Dragon Boat Festival 2014 (Pics up, image heavy!)

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The festival was a lot of fun! We weren't sure if we were going to have enough people for our team, but then we were able to get plenty to race. We had a hard time on the first race (orange boat) but then did better on the second race (pink with green scales). We placed 4th in both races (out of 4 boats) but at least in the first race we ranked 34 out of 37, so at least in the first race we weren't the slowest team XD

I'm still waiting to see how we did overall. They haven't listed all the results yet but when I find out I'll put them here. For now, check out some of the awesome pics my brother took! I'm the guy in the back of both boats with the Pittsburgh Penguins Logo Cap on.

First Race

Second Race

Our team raised $850 for the Children's Hospital, $210 of that was the sponsorship I got. In total all of the teams raised $152,957 for the hospital.

You can see the rest of the pics here. My brother did an awesome job taking photos!

We ultimately made #28 out of the 37 teams! That's pretty impressive for a bunch of random people who had never done it before! Woowoo!!

Here's all the stats!, I rowed for the Connor Pullen Foundation


Hey guys, I hope you don't mind a bit of shameless advertising here. It's for a pretty awesome cause, so that's why I'm posting.

Well it's official, I'll be participating in the Dragon Boat Festival on May 3rd! We're actually going to race in authentic 46-foot Hong Kong style boats! I'm paddling for the Connor Pullen Foundation, and all the proceeds we collect go to Erlanger's Children's Hospital in Chattanooga, TN.

I got to visit the Children's Hospital firsthand with Publix and the March of Dimes last week, and it's a pretty awesome place. They do all sorts of things to make a trip to the hospital fun and stress-free, and they plan to use the proceeds from the Dragon Boats for various projects such as more efficient medical equipment and renovations to their inpatient rooms. Their ultimate goal is to make the hospital more 'kid friendly'.

I've got a goal of $200 to raise for the hospital, and can really use your support in helping them out. It's easy to donate - click on the link here and at the top right corner there's a "Give Now" button. Any amount is awesome, and if you can't donate, no worries, just getting a cheer from you on here is great XD

Thanks a bunch guys, and please cheer on the Connor Pullen boat on May 3rd! I hope to get some pictures while I'm there.

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Just wanted to comment and

Just wanted to comment and say good luck. I feel bad about being too poor to donate, but I still wish you the best and have lot's of fun!
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Thanks XD it just looked like

Thanks XD it just looked like so much fun that I wanted to participate.
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Just gonna put my cheer for

Just gonna put my cheer for your boat here~! I can't donate, but you've got my best wishes.

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*Nuzzles!!* Also how crazy


Also how crazy is this - my mom and my brother each put in $50 for me, so I'm already halfway to my goal of $200! I want to think of something really nice to make/buy/give them in appreciation for it.
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That's awesome, Quad. ^^ It

That's awesome, Quad. ^^ It was super nice of them to do that.
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Donated <3

Good luck, and keep doing amazing and inspiring things both in real life and on the Community.
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*NUZZLENUZZLENUZZZZZZLLLEEEE!!* Thank you for the donation! It really means a lot to me, and thank you for the kind words! I know I haven't been around as much as I used to but I still love this place and everyone here. My life would not have been the same if I had never come to TEF
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Wow this is so cool! *stares

Wow this is so cool! *stares at empty pockets...* T_T I wish you the best of luck.
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Guess what everyone! I made

Guess what everyone! I made my goal of $200! Thanks again for the support!

I have a little something planned for all my sponsors, and we're going to be practicing on Wednesday before the race on Saturday. I'll be sure to get a picture of our boat then, if we're using the same one of course XD
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Hurray! Glad I could help in

Hurray! Glad I could help in some way ^^

Really excited to see the boat and your team, it sounds so exciting!
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Congrats! I'm excited for

Congrats! I'm excited for pictures. c:
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Hey Soliloquy, pick one

Hey Soliloquy, pick one element out of the following - fire, water, earth, air, ice, lightning, metal, light, darkness. You'll see what it's for in a few days
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Definitely lightning

Definitely lightning (/Soli'selementforthewin!) o3o ooo I'm excited to see what you're doing!
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The practice today was so

The practice today was so much fun! We ended up combining with another team since only about half of our team showed up, but we did very well! I was expecting to be a lot more tired, but am not at all.

I'm really proud to paddle for the Connor Pullen Foundation, and can't wait for Saturday!

My team was in the yellow boat here, but here's a bunch of pictures of the boats

I think the people who own the boats took pictures too, so if I'm in any of them, I'll post them up XD

Here's our team shirt

Aaannnddd Soliloquy -

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Lovely scales on those boats.

Lovely scales on those boats. Really glad to know that you had a great time. ^^
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Well we were last in both

Well we were last in both races we did (4th out of 4 boats) but it was so much fun and we weren't trying to win, just do as best we could. We made 34/37 in the first race overall, I'll see where we placed in the 2nd race but we did a lot better.

I would happily do this again! It was a blast!

Pics are up now! Enjoy XD
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Those are some awesome

Those are some awesome pictures! The water looks beautiful and those boats, ahhh! It's nice to see everyone having fun. ^^
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I think there's a Dragon Boat

I think there's a Dragon Boat Club here in Chattanooga too. I need to look into that so I can paddle some more, I think with some practice I could get better with my technique. It was, after all, the first time I've ever done this XD

I forgot to mention that I'm doing another charity event on June 1st for leukemia research...and will have my head shaved Eye I keep my hair short anyway so for me it's no big deal, but they get a lot of women to do it too.
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Oh my god how did I miss

Oh my god how did I miss these pictures. whatiswrongwithme;; Well it has been a very, VERY busy past few days...

Those pics are awesome, you all looked like you enjoyed yourselves, and for such an awesome cause too!! Congrats to ALL racers who raised that much money. That is such an incredible feat!

And ppgfttjk thank you for that drawing! Ahhh it's so awesome! Saved it to my desktop ;; Going to have to put it on my personal blog or something! Thank you ;;
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GUYS WE MADE #28!! I'm

GUYS WE MADE #28!! I'm stoked!! I thought we were going to be one of the last ones, but 28 is awesome!!
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Hooray for matching shirts!

Hooray for matching shirts!
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I didnt see comment under

I didnt see comment under mine, congrats! you all look great Laughing out loud