:First Autumn:

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The young doe had never seen fall before.
So many leaves covering the forest floor!

And if you run through them, they’d fly up! Green, red, yellow, brown.
The trees had turned red, a lot already lost most of their leaves, if not all of them.
Sterre had found great pleasure in running around, chasing the leaves blown by the wind, or stepping on them to hear their knispering sounds.

Then suddenly, she stopped. Her eyes caught sight of a tree still holding all of it’s leaves up! Green, not one on the ground. Carefully she stepped towards it.

Looking up, she wondered why the tree didn’t want to let go.
Were trees able to be afraid? Just like deer? Or were trees just trees?
And why wouldn’t the leaves want to fall down and play with her?

Carefully she walked to the tree, settling down underneath it. The staring up kind of started to hurt her neck. Would trees hear you if you spoke to them?

Maybe not.

But she could wait, perhaps.

Untill the leaves would decide to keep her company.
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Meh. Sorry. Seems it has been

Meh. Sorry.
Seems it has been hard to find any muse lately, apologies!
I hope this'll do.
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Aww, that's cute! I love the

Aww, that's cute! I love the picture at the top too <3
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This is so sweet x3 I love

This is so sweet x3 I love that angle you drew her from, looks like a really difficult perspective but you pulled it off really good! o_o

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FFFFFFFFFFFFF She looks so cute staring up like that!

Awww, thanks for this, it's really awesome. I love her innocence XD
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The perspective. D8 Wow, I'd

The perspective. D8 Wow, I'd never even attempt that, but you did an awesome job.
Her nose is so cute. C: Your faces make me glee.

that perspective is amazing

that perspective is amazing

I absolutely love what you

I absolutely love what you did with the perspective here!
And the sparkles in Sterre's antlers look lovely. :]
The leaves should fall down from the trees to play
with her because she's so cute, durnit.
Still, well done. :]