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My deers have special ways in the Forest to say what they mean. (Okay, it isn't so different from all your's, but I think it might be useful when you meet one of my deers.)

= Hello; Thank You

+ + = Aww, I'm so sorry but I really have to go now. Bye.
+ + = Hey, I'm so happy to see you!
+ (+ ) = Please follow me!
+ = Here you are / Please!
+ = What the hell are you doing?! I do not understand you!
+ + = Come on, play with me!
+ = Why did you go and leave me alone? OR Why don't you greet me? I'm your friend! OR Please don't be mad at me, please!
[Standing next to mushrooms on a tree, a pine tree, a sleeping deer or a mushroom circle] + towards it + + (+ ) = Would you please put that spell on me? Thaank yoou!
+ = Would you like to get a spell, too?
+ = That spell's great, thanks a lot! (My look so is good, so please don't go on with the spells!)
= I don't like my look now... please go on...
& at the same time + = It looks nice now, but I'd like to search for other things. Please, would you go on?
+ + = Thanks for this spell, it looked good, but I like my first one a little better, so please don't be angry that I take yours away now...
+ = Wow, you look so pretty (&) good with this look!


Oh, and yes: nodding means 'Yes', shaking the head means 'No'. xD
CU in the Forest and hopefully understand each other well! =)

I saw you in TEF! It was

I saw you in TEF! It was nice hanging around with you and your friend(s)! Smiling
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Oh yes, I remember you - you

Oh yes, I remember you - you were a fawn, weren't you? It was real nice - hopefully meet you again soon! =)

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thx Laughing out loud