you can draw my Doe Tamerlane xD!!
her set is:
Crying mask
Peacock Antlers
Nightfall pelt

i'll add a picture XD *goes off searching*

Picture found!

She is the deer In the left xD..

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ive never had art of my

ive never had art of my, it would be awesome.Smiling
i did that when i first joined as well, but im not really that great at drawing...:/
but it was deffly a challenge..and fun:)

My deer is Oh Dae Su and he looks like this :

i think thats what his pelt will be. i havent sorted out if anyone looks like him yet>__<
EDIT(it posted before i finished..)
I would be willing to draw your deer as well:)
im Laughing out loud

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Could you draw my

Could you draw my Joy??...shall i draw you too?<3
i love art trades^^