Dotd mask please?[DONE]

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I'd love to have the dotd mask *.*
so I would be very happy if there was someone so helpful and gentle and right-versioned who would spell it on my deer. Smiling

I'm the peacock-pelted and long-masked deer next to the crying idol.
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Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Do you still need the mask?

Do you still need the mask? If so, come up to the deer with default antlers, whistling mask and beluga pelt by the crying idol. I don't think the peacock pelt or long mask shows up in 3.13.
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Hooray! I'll search for you!

Hooray! I'll search for you! I found you! Laughing out loud
Thank you very very much! I'm so overjoyed! XD You are the best!
Siggy by Bu <3
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No problem!

No problem! Laughing out loud