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Transparency glitch??

I.e. Make your deer appear transparent like a ghost?

Does anyone know how to do this/can it be done?
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Yeah Yeah I know, Another time. I promised not to but I did.


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Art Request Of A TEF Deer

I would really like 2 pieces to go in my Biography of Iphea.

1. A portrait. (He has no portrait yet.)
------He has a human face, and appears EXACTLY like he does in-game: Brown face, whitish-bluish eyes, TEF Facial Anatomy, Default Antlers, sometimes with Flowers or Birds in them if you wish some creative room. I would love something realistic, but I'm not too keen on photomanips.

2. A Regal Picture.
-----I feel like he needs a picture of him looking regal. Sometimes I imagine him as a very intelligent, regal being and I would love to portray him as such on occasion. Maybe have him in a pose with one foreleg raised... or his head held high while he walks? Human face, of course.

<3 So much love.
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Anyone want to relax today? (Peaceful Gathering) *Completed, but I hope to host another soon!*

I am holding a "Flower Gathering" today at the patch of flowers behind the Great Oak. For those who use coordinates, it is 124,-112 and the area thereabout.

I'd like to bring a sense of belonging to TEFc right now, considering a lot of people on here have voiced that they are afraid to approach and sit with other deer for fear of not being accepted in to the group.

I have put Iphea in the flower patch, and anyone who wishes is most definitely allowed to accompany him there for a peaceful rest.

"I hope that the number of deer here outnumbers that of the flowers, as a sense of peaceful community befalls me today."

I would like to keep this going all day, if it's alright with everyone.

Thank you all for joining!
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Spell-Spamming Antlers, please?

Sorry for the last thing, I was having trouble with the forest, so I deleted the blog.

Mi is using the pictogram seabox and will be by the stream. She has the magpie mask and zombie pelt.

She needs either the argus or antelope antlers.

<3 Thank you, and again I appologize.
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Is there a new way to transfer spells to a different picto in 3.4?

Title is the question.

Cause I heard somewhere the De Drinkplaatz glitch doesn't work anymore.
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The stag sighed, peering in to the water. The forest's magic had changed him a lot. His face was not even a human face anymore, like it had been when he first arrived. His colors, they were odd and unnatural. Even his antlers had been a little changed, blackened.

Iphea wondered what it would be like to change back. He wondered what Roe would think if one day he came up to her and just sneezed a giant sneeze that made everything come loose. All the magic that had settled on him would just disappear in that characteristic puff of blue smoke. He had doubts she would like a deer that was the species found here over the species found outside. But maybe it was just him being... well... paranoid? Could you call it that?

Iphea sneezed. He lay on the ground by the pond for awhile, peering over the edge and in to the water at his human face. It peered back with a forlorn expression, but it was back to the way it had been before the magic, all excepting the color, of course. "I don't know how many times I have changed. Maybe this won't be the last time, but maybe it will." The stag sneezed again, his pelt becoming a suede-inspired brown with white flecks.

Thank the gods he did not shrink.

The beast rose to his hooves and peered around.

"If she finds me, I wonder what she would say."

Iphea traipsed off, peering at the forest, his eyes now in a position akin to predators, though he had always been prey. The stag pressed a hoof to a nearby tree, scraping free some mushrooms and coughing away the mask-spell after he ate them to satisfy the morning hunger in his stomach.

His head slowly raised, nostrils flaring to catch scent, before he moved off to a flower bed to rest among the blooms. Iphea smiled as he rubbed his cheeks in to the flowers, happy to be inconspicuous and naturally-coated among them.
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and the Nameless....

Soft, feathers trailed over the cheeks of one who slept. Those feathers turned to fingers, then those fingers melted away.

The beast opened its eyes. It had been awakened like this for days, as if it were in two worlds at one time.

I'll be old by the time things don't wake me like this anymore.

First front, then rear hooves made the ground tremble and bend as it rose, but only to ants could it be considered an earthquake. The face of this animal swung every-which-way, trying to see everything at once.

You make me cry, trying to tell you how many times? There is no predator here.

His eyes squinted as he pawed the ground in annoyance. Thoughts got annoying sometimes.

The thing walked on long, stilt-like legs until it reached the water. Immediately, it scared away the fish by pressing its face in to the liquid to slosh it around.

I reject this society.

The beast shook clean its face, before taking a long slug of water and wandering off.

Because it rejects me.

The beast wandered past all the colored-pelteds....

They accept you, as long as your set is complete.

before disappearing.
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Just a head's up

Map's glitching again. Don't trust it to tell you where or who a deer is right now.
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Controversial Writing Under The Cut.

Please be civil, I just wanted to write this and share it. I am not in any way trying to bash or sway anyone's beliefs. Please refrain from comments that might incite argument, as this is NOT what I want nor intended by sharing this. It was inspired by something I saw today, as well as the need to write brought on by Seed's amazing poetry.

Again, please do not take this offensively. Thank you.

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