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"Grin at the world, and the world grins back!" Biography of Honigmund Habasi


Name: Honigmund Habasi

Meaning of the name: Honigmund is german and means Honeymouth, Habasi is her real name

Identification: pictogram

Gender: female

Age: Nobody knows...

Status: offline

Mood: Happy! Always happy!


In game: Dotd mask, Kirin antlers, some pelt and she's often seen as a big frog or mini
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Great Dance line!

There is this nice dance line in the forest! I would be glad if some more deer would join us! Laughing out loud

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Dotd mask please?[DONE]

I'd love to have the dotd mask *.*
so I would be very happy if there was someone so helpful and gentle and right-versioned who would spell it on my deer. Smiling

I'm the peacock-pelted and long-masked deer next to the crying idol.
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