Dynamite - 2009-10-01 (In English)

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Okay.. I will try to translate everything too english but I'm not very good so please say if there is something I can change Smiling

I walked through the forest as usual, tried to keep away from other herds of other deers. I don't like to be around to many stangers at the same time but with this I didn't succeed. I got right in the middle of a big group with stags. I did get a bit frightened and backed of, then I collided with Lemon the little female I saw the day before with her protecter the Phantomsom. Today she was alone, I greeted friendly and then we played together a while, jumped around between the big trees. After a while a lost her and couldn't find her anywhere, I was alone again... all alone.

when I finaly did understand that i was on my own I did start to walk through the forest once again, my only friend had abandoned me. Probably, she would come back again but now I was alone. No one took care of me or played with me. I had no one I could trust, no one that protected me. I immediately realized how vulnerable I was and I did spend the rest of the day resting next to a big tree an saw the other deers leap past without even notice me.
Would it remain this way? would I always walk alone, this horrible thought keeped me awake. But still I didn't want to be surrounded by strangers. No, it would be friends, friends I trusted, friends that always was there for me, friends I did not have. I suffered all on my..own.

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Apart from only a few

Apart from only a few grammar mistakes your English is pretty good! ^^

I like that font you used on the picture. Poor little fawn...

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul