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EIrritable, disturbed.
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Ever since his traumatic experience following the events of his intrusion upon Grimoire's magic, the child has further grown in a more disturbed nature as if someone had flipped his personality on its head.
The quiet, reserved calf was gone and now beginning to emerge as a ticking time bomb of a being, easily irritable and increasingly rebellious with little skill in predicting consequences to his actions.
Some days are better than the others, leaving the pale-face unpredictable.
Formerly Pyre, now taken the name "Drakkar" after the word the strange 'serpentine' abstract of a creature had murmured it to his ear, noticeably tense if someone calls him otherwise besides his caretakers. Insists on newcomers in his life to call him Drakkar and to be introduced as such, reserving his name 'Pyre' only for those close to him.

Physically and verbally, the child has noticeably become more pushy or aggressive as well, his play rougher than it should be with little knowledge of his true strength especially to those younger than him, proving difficult in the human realm where Drakkar had taken the plunge to enroll in private school, creating a fortune just enough for his education by selling findings within the forest and other realms he has access to, along with trades to gain more valuable items/possessions to resell, proving himself to be somewhat of a 'business-man' already but with his uncertain irritation, human life was proving to be a challenge, especially with his apparent lack of filter and saying what he thinks and means without a second thought of how it would affect the other person or himself. Drakkar has a harder time grasping the moralities here, the etiquette, especially with the mind of a young child learning between multiple worlds but surely, he was learning.
Drakkar has begun to spend most of his time in the human realm, his time taken by schooling but uses his free time and weekends to return to the forest.

im slowing his aging down aha

Has mostly been watched over by Grimoire's sister who has since titled him as Pyre. Sees her more of a trusted figure. Whoever Grimoire trusted was easy for Pyre to trust. However distant and quiet the calf makes himself seem, he always trusted easily if someone he relied on felt the same.
Curiosity had still since grown until something horrific had happened.

Despite Grimoire's strict demeanor and secrecy over his magic didn't deter Pyre from following him to his hidden spot. He had been up to his old tricks again and followed Grimoire. He had come close to the spot where tall grass provided its cover. The grass brushed against his pelt and his excitement grew as he heard a shout, there were strange words, strange names spoken. It confused the Pale-face, it was different and intriguing.
His steps were slow and careful, only stopping to peer his head from the stalks of grass.
What he caught sight of, he couldn't even think of in the wildest depths of his imagination. He only caught sight of it for a brief moment but what he saw was bewildering. It was a void taking the shape of a serpent. Grimoire had finished his chants but it lingered, it hissed and gurgled and black puddles dripped obsidian goo from its mouth and Pyre felt his heart stop beating in his chest when its eyes settled on him. It found him. Would Grimoire look? Would he be in trouble? But to Pyre's relief, Grimoire paid no mind to where the eyes of the void lingered and ordered it to leave in a strange language Pyre didn't understand, followed by a stamp of his hooves.
It still lingered and Pyre could feel awe but also fear. Finally, with another command, the void had left.
Pyre felt alarmed and backed into the grass when Grimoire had slung his things over his neck and had turned in the direction of home but he had been spotted.
With what felt like a lecture and argument and unfinished questions, Pyre had given up trying to stay with his curiosity to understand and reluctantly followed Grimoire home with still the bewilderment and curiosity strong in his mind, along with the image of the black void snake.

Later on, the sun had begun to set and let the night take over. Along with the sun as it slowly disappeared from the sky, his curiosity started to dwindle into the nagging feeling of exhaustion until he had fallen asleep but his sleep wasn't anything but peaceful.
Unsettledness had deformed his subconscious until the feeling to escape was unbearable but he couldn't force his eyes to open. That was until he felt something demented overcome him, his blue eyes had then opened to the darkness. What he saw was the familiar figure of the snake. Before he had time to process it, before he could react, it had wrapped itself around his throat. He could hear it whisper, in a voice strange but subtle; Drakkar it said, the only word he could make out before it disappeared down into his throat.
He could feel the black smoke corrupt him from the inside out until the smoke began to wildly flush from the rims of his eyes. He could feel it suffocate him, it strangled him and crushed his lungs. He wanted to scream, beg for relief but he could only choke on the little air he was able to inhale when suddenly a bright light had been shone in his direction. The smoke came from his mouth and eyes, for a moment it expelled in a sudden, powerful rush until it formed a hovering black cloud before vanishing. In an instant, Pyre had dropped to the ground, chest heaving and body twitching in violent shivers. His body had become numb from the shock.
His eyes were wide and piercing now that the smoke had faded.
He could hear Grimoire's shouts of panic but he couldn't see him. Though the smoke had faded, it was still all he could see. It swarmed like an everlasting nightmare, through the smoke he could see only see the figure of the deranged spirit with its glaring eyes and curved fangs.
He could hear Grimoire, trying to ask the calf if he was okay but he couldn't answer.
When the vision had finally cleared and the snake had disappeared with it but was now replaced with blurry vision, dizziness, and sharp pain. As his vision began to return to him, his gaze shifted slowly to take in the sights of the den as if he were a newborn calf seeing the world for the first time, only now with eyes filled with sheer horror.
He had tried to speak but was muted by grunts and loss of breath. Grimoire sighed in stress then asked the calf if he could walk or move.
Besides his horror, Pyre appeared dazed, lost with all sense of reality glazed over. It lasted for a long while, so did his strained breaths and grunts to try and speak and the shivers running through his body. Then it seemed to subside in a way that was chilling, something had switched, something felt different, almost as if Pyre wasn't truly himself, "I don't know." he managed to speak at last.
"Stay put, don't move." Grimoire had ordered and left. When he returned, Eira was with him.
"Does anything hurt, dear?" She asked, "No," he had struggled to answer coolly. He was shaken up still and felt not himself anymore. He could feel a corruption within himself, that something had taken over. Whatever it was, it tried to force a brave face on the calf but it barely worked. Pyre gave a glance to Eira but his blue eyes were haunting and he could feel the lack of soul and feel the emptiness in his own gaze.
“Do you feel anything?” Eira examined with a touch of her nose against his fur.
"No," He repeated. The subsiding shivers were now coming in odd waves, there'd be a period of calm and then his body would begin to shake again.

It had been a couple of months now and the demented feeling still hadn't disappeared but now it became more of a part of himself. Not only had he grown larger, but his antlers had also begun to bud further until antlers started becoming apparent but with his growth, he developed a newfound temper and a wild one at that; growling and snapping with a subtly growing interest in violent behaviors but hasn't found anyone to express these against.
Has become increasingly unruly and shows little to no remorse for it. Has also been repeating the strange word the entity had said to him that night.
Has since then begun rejecting the title "Pyre" and instead naming himself Drakkar.

Being watched over by Eira, Grimoire's sister. Met her while hanging around at Grimoire's den, given a rabbit to feed on.
Spent most of his time either alone or being watched over.

Had a sudden growth spurt, about the size of a full-grown bull elk but still a young calf though he still has yet to grow into his canines. Has begun growing nubs though Question wondering what they r

Met Eira again today along with a stranger, managed to be located despite the thick fog. The fog slightly spooked the calf, he hadn't seen it in this extreme of measures to the point where he couldn't see far in front of him. Eira brought him to her den but at some point along the way, the Pale-face managed to get himself lost and separated from Eira and the stranger. Got frightened but found his way again and to her den.

GOD I changed his adult face claim to something a lot more suiting, his voice claim will remain the same at least for now unless I find something better

god he got bigger and is talking better,, he's being a dingus somewhere,, oh he also lost his spots he's a bigger boy now don't u test him

Has grown taller, stronger. Speech is more fluent and for the most part, is able to hold conversations quite well for his mental development. Curiosity growing stronger with him, often poking his nose where he shouldn't be.
screeches when grimoire isn't around

Attempted to follow Grimoire to a hidden area despite being told to stay at the nest. Curiosity got the best of him and decided to rebel against it. The pale-face was found out the moment he arrived, he had been too late to catch any weird happenings when he emerged through a wall of tall plants and to a clearing. The pale-face was disappointed and ultimately upset that his trouble was in vain.
He questioned what Grimoire had been doing but got no answer that satisfied him, he was only told that he was too young to understand. The pale-face knew Grimoire had some unworldly things he often participated in but never knew what exactly or to the fullest extent.
Now, the calf feels determined to find out and in the end, was undeterred by the fact he rebelled against his caretaker once his guilt faded.

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Back in the forest with Grimoire!! Has gotten a bit bigger. Noticed a change in his pelt, his spots although aren't very noticeable, are beginning to fade. Lightly freaking out on the inside blease why is this happening... some sort of instinct helps calm him and tell him it's natural. OTHER SIDE SAYS FREAK OUT!! so he spooked,,

Has been growing stronger and more capable, more sure of his footing but still looks like he's marching... the calves go marching one by one hurrah.
He has also discovered his own speech and has begun forming basic sentences, although his language is a bit broken and his vocabulary very limited. Lately has been travelling about with Grimoire.

Has been wondering where Grim has gone!! So far has struck out on his own and grown up a little both mentally and psychically. Wound has finally fully healed but is still brightly fresh of a new scar.

Has been in and out of the forest to Grimoire's human world along with Grimoire's head-world.
Tall bby is seeing a lot!!
A whole new world!!
a dazzling place I never knew

Was taken to Grimoire's human home. IS VERY WEIRDED OUT??? WHY CANT I WALK ANYMORE?? AND WHY DO I LOOK LIKE A LIMA BEAN??? shocked... first time discovering his human form.

Seen weird stuff growing on the trees(mushrooms), got curious and ate some... DID NOT LIKE...

Met another babbin named Poppy today!! Brought her to Grim's den and chilled until she left.
Also met Ibis!! was intrigued by their mask wHOA bIG LONG BEAK... approached. Got little scratchies on his head by the beak, didn't know what to do so just,, stood there but accepted it.
Went back to Grimoire's den and settled inside. Got groomed.


The stranger he met yesterday appeared back in Grimoire's home. He'd become more comfortable around Ysmir. He stiffened when Ysmir began grooming his head but eventually relaxed. Now sees them as a trusting figure.

The Pale-face with limbs aching to explore, left the first and familiar comfort of Grimoire's den to have more taste of the world he lived in. This time, he didn't look at the rocks with the same curiosity he had the other day. He recalled the incident yesterday and pawed the ground, shifting his injured shoulder in awareness of his wound and the pressure of his makeshift bandage.
The calf ventured the Birch Forest in all its golden hues he saw as the colour of comfort and the colour of home. His golden forest darkened as he walked amongst oaks and pines and he came to a stop when the forest came to an abrupt stop. It opened with a pond in the middle, its shape broken by a long stream.
He'd never left the woods before, this was the first he laid his eyes upon the water. His attention to the water didn't last long. The Pale-face caught an image of alabaster statues in the corner of his sights. He walked to the statues, but his curiosity turned to fear when he noticed splatters of blood that tainted the holiness of the statues. White-face didn't know why, or how, he only knew blood meant bad. Blood meant hurt. There was a lot of blood. So, there was a lot of hurt. The calf didn't know how to perceive the quantity of the dreaded scarlet tear. Various smells mixed with the blood, two scents and the energy here seared a chilling fear. The Pale-face knew deep down, something of sin happened. He moved quickly to the shores of the pond.
Playfulness and calf-hood battered the image of macabre to the back of his mind but that's where it stayed. He didn't think about it, or at least tried to, but it still hovered like a dark cloud. This would be his first bad memory. A lesson everyone learns that the world isn't as safe as one might wish it to be or believed it to be.
The Pale-face splashed in the water, soaking his black fur but he paid no mind. Stopped when a stranger stepped inside the pond. He gazed at them but the stranger didn't stay for long. They left and eventually, so did White-face.
He came across the ruins, the place Grimoire had found him. This place looked like the stones, but different. Taller. Weirdly shaped, and with easily accessed platforms.
He played there but only for a short while. The Pale-face decided it was time to return.
Entering the Birch Forest again, he felt a wash of relief. He felt safe here.
His black pelt was still heavy and sodden from his play in the pond. Before he returned, he brushed himself and rolled in the long grass in hopes of drying himself. After, he returned back to Grimoire and Ysmir.

Woke up inside Grimoire's den to find his acquaintance still asleep. Decided to venture outside, a meadow of blue flowers caught his attention but what caught his attention even more-so were GIANT ROCKS?? wHOA
Half-trotted, half-walked to the rocks with legs lifting high and stretching far, trying to accommodate to the new, long and springy limbs. Once there, he started with the small rocks with smooth slopes easy enough for him to climb. Eventually, grew more daring and increased to bigger sized rocks for his play.
They entertained enough but his confidence, planted and grown by his ability to climb these solid structures, urged him to bigger things. With pride and cockiness, he ventured to the biggest rock in the playground. The Pale-face calf tried to climb but the rock defied him and he crashed with a tumble, cutting his shoulder on the stone, leaving a wound dragging from the shoulder-blade.
Mewed in shock from this but learned a lesson. Has now learned what pain is and will slowly start grasping that the world has limitations of abilities but will now be more skittish and wary of finding his own limitations.

looked at them like
"ur not grim"

Got bandaged up!! Had a poultice made for him by Grim and applied to the wound in his shoulder to help stop any infection, shoulder now in a makeshift bandage.


Met a stranger today by the name of Grimoire. Grimoire had found him in the ruins, resting by a tombstone. The stranger appeared concern and quickly led the calf away from the ruins. The calf was proven awkward, unsure of how to use his gangly legs.
The white-face calf was led to a tree where a hollow split the tree open and made home for Grimoire. Inside, it had been decorated with books, blankets and cloaks, curious collections of bones of the deceased and herbs. Lanterns brightened and fought any gloom inside.
The tall hybrid at first stood with searching blue eyes taking in every new and peculiar sight inside the hollows before venturing inside and joining Grimoire inside his home. Once inside, he stopped again and observed before making himself at home.

concept was made, awaiting a picto.
temporary thingy until he gets a css.

Css compiled by Lathyrus for Lowlights. Made with snippets from Unplugged, fading tabs from Whendeerattack, and fonts with bgs by C!ssy. Bio art by Shintai.

*This bio will contain mature themes. Profanity, violence and abuse guaranteed. Any update that has what I consider to be matured theme will have a warning beforehand of what things it contains. If you proceed, it is at your own fault and I'm not to be held responsible.

Drakkar has his own opinions, truths and beliefs that don't represent my own. His side of the situation might not always be the full truth but will be as he sees it. Like a real person, he thinks independently and doesn't represent his player.
If anything has been done that has upset you, please contact me and don't comment on his biography.
Please be mature if you're contacting me about a problem, anything blatantly insulting and immature will be ignored.

Drakkar is IC 100% of the time unless during events by M&A, with nameless, fawns, unregistered players or unless I state otherwise.

Discord: Lowlights#8000.

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ah yes he's here!!

i love elk characters and i

i love elk characters and i love him
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