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Music Creator~

I remember a while back someone posted a site were you could make music by placing little blocks onto a tile of squares and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it. So, I wanted to post this site. It's a similar kind of thing only you can make music with a different mix of instruments by changing the tabs at the side. Plus, you can also save your creations in a link or embed code by clicking 'get & share' at the top!
Have fun creating music! c:
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Help with coding?

Well, instead of having just a vertical list of fanart I wanted to ask if anyone could show me the coding for making a horizontal scrollbar. Any help is appreciated greatly, and thanks in advance c:

Edit: I now know how to make the actual scrollbox, however the images are not in the middle, the bottoms of them are cut off...and making the box vertically bigger does nothing s: Also, how can I insert a smaller picture that is a link to a bigger picture? Like [ url = "directlink"][ img] "smaller image of original"[/ img][ /url] o.O
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Starting from tomorrow morning I won't be on for the next week seeing as I won't be here. So, I'll be back on around about next Sunday, which is the 3rd, I think. I doubt I will be missed by many lol, this is just to let you all know if any of you wondered where I was.
I hope you all have a great new year and a wonderful week! Happy 2010 for then *Sets off fireworks* xD

See you in the forest/on the site next week!
Much Love...Zeekii (and Nerri) <3
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:N e r r i:

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Connecting problems?

Is anyone else having connection problems? Me, Munkel and Serenai are all having the same problem. I dont know about them, but my internet is fine (obviously otherwise I wouldnt type this lol)
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Does anyone...(Got what I wanted now, thanks Seele!)

...have a screenshot of a deer wearing the DotD pelt from behind with the deer's head looking to the left? Specific, I know, lol. I just need a reference, and I can't get into the forest at the moment due to this pc not running it very well.
Please? XD
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For Ikibe/PandaDeer63 ^^

Hope you like them Laughing out loud
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Hey everyone!

I just came to say hi! I've only just started playing TEF, and it's so much fun...I love chasing other deer around, although you probably didnt know it was me, seeing as I just named my deer. I'm still a fawn at the moment, and will be for a while, but I can't wait to grow up so I can keep a set! My fawn's name is Nerri and we hope to see you all (or most) in the forest Laughing out loud

<3 Nerri
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