First Steps

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Art by LostintheEcho

Day one

World smells strange, smells sickly sweet, strange purple flowers
Do not recognise forest, do not recognise any smell, no sign of family here
Can't get back, tried to go back but couldn't, tried walking back to the strangeness but was gone
Can't see far, strange white over everything, have to use smell
So many noises, so many strangers, must be careful of dangers
Managed to hunt, managed to catch frogs and hoppers, found fruit and a hollow den
Will stay here, need find better food, won't last if can't find food

Day two

Managed to hunt again, found some easy food not much, lots of strange creatures 'watching' me
Found better spot for den and began to dig
Managed to keep safe, no dangers close, strange and loud creatures opposite den
Hope that keeps danger away, just keep on guard
Will need to hunt soon, try caching, resting less hungry

Day three

More exploring today, need safe hunting
Noisy den seem not bothered I'm here
Sickly sweet smell finally gone, strange smells around
Start caching today

Day Four

Explored more and found scary place
Smelled of bad food and lots of noise
Found strange 'den' with 'rocks' down but scared by strange noise
Lost old den, can't find way back, will have to make new one
Had strange creature appear, play and run away
Tried to follow but couldn't keep up
More success finding food
Will have to retry cache making better

Day Five

Met some strange animals who played with me
Went hunting and cached finding the old den, glad to be back
Found some flowers that tasted good and began to bring some back to the den
Nose and paws feel sore and itchy and can't stop scratching
Something feels weird but don't know what
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New days and art added

New days and art added
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New Update

New Update
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Sig: Aihnna

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Always interesting to have a

Always interesting to have a fresh and primal point of view. I'm curious to see how this goes.
Your lil guy is in for some culture shock in this forest)
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Yes yes he is hahaha Luckily

Yes yes he is hahaha
Luckily I have a friend who introduced me to this site and she helps me navigate around it. He's shy too cause there's so many different animal creatures he can't recognise but kind of does
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