Divine Destiny - Epilogue

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"The Endless Forest is diminishing.", Michael announced to all of the newly winged talux, "The magic that once flowed throughout the Forest was kept in the Twin Gods' statue. Soon the Forest will be no more."

Many of the deer began to chatter, questioning their future. Auriea cleared her throat to gain their attention, "There is hope, though. Now that you all have become talux, we can make the great journey to a special land where we can live undisturbed. Nubia...the Sacred Forest." Michael continued, "We also have...a confession.", he began, letting a sigh out. "It's okay, Michael. They need to know the truth.", Auriea assured him. Michael shook his head, "We're not gods...we're talux just like you."

This caused an outroar of the crowd. Michael looked to Auriea, "It's over...", he began to say, when the crowd started to settle. A path formed as the deer made way for a blue creature with great red antlers. The deer started to call out his name, "Quad? Quad's alive?"

Quad approached the Twin Gods. "Things must have been busy since I've been away.", he said. "Welcome back, Quad.", Auriea said to him. The stag looked back on the crowd. He never thought he'd see the day when they all had wings. "There are so many things I don't understand...", he began to say. Michael nodded, "We will explain soon enough." Quad nodded, continuing, "So...you guys were talux with some great powers, huh?" The two gods nodded. Quad chuckled, changing the subject, "Nubia, huh? Please tell me it's like The Endless Forest."

Auriea nodded, "It's exactly like our forest. But, Quad...", she let out a sigh and shook her head, "I'm sorry...but you aren't going to be able to come with us." "I don't understand.", Quad began to say, then realizing that the deer were all going to leave, he looked to all of his friends, "So this is it, then. I'm the one who has to stay."

Mazey stepped forward, "Can't you give him wings?", she asked. The two gods shook their heads, "It's out of our hands. Only one person could do that.", they replied. "Who? Who has that power?", Quad asked.

"Mother.", they replied.

The stories were true. Quad didn't want to believe what he was hearing - there was a higher being above Michael and Auriea. "Mother doe, the mother to us all. She is responsible for everything that happens to us. Only she allows powers to be given, things to be changed.", Michael began to say, when Auriea stepped forward, "She has just spoken. There is one last thing that needs to be done, and only Quad can do it. She will grant him his wings if he--", she started to say, but Quad interrupted, "I'll do it. Whatever she wants me to do, I'll do it."

Auriea softly smiled, "Then it is so.", she said, "Mother has given us a new power, only to be used on you. You will guard this forest until a time in the future when you are awoken. By then, something terrible will have happened, and it's up to you to stop it. I'm sorry, but that is all I can tell you."

Michael continued her words, "She's decided that you will become a statue, to make the time seem like an instant. You will be here for years to come..."

Quad nodded, "I've already made my promise. I trust our Mother. Michael, Auriea, when I make it to Nubia, you two will have a lot of explaining to do." The two gods smiled, "We'll explain everything then."

Quad turned and walked off, heading off to the Pond like he normally would do after a nap. He would have no idea how long he was 'asleep'.


"Everyone's ready for the journey.", Laruna said to the Twin Gods. All of the Talux had practiced their flying, and now they understood that getting to their new home would require them to soar into the sky. Many of them were excited to go to a new place. Some were nostalgic, remembering their memories on Earth, and a few were sad to leave.

Michael and Auriea got their attention for the last time, "We will be leaving in a few moments. When we arrive to Nubia, we have one simple request...", Michael began, "You all will be given your own powers, but if it's not too much to ask...may we still be your Twin Gods?"

The deer fell silent for a moment. One fawn stepped forward, "I'll still follow you.", she said. Some of the other deer began to nod, agreeing with the fawn, and soon the whole forest was in unison. The two gods felt an overwhelming sensation, whether it was relief, or just a sense of love, they knew that these creatures they protected trusted them enough to continue following them - even if they weren't really gods.

Mazey and Quad nuzzled one last time. "You sure you'll be alright without me?", Quad asked her. The doe nodded, "For now...it will feel like an eternity waiting for you.", she said. Axie and Zephyr approached their father, nuzzling him as well. Quad embraced them and said, "Take care of your mother while I'm gone." "We will," Zephyr replied, "and we'll make sure the Twin Gods throw a huge party when you arrive." Axie couldn't speak - he was too saddened to see his father be left.

Quad turned and walked to the Twin Gods' hill. He looked at his family one more time - he was so very proud of them all. Auriea spoke to him, "There is a platform near the Ruins that will petrify you when you sit on it. Mother has promised to take care of you while you are turned to stone." The stag nodded, and Auriea nuzzled Quad, saying, "Thank you. You do not realize what you have done for us." Quad smiled, "It's nothing.", he replied.

Michael approached, "It's time.", he said. Auriea walked over to him, and gave a nod to the other deer.

One by one, they spread their wings, and took to the air. Quad watched the first few soar so high that they became specks into the sky, and soon after many more of the deer were flying away. Several of them called out to him, "Goodbye, Quad!", and "See you soon!" He nodded to them, sometimes calling back, "Don't have too much fun without me!"

Axie and Zephyr flew off together, looking back at their father before ascending. Mazey, Michael, Auriea, and a few of Quad's close friends were the last to leave. They all took to the air as a group, hovering and taking their last look at him before they, too, rose into the sky. Quad stared at the sky until he could no longer see them.

He lowered his head, fighting back the tears in his eyes. The Endless Forest was silent, and he could not accept the reality that he was alone.

He walked to the Pond, taking one last sip of water, before making his way to the Ruins. Once there, he saw the platform the Gods had talked about - the one just near his old pillar. Quad took one last look around at the old place, before stepping on to the concrete. He turned and sat, feeling his body slowly go numb.

Quad lowered his head, watching as his body hardened. He closed his eyes, and smiled just slightly, falling asleep and turning into a statue.

The Endless Forest began to fade from there. All of the trees and landmarks vanished, the area becoming a completely different forest, unlike what it was before. All that remained from the old Endless Forest was the platform, with a great stag who sat and smiled.


"Come on, it's not that far!", Axie called. He bounded over a fallen tree and continued on. Paralda chased after him, leaping over the tree and continuing excitedly. "Wait for us, Pent!", Zephyr called out. She led some of her friends in the same direction, who walked slower while they gossiped and laughed.

Axie finally stopped and smiled, looking up at a large statue that sat in the heart of the forest. "Hey again, dad!", he said to it. Paralda arrived and skidded to a halt. "Whoa...", he said, walking toward the statue curiously, "It's really him." Avarice, who had walked ahead of the group, stopped and saw the statue as well. The deer smiled and approached as well, saying, "Hello, Quad."

Zephyr led Yorres and Emiva into the open area. "Oh my twin gods! Quad!", Emiva cried, running toward the statue. Yorres approached and looked up at his old friend, "So it was true."

The six winged deer all stood around Quad, none saying a word. Averice finally spoke up, "So how long will he be here?" Zephyr shook her head, "No one knows. It's been ten years already." "Ten years...it has been too long since I've seen him.", Yorres replied. Axie stepped onto the platform and nuzzled his dad's side. "He's still warm.", he said.

The deer soon decided it was time to leave. "See you next month, dad.", Zephyr said to the statue. They each spread their wings and flew into the air, passing through the canopy and heading back to their new home.

The forest was silent again. A sharp wind picked up, picking off some of the early autumn leaves that fluttered around the statue. He continued to dream of all of his friends, as year after year passed.

The End

--Preview of the last story--

..."Come on!", the boy said. His mother followed, taking a breath, "I haven't hiked this much in ages.", she said. The boy led her on, until they reached an open area. "There he is. I told you!", the child said.

Christine took a few steps forward, wiping her eyes. "Quad? I can't believe it! He's here!", she said. She reached into her purse, pulling out an old plush deer...

...The darkness had spread. In the deepest corners of the town, something was growing...

..."The guardian will not arise.", the Stoat said, "I'll make sure of that."...

..."Help!", the boy cried. He ran to the old deer, and hid behind his great antlers. Putting a hand on his back, the boy waited for the monster to appear, when he felt metal turn to fur. The boy saw the statue's iron body become dark-blue and white fur, the great antlers turning red, and the eyes of the sleeping deer open...

Divine Sanctuary (Working title)
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