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Gruffen's name change!

I'm switching my user on the community to Angel wings! I will try and keep this account going to store all my old blog entries k? Just lettin you know. I used the user Gruffen for 2 years on everything else and it's getting stale.

And to my Role Players!

My rp blog will be put on my new account so you can rp there instead.
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Thinking of adding a new PONY!

It's my own My little pony pony...If you object then so be it...I won't make her. Her name will be Angel Wings
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Goddess's new look

I never had any reference art before, but Goddess has the orca pelt now and the magpie antlers with a real deer face and carnival mask. Could someone draw me something? I can't get my monoprice tablet to install so I can't make any myself. Pweese? :3
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I see this world, but no longer feel it...(Goddess's poems)

I walk through this wood in the cold night air,
I see all the deer sitting in pairs,
Never to be lonely,
And I walk alone,
Forever and Always

This year,
Into my ear,
Floats that special sound,
Of love,
And I lay alone,
Forever and Always

My pelt sheds with every season,
I don't feel any good reason,
To care,
I new look, what does it matter,
When you have no one to love,
And yet I am not noticed,
Forever and Always

A tear trickles down my muzzle,
Never to feel a gentle nuzzle,
Never to whisper words of love,
Into that stag's ear,
And I am alone,
Forever and Always

Goddess got the magpie antlers and the orca pelt. When she finds that stag they will turn into peacock antlers
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This is the 10th time! LITERALLY!

I just got my new Monoprice tablet (the bigger one) and ive installed the driver 10 times now and it still doesn't work! You guyts know mpore than me! Any tips?
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I need some advice (I would like this kept private to my real-life friends, don't say a word) non-TEF

Uummm hey guys wats up? I need a little advice. Ok here comes...

This is my first time at Jr. High and also the first time...oh never mind...

-gets a kick in the leg from Shikami-

"It's ok Gruffen tell them what your feeling"

Alright this is my first year having a crush on a guy....-blushes with embarrassment- -wails- I don't know what to do!!! Ugh I feel really weird when I see him and I don't know what's going on! I don't feel sick or anything...I've never felt like this!!! Arggg please help me!
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Pleas don't yell at me but...(Non-TEF)

I've just found ou they are making a new 'Spyro' game called Skylander's: Spyro's Adventure and went to research it. I am a legend of Spyro fangirl and I have been ever since like 2008. It's not that ling but still...I went to look at the new Spyro and it felt like a slap in the face! I looked at it and said: "Spyro what have they done to your face?!?!" He looks like a -bleeping- gremlin or or a troll! Sad I'm sorry TEFc but I'm just really upset! Sorry to bother you...
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Spyro RP? (discontinued)

Well I've gotten back into liking Spyro and I'm making my own character again! If any if you play Spyro Dawn of the Dragon maybe could you rp with me here? My dragon is being created right now so I can't tell you what she looks like now...

DISCONTIUED! (unless you want to)
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So Nekurus is a stag now -happyhands- And i will need somebody to cast the fan antlers, real deer mask, and if possible the DotD pelt? if not the secretary bird pelt. Here is the picto:
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A new character[development, will add a little design I did at break in school today]

I am going to make a new character replacing Safari. The only things I'm positive about the look is a deer face, is super skinny and squirrel-like tail. What pelt should it have; what antlers? What's a good name for it, what gender? Should it have paws or claws or hooves? Maybe a song or insparational poem? I need your guys' help! Please? :3

Day 1:

Name will be Safari, will have the DotD pelt without the bone markings with realdeer mask(probably)and i will upload a drawing i did of her. Not sure of antlers still, but deciding. maybe is there a posting of all of them? She is super skinny has wolf paws for back legs, squirrel hands/a little bit mr. sanguine style hands(will change them if you want it Mr.Sanguine! it just formed that way) a squirrel-like tail. Will keep posting!


Day 2: thought of another name for her, but has forgotten it...Has paws for front feet, hooves for the back feet. The paws can sorta have apposable-thumb things. Still has the squirrel tail, deer face and DotD pelt. Also has large ears.
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