Doodle-do~ [Character concept]

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New character idea, yaaaaaaaay! And my first real attempt at a gif. I think it went alright. Click for larger image.

Anyway this is Doodle. His skin/fur is basically a enormous piece of paper, and it generates doodles all by itself. The ones displayed above have not always been there, and will not always be there as the doodles disappear and create new ones all the time. There are a few that have been there for as long as he can remember, like the cat, and others that only last a few minutes. They don't loop like in the gif, the images do move around and he does communicate with a few of the more "sentient" ones - he talks to them and they gesture back, because they can't make sounds.

He does have a human face beneath the skull. He's a very kind and quiet deer, a pacifist and he wears his heart on his sleeve... or, well, basically his whole skin :L No back story, though, as of yet. That's all for now. Quite possibly may do more gifs of him in the future, as this was a lot of fun (despite the fact I did about 90% of it on the wrong layer first OTL). Honestly I have no idea what I'm going to do with him /o/

And to everyone who I'm doing free art for, don't worry I'm still working on them, I just had to get this down ^^

Oooh I like this. When I

Oooh I like this. When I first saw this I also got an idea. Didn't know if I should share it or not? ^.^ I think it's a really good idea and I like the art as well. Smiling
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Go ahead and share! I'd love

Go ahead and share! I'd love to hear your idea ^^
Also thank you <3

Thanks ^.^ When I first

Thanks ^.^ When I first studied the image, I thought it was like dreams, and every night an image from everyone's dreams would go onto his pelt.
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This sounds like a really fun

This sounds like a really fun character -- I'd love to see him in action.
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MadNysa; That's actually

MadNysa; That's actually really interesting because I was thinking while designing him that when he was sleeping aspects of his dreams would come to life on his fur. Pretty cool idea, though, that would be another awesome concept!

Seed; I think at some point in the future I will bring him into the forest, I just think I'll develop him a little more. I do agree, though, I imagine he'll be a lot of fun to play (:

As they say, great minds

As they say, great minds think alike. xD
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Haha that's a super cute

Haha that's a super cute concept! Couldn't help but think he was some kind of notepad or sketchbook from a kid embodied in the forest. Lots of interesting things you can do with such a concept. Very cute! Love the art and subtile animation.
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Thanks, Mis (: That's

Thanks, Mis (: That's actually quite a neat idea for a back story. I can even see the kid who's notepad it is now, aha.
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That is such an awesome and

That is such an awesome and cute idea. 8'D
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^^ Thanks Pega~

^^ Thanks Pega~
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Oh it looks quite cute.

Oh it looks quite cute. Unusual concept here. It's interesting to scrutinize these pretty drawings on his skin. <3

It's awesome! I very love that.
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3