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Character Titles up for Request!

Copyright stamps up for request!

Get a lovely copyright stamp to accompany or use instead of a signature or watermark!

Just tell me what you want exactly, and then I'll email it to you, then you save it as a custom brush and we're away!
I would like 3 dA points if you can, if you can't i don't care :3


Request for some CSS


Spell request, PLEASE!

can anyone help me and serconker get zeb a dove spell please?
our coordinates are -57x135 in a mushroom circle

And now for poor old WolfSpirit, who's computer crashing caused the raven spell to vanish.
online: yes cords-60x342

CSS testing [ignore]

Shana's diary today

new diary entries will be uploaded, probably on upcomeing bio
Online: nope

Anyone else with problems logging in?

Set Requests Anyone?

I'm just wondering if anyone wants a set or anything, I feel like helping right now.
So just comment with a pic of your deer, or it's picto, and tell me where you are.

Warmed Heart

As the forest turned rosy, the sun set, and we all came warm and snuggley :3
So this means Shana is now a warm-hearted deer, and it shows on her Smiling
She now has a orange butterfly coat and a whitling mask with feathers on her head.
But she still wishes to keep her raven like roots.

So, to get to the point, as I saved her appearance it means I've lost my raven spell, anyone who can give me it back come forward please. From then on that person will have even more respect and love from me :3
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