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Something different, I don't think it's been shared lately. Enjoy <3

Despite the odd legs (picky

Despite the odd legs (picky picky, I know lol) I love how this is done. It's come up a few times before on the Community Site but every time I watch it I can't help but feel peaceful.
Thanks for sharing it Naryae!
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Oh, that's always bothered

Oh, that's always bothered me, too XD. It hasn't been posted here in a long time, and, yeah, I figured everyone could use a bit of peaceful entertainment. It seems almost as if it was made for TEF.
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I still can't decide if this

I still can't decide if this is 3D animation or Flash...
I'll admit the anatomy and movement of the deer makes me twitch (that neck position.. O_o), but you gotta admit those antlers are awesome.
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I think it's 3D, otherwise

I think it's 3D, otherwise that's dang impressive Flash skills.
Let's just... call it "stylistic" XD. I think for how pretty it is, the bad anatomy can be accepted.
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That was beautiful. :]

That was beautiful. :]