Finnén Bio

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Name/Alias: Finnén
Actual Identity: An Fia Lá/The Day Stag(Deer)*
Age: Unknown
Sex: Intersex (Genderless in Essence)
Orientation: Pansexual
Species: Middle Deity Class
Diet: Omnivore
Pictogram: O
Voice: Brian Ó hEadhra*

Partner Status: Taken
Partner: Aislin An Fia Oíche/The Night Deer(Stag)*
Mate Status: None
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Kazmar The UnderTaker = Ally, Occasional Foe; The Mortal (Adopted) Father

Appearance: His body is built for a more masculine stature unlike that of his brother/sister, Aislin and His own lack of assigned gender. The fur is short and and smooth overall, tight over His frame. The chosen mask is made to offer some symbolic reference to duality and neutral ground in facial appearance, though the vibrating hum it offers dares to expose the deity. Finnén's rack/antlers are a thick golden hue with liliums entangled about them due to His consistent thrashing of the bushes. The eyes are a blare of orange, a mess of shifting hues in reminiscent to flames.
Scent: Red Liliums and Cinnamon
  • Golden Butterly Pelt
  • Default Golden Butterfly Antlers w/ Red Flowers
  • Kabuki Mask

Personality: Finnén is nothing but serious and dutiful to those whom he dubs worth towards though can be arrogant at times with hierarchy. Unlike his sibling, he fairs better in knowledge of the Earthen Realm though shows little taste in pressing into the boundaries. He displays a fierce protection for his brother/sister, a love often questioned by others. Nonetheless, under such a demeanor, Finnén hides fears of separation and loneliness that he often does not desire other's to see.

Abilities and Powers
In reference to the RP and TEF, Finnén's character has the ability to bring forth the Day. That is his primary ability other than transformation into a Golden Eagle or Pure Cervidae forms. Only on rare occasion does he bother with the forms of anthro or human--the forms rarely appealing to the his eye.

Finnén is able to bring forth the sun, matching in tale to his brother of being the Keeper and Guardian to it--shifting the cycle full circle. However, the appearances of the orb expose to others his condition and status to those knowledgeable of myth and history.

Fighter's Chart
Attack: ||||||
Defense: |||||||
Dodge: |||||||
Speed: ||||||||||||
Stamina: ||||||||||||
Toughness: |||||
Intelligence: ||||||||||
Experience: ||
As Finnén's build goes, he is better equipped for taking harder blows though is still not made to fight against better stated powerhouses be it stags or does:
  • Attacking Power (6 out of 12) is Average but can be overpowered with a heavy hitter.
  • His/Her's Defense (7 out of 12) is Slightly Above Average, able to withstand hits but not for long.
  • His/Her's Dodge (7 out of 12) is Slightly Above Average due to his larger build that slows him more so than his brother/sister.
  • His/Her's Speed and Stamina (12 out of 12) is Excellent in large part due to the fact that Finnén's primary purpose as the Day Stag consist of constant running, providing stamina and speed.
  • His/Her's Toughness (5 out of 12) is below Average since he is not necessarily built for battling. [8}His/Her's Intelligence (10 out of 12) is Near Excellent though he/she lacks some of the more common information in part to not knowing much of the Earth Plain.
  • His/Her's Experience (2 out of 12) is Poor like his brother/sister, Aislin, primarily because he as well maintains no experience in subject.
    NOTE: Chart is Assessed From 1-12 Points

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"A chara deartháir, conas

"A chara deartháir, conas fada liom uaim tú ró - le do thoil a aimsiú liom go luath ..." Ooh
"Day Has Remained, Many Go Unaware That The Night Has Not Returned...We Have Lost the Night Stag and The Balance is Now In Ruin. Do Not Count Yourselves Blessed, Little Ones...Without Night, the Day Will Fall Soon After..." --The Night Stag: Fallen; Elder