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Cute! x)

Name: Puff

Name: Tex
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My signature deers! (Requests Closed)

Here we have Dynamite, Aleyah and Misery ^^ My three deers as Mini signature deers xD
I thought about taking requests on these signature deers a bit and now I've made a decision x)
I'm going to star taking request but only three at the time Smiling

• Vala
• Meadow
• Aegle

Good to know:
• You can allways tell me if you want your siggy deer in another size.
• If you'r not happy with your siggy deer, just tell me what's wrong and I'll see what I can do to fix it.
• If you want your deer in a special pose, just tell me when you request.
• You can use your siggy deer how ever you like Smiling

For Laruna ^^ (Just say if you want me to make a new one cus I don't think thisone did get very good Sticking out tongue)

I did it without the white line too but this one looked much better ^^'

Here you go Kaoori Smiling

For Hermeleentje

I hope you like it ^^ I tried to get rid of the white dots Sticking out tongue Sorry it didn't work
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Can't be in the forest until wednesday O.o

It's a disaster! ...okay... maybe it's no disaster that I can't get in to the forest for 5 days O.o cus I can get to the comnity site Laughing out loud.. lol
Instead of TEF i'm going to enjoy five whole days with lots of animals, sunny weather (I hope) and my camera xD

Cya soon // Rakisha
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.: Animated Icon Batches :.

Okay.. I've been thinking about taking requests on animated icon batches^^
They will be like my avatar pic Smiling
Apart from avatar pictures I can do banners to^^ And if there's something else you want just feel free to ask Laughing out loud

When you request please send me pictures of your deer(s) that you want in the animation or just tell me if there are other motives you want in the animation.
Also send me your pictogram(s)that you want in the animation this will make it a lot easier for me and you all can get you animations must faster.

• Avani
• Rishawyn
• Flyra

Here you go Moonsorrow^^

For Dindra ^^

For Sunfyra^^ All 4 pictures
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A new friend? (Dynamite's journal)

Okay... Dynamites day have been very weird..

First he wake up noticing he was laying under one of the giant mushroom that started to grow in the forest some days ago.
He started to walk around and after a while he got to the pond and there, standing among a bunch of sleeping deer he saw a stag who looked exactly like him self. He was amazed by this stange coincidence and walked a bit closer to the stag who then noticed Dynamite.
They both watched eachother and then they started to laugh like never before. They made funny expressions and laughed at eachother for a very long time after that they had fun splashing around in the shallow water of the pond.

After some time Dynamites good friend SS showed up and the tree of them started to play. But after a while Dynamites new friend, the stag that looked like him self, left. Dynamite went after him but the stag was kept running away. SS and Dynamite ran after him a long time and it wasn't until Dynamite went to the stag by him self that he stopped run away. Dynamite tried to ask what was wrong but the stag continued being sad and didn't say anything and after a while the stag left... anyway we had a really great time together x)

Does anyone know who this is?

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Need help in the forest!

Could someone come to the forest and help me? I need someone to tell me if My deer is having any antlers

This is my deer and I see it like she has no antlers but I need to know if everyone else see her like this ^^
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Misery's Biography

Name: Misery
Nickname: ...
Age: Adult
Gender: Doe
Favourite place(s): The ruins, everywhere where the sun doesn't shine
Main set(s): She has two main sets...
Zombie pelt, skull mask and peacock feathers.
DotD pelt, skull mask and peacock feathers.

Pictogram: X (Right now she's using Aleyah's pictogram)

Mother: Unkown
Father: Unkown
Siblings: Unkown

Love: None
Mate: None
Friends: Thinks she doesn't need any (But Rakisha thinks she needs xD)

Personality: She hates everything and everyone, especialy fawns. They are so full of life and joy, just the thought of them make all the muscles in her body tense by anger. She's lost her will to live long ago but she's still her to make the life hard for everybody else.
For the most of the time she's acting aggressive to everyone, it's just some times she trots away instead of rearing in anger.
Noone has never seen her laugh though she does some times, an evil, horrible laugh when she winns a fight or something like that but never infront of anyone... (Oh my! I've created a psycho deer!)

History: ( Her history will be shown when she found somebody to share her almost forgotten past with. Who know, maybe it's her past who made her what she is today)

- Everything living
+ The ruins
- Hates fawns
+ Win fights
- Deers who protect fawns
+ Scare the hell out of fawns
- Get spell spammed
+ When it's nightime in the forest
- Sunlight
+ Fog

Will come soon...
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Aleyahs new friend

Because me being lazy I will not write a very long text but show some pictures instead Smiling xD <3

Today Aleyah made a new friend and his name is Rajan Smiling

When Leya as usual runned through the forest she suddenly saw a deer laying at the ground near the old oak. She stopped, watched him fore some time then she walked closer and carefully bowed then she sniffed the air in front of him. When she after a while backed of the stag got up on his feet and looked at her, she bowed again and he did the same to her. The stag started to jump around and soon Aleyah followed him, after they jumped around a bit they both started to laugh and then thay practised how to sit on a log but the most of the time they spent running around and laughing..

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DotD pelt and antlers + Skull mask

Plz could someone send me the spelldata of the DotD pelt and antlers + the skull mask? I really want it Smiling
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D E E R .:. Updates - Currently played: Misery

Right now I play Misery with Dynamites pictogram so if u see Dynamites pictogram and then the deer has DotD pelt, skull mask and Peacock feathers it's Misery but if the set is another one then it's Dynamite...

I do like this instead... It's easier to tell Aleyah from Misery so Misery will have Aleyah's pictogram instead and Aleyah for.. take a break for some time instead xD Until I have a picto for Misery...


  Current mood: Confused
  Currently: Resting in the old oak
  Current thought: "This is the best day of my life. Meshu I love you! "
  Set: DotD pelt, Skull mask, Zombie antlers.
  Mate/Crush: Meshu is his mate <3

  Picture will come soon ^^
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