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Of the Chemical Dust

I've Dined with Kings and Been Offered Wings


I DON'T USUALLY remake bios, but in this case felt the need to let people off the hook because the last one was made like four years ago and idk, just take my word for it. Had To Be Done.
Might not play her this Rut, but still a good time to do this...

Forever grateful to Scythe for the pictogram.
Thank you, Hum, for the screenshot!
Very much In Character, but always open to discussing anything anywhere! You never need my permission prior to approaching or interacting with my characters in any way.

Free to do anything they wish but die.

Because I need another character to not do updates for. :X Maybe, though. Will add more info soon. All interaction is welcome!

Where Fishermen Hold Flowers

Mature content! Likely vague but a potentially broad range of subjects.

Always in character, regardless of whether or not I've updated on any given day. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you need clarification for anything!

I will always assume you're acting in character if you respond in game - if there's something my character is doing in game and you're not comfortable with it, PLEASE do not feel like you have to respond! You always have a right to get out of it and I won't hold it against you at all. Have your character ignore mine or freeze with the 'listen' emote and I'll 100% understand.
(I will gladly do the same, so please don't worry about offending me or getting my permission first before ANY kind of interaction! If I'm responding, I'm fine with it.)

ALWAYS up for ideas or plots - or roleplay here or off-site.

Art by Raskaya, reference by Sleepything!

Ancient footprints everywhere

When Your Gravity Fails

art @ sleepything


(This bio is beautiful... said no one ever.

But the art is. ♥ Thank you, JD.)
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