Emem; Ir annyo miirik ghoros dian.

Baashar Umos

FEB 11th || Health Bruising and crooked scales, sports several broken off teeth rooted between scales, fewer actually penetrating
the skin. Limping. Lighter cuts through the wing membrane, scratched scales over his chest and front legs.

Draconic Sphinx, a rare specie of draconid called Izth.
| Identity | Size | Male | Adult, in his prime. |

Humble, Polite, Forgiving, Realistic, Self-sufficient, Defensive, Perfectionist,


» The Alias "Emem" means Person of Peace. uses it to still any suspicion towards him.
» A nomad of sorts, found the forest by mere accident when searching for a new place to migrate to.
» Speaks fluent Draconic. Does not speak the common tongue of the forest, however understands most of it.
» Paternal, but at the moment not interested in siring.
» Advocates peace and quiet, always approaches with a gentle air, but can display brutal force as well, though rare. Only does so when he deems it be appropriate.
» High morale, low judgement.
» Omnivorous diet, though prefers red meats.

» Skin is thick, covered in hard scales, have 'softer' spots near joints. Impenetrable and sturdy against most environmental and uninhabitable places. Difficult to do penetrating damage to.
Can use his own fiery breath to warm up rocks to lay on.
» Wings consists of flexible skin, iridescent shimmer and portrays segments akin to fairy wings.
» Opal-like scaley segments runs along his neck, shoulders, fronts of each lower limb and stomach.
» Detachable jaws, able to swallow most foods whole.
» Gait is slow and careful, each step calculated to avoid accidentally step on someone.


» Large Golden Earrings x3/ear
» ...
» ...

(NOTE! If there's someone missing, it's not intentional- it's due to my bad memory. So please tell me if you feel like your character is missing and i'll add them! thank you. )

Of Kin
Baashar CiymSister. Distant, doesn't know where she is.

Of Thunder
Severon, Feofan, Graceanne, Hatoshiro,

Of Light

Of Cinders


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curious track
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what an interesting character.
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