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Updates: relationship.

". . ."
Health: 100% - Emotional: 100% - Mental: 100%

- B A S I C -

Name: Djina | Picto
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult (in human about 25)
Birthday: 10th October 2011
Orientation: Hetero
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Species: White Tail Deer
Speech: This color.
Size: 7
Scent: Flowers, mint.
Home: Click (since 2013)
Reference: Click
Set: Pelt: Grey | Mask: Skull | Antlers: Noh/DOTD

- C H A R A C T E R -

Jealous, exacting, proud, loving, stubborn, playful, careful, elegant, affectionate, nervous, egoistic, emotional, unpredictable, curious, honest, quick, reliable, capricious, quick-witted, bold, passionate, vindictive, protective, caring, possessive, maternal, timid.

- H E A R T -

Sisters: Alice (adopted), Angel (adopted, missing)
Significant: Draven, Ming, Hao, Domino, Sovereign, Paranoik, Adolf
Liked: Koi, Tago, Aimina, Vala, Binah, Fjord, SS, Oira
Neutral: Salome, Corso, Sirius. Ralf
Unsure: The Ghost
Disliked: Shaitan
Hates: Wyanet, Kodiana
Acquaintance: Azalea, Ziara, Kio, Cassiopeia, Khard, Roscoe, Kian, Merral, Mr. Blake, Kaala
Missing: Rory

- A R T -

Me -
Taytay101 -
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Hello there

Hello there <3

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Hi ?

Hi ♥


Track <3

(No subject)

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Thanks guys ?

Thanks guys ♥
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" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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hehe ?

hehe ♥

Server pls.

Server pls.
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Haha yeah, I saw it too

Haha yeah, I saw it too 8D
For a moment it even seemed funny.
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Fantastic to meet her

Fantastic to meet her finally, have always admired her from afar (: Such a lovely character!
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Oh, seriously? So good to

Oh, seriously? So good to hear, it's very kind of you. B)
Thanks ♥
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Oh man I'm so sorry about

Oh man I'm so sorry about that random relentless deer 8I

Skullmask/Baconpelt/Antelope antlers was me, I was trying to distract them but they seemed to be so hell bent on your deer, eugh.
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It was a bad moment :| I

It was a bad moment :| I don't know what he wants from my deer, but it's really annoying. Hope he will stop doing this soon.
In any case, thank you for trying to help. I appreciate it ♥


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It's no probs, being bothered

It's no probs, being bothered like that ingame sucks, especially when they target you for unknown reasons :\

I think they were a troll, I saw them go and bother another group of other deer too. There's no way someone behaving like that and keeping it up for so long is a new player misinterpreting emotes. Hope you don't see them again D:
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I hope my poor *after that

I hope my poor *after that stress* Djina will never be in contact with them. Haha C;
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Hello.. and track &hearts;

Hello.. and track
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Hello there, thank you! ?

Hello there, thank you! ♥

Track~ :>

Track~ :>
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Thanks! :')

Thanks! :')
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*squints* Is that you we

*squints* Is that you we were just playing with? I'm seeing a deer with Amary's picto, and the map is glitching...

edit: okay I figured it out, sorry for bothering you, that picto glitch confused me and I thought you might be a glitched nameless (since I could also only see part of your set).
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re-track. ['cause of one


['cause of one more name-change]
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(No subject)


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what happened to my previous

what happened to my previous comment?
meh, doesn't matter. you can hide it.
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Guys ? Realy missed you ?

Guys ♥
Realy missed you ♥

Re-track the new bio. I'm

Re-track the new bio.
I'm sorry i didn't do it sooner - bad memory, xex ?":
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was glad to see you after

was glad to see you after such a long time.
how are you doing?
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Super-duper late reply, sorry

Super-duper late reply, sorry guys, don't beat me up :'<

Adolf: *-* Thankie. I hope you're still somewhere around <3

whiskeybeast: I'm SOO happy to see you again, but this time in 2023 sorrysorrysorry. It's so great to know that old acquaintances still visit the forest, and it holds a certain place in our hearts.
I'm doing great, and I hope you're doing well too! ;3

track! I'm glad to see you

I'm glad to see you in the forest c;
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(No subject)


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Serko: Thank uuu! Same

Serko: Thank uuu! Same C;

Evern: HELLO LOVE! <3 I can't even put into words how great it is to meet you and Alice again after all these years! It warms my heart that you still remember us. <3
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Absolutely, I have so many

Absolutely, I have so many fond memories of the two of them! It feels unreal to actually see you guys again, so thankful for it <3

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ah, curse my memory. i

ah, curse my memory. i remember all familiar pictograms too well, i noticed yours the moment you appeared on the map. welcome back.

i'm not as active as i used to be though, sorry if i didn't notice or ignored you.

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Evern: <3 <3 <3

whiskeybeast: It's ok! Djina and I came to say hello a few days ago. C;