Eleuthera hos ho anemos

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"I wonder where the wind will take me..."


January 28th 2023

Pelts are so interesting! Just now I saw a big and a small deer each who had the same pelts. They looked very nice when they were standing next to each other. Almost like mirrors. They also ran and danced with me and let me sit with them. After a while, we were joined by a red deer as well. I think this is the first time, I have sat with so many deer together at once. So many deer with permanent pelts that is. A few days ago, I saw a very pretty white deer and once I got a white pelt cast on me too. I hope that maybe my pelt will turn that colour when I grow up. Though I guess it might not be the most practical colour for playing in the mud or eating grass.

January 24th 2023

Today, I ran around the forest for a bit before I discovered a strange statue. It had a very interesting feel to it. Also, when I bowed before it for a longer time, my pelt became very pretty and white. This is my favourite colour so far. I wish my pelt could stay white for a while longer. I then ran into another fawn who I have not met before and ran through the forest with them for a while. They seemed to be as fond of pelt changing as me and we even both transformed into animals for a while and played tag. Sadly, I somehow lost sight of the other fawn but I had lots of fun playing with them.

January 23rd 2023

Tried finding out how often I could jump over the river until the red pelt wears off. Turns out it was not that long. Met another deer who played the jumping game with me and gave me some nice pelts as well. That deer was also very good at swimming. When we came to the pond, I ended up splashing around a lot while the other deer stayed afloat. I shall call it the Water Deer. In fact, I spent so much time in the water that I transformed into a frog. I wish that I could also float instead of ribbit.

January 22nd 2023

Met a squirrel and played tag with it. After a while we were joined by a crow. They were both were fast so I was not able to catch them. Probably because they were so small compared to me. I have the suspicion though that they were enchanted deer since they had pictograms. Sadly, I lost sight of them but ran into three other fawns soon after. One of them seemed surprisingly familiar. We ran around, danced and jumped over the river. One of them vanished but the other two took me to the ruins where we met another fawn and did some exploring. Those ruins look very interesting. I wonder where they came from. Sadly, I had to go to sleep soon after but I had lots of fun with my new friends.

January 21st 2023

When I awoke I met a deer I do not think I have met before and a crow. This is the first time I saw a crow with a pictogram. I wish I had wings like it does. The deer and the crow ran and danced with me through the forest and gave me some pelts to wear. It was really fun and I do like crows.

Some time after that I think I met the somersaulting skeleton deer from yesterday again. I am still not very good at reading pictograms so I do not know if it was indeed the same deer but it felt familiar. This time, we ranthrough the forest and I saw many interesting things. Like the fact that you can turn your pelt red if you walk close enough to one of the statues or some very funny stones. I also got lots of new pelts to try on and learned that some masks make different noises than others. Oh, and the best part was that the somersaulting skeleton deer transformed me into a crow so I could experience the feeling of having wings myself. Flying is awesome!

The diary is too cute. Your

The diary is too cute. Your fawn's bubbly personality brightened up my/somersaulting skeleton day, so I doodled a scene from it. She's wearing the red flowers and the beluga mask in the pic.

Ohhh....thank you so much for

Ohhh....thank you so much for drawing Thy! That picture is super cute! <3 They look like they're getting ready for another round of somersaults ^^

May I put the picture in the (not yet existent) picture section of the bio?

They sure are. Though the

They sure are. Though the skeleton is keen on teaching Thy all his moves, like sitting on deer/rocks, sliding down a hill, etc.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. And of course, it's all yours. Smiling

Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the picture! It's in the picture section now ^^
Thy has learned a lot on that run through the forest Laughing out loud

Haha, it's a good start.

Haha, it's a good start. Here's to more of Thy's epic adventures Idea

Somersaulting skeleton may've

Somersaulting skeleton may've lost some kind of a deer bet, because it was him, transformed into a squirrel. And the crow was his good friend Cu.
I'm glad Thy stuck with us and made a game of tag out of it, even though we small animals can barely communicate.
We then became fawns, the other fawn at the pond was a newbie (didn't catch his name), and the fawn we all met at the ruins was Feofan (though his bio is gone now). Also a good friend.

It was nice running around as a gang of forest urchins, thank you for the fun, too.

Hello Thy, you approached us

Hello Thy, you approached us a few moments ago and said hi but ran off before I could react! You are always welcome to play with Witcher and I (Masq). Welcome to the forest Smiling

Hello ^^ Were you the deer

Hello ^^ Were you the deer that I accidentally cast something on? I thought that fawns couldn't cast magic on others and just wanted to bow but I must've somehow misclicked and then there suddenly was the casting light and the flowers from Thy's head were gone. Then I panicked because I didn't know what to do. I am very sorry for accidentally casting magic on you Sad

Haha I don’t think so, we

Haha I don’t think so, we were sitting in the mushroom circle trying to gather transformation spells. Even if you had, it’s no bother. Fawns can cast all sorts of magic on others, they just can’t retain magic that is cast on themselves. All magic is easy to sneeze off. The only thing that may make someone upset is if you were to cast a pelt spell on a mini, due to the way the glitch works that allows them to have a pelt. They would have to take a trip to the idols to correct it.
Maybe that’s too much information at the moment for you, apologies if it makes no sense. xD

Thank you for the

Thank you for the explanation! ^^

The deer looked big so I hope it might be okay. I just read somewhere that people can lose set pieces that they had to search for a long time if someone casts magic on them and then panicked. That would be the minis that you spoke of, right? Are minis deer that play as fawns or just deer that are somehow smaller? Because I think, I saw some size differences between adult deer.

Ah I suppose you’re right

Ah I suppose you’re right about that, but I’m fairly certain under most circumstances you can just load spelldata again. A lot of people back it up as well, so if they had a hard-to-obtain setpiece, I’d imagine they have a way to get it back.

Minis are just small deer, not fawns. It’s a transformation spell obtained by falling asleep within a mushroom circle. There are multiple other animal transformations as well though, and each spell is randomized, so yes it can sometimes be annoying to get. If it’s lost however it’s really no harm because they can be acquired at all times, just with a bit of patience. You should only avoid pelt spelling strangers who are minis out of courtesy. They can easily sneeze off any other spell. At the same time, don’t worry if it’s an accident. It’s nothing to get upset about. Magic is a beauty of the game, and sometimes you’re going to spell or be spelled whether you like it or not! Hope that’s helpful. Smiling

Thank you very much again for

Thank you very much again for the explanation Smiling I am a bit calmer now. I think, I moved the flowers from my head so it was hopefully not a pelt. Thanks to your explanation, I also know a lot more about sets now and started thinking about the pieces I might want for Thy once she's grown up Laughing out loud