The endless run

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as a endless family...

it's a lot of work, if you draw with a pen Smiling
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That is truly beautiful.

That is truly beautiful. <3
All the deer cascading down like a waterfall, it's so.... pretty O_o.
And I like how the sun adds a glow.
ahdoaihd /end unconstructive conmment
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This is really lovely :)

This is really lovely Smiling
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Agreed! This picture is

Agreed! This picture is just...I don't know how to explain's just perfect for the forest! I love how simple the outlines of the deer are, but how complex the picture as a whole is. This must've taken forever, yes?
Great work! Seriously! Laughing out loud
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ehmmmmm ... when I woke up

ehmmmmm ... when I woke up .. I've always kind of woolliness lie on my bedroom, I can all my stories and fantasy in lost ... and I certainly do! but when I awoke, I started in my bed with an mp3, and after after breakfast, I had inspired me a very old drawing. Smiling
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This is extraordinary. It's

This is extraordinary. It's clear how much effort you put into this beautiful piece. <3

Hugs and kisses,
Emiva <3
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;-; well...i...i can't see

;-; well...i...i can't see it. *feels silly* *everyone saw it* <3

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*cant see t either for some

*cant see t either for some reason* o-o

Wow O_o Thats....... Thats

Wow O_o
Thats....... Thats SO AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT!!


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