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Moths to a flame

I can see why the population on the server hit 80+
the candles are back on the menu!
And I can't really recall that being the case the last decade so that's pretty nifty.
Almost tempted to make a second account just to keep my candles lit

The Endless forest is located next to a highway

I should know, I've been there!

A couple of days back( too lazy to post any time sooner) I took my bike and went to the local woods
to take in my much needed dose of nature.

The route I took reminded me of Tale of tales in general because; It's through a forest
there's and old little Monastery, though intact unlike it's virtual counterpart,
and last but not least there's the old playground where I from now on will be hanging about with a rolled up carpet and a pack of smokes >:3( I reeeaally hope this makes sense to the most of you)

anyhow I was probably the only soul in the forest at the time, the sky was such a thick dark tone of grey you would think it grased the tree tops, giving it a real ambient feel.

after a couple of minutes I come past this chainlink fence with a little reed filled lake wich seemed like a real frog's nest, being a real biology-man I decided to stay there for a minute and hope to spot some nature and, well the second I push in my breaks and set my two feet on the ground I see two deer walking up from the opposite direction.

General mood: Happeh face

as soon as I saw the pair (a young buck and his lady friend) walk behind that fence to drink all the connections with The Endless forest came to mind.

To be clear these were Roe Deer and not the weird human-faced anomalies you are accustomed to
but it was phun to see those deer, to bad the highway was 50 feet away but you can't have it all now can you.

it was nice and I might post some extra details here when I come back right now I gotta go but If you have something similair happend to you, please post it cause I would love to read It!

Still can't write

In other news local student is crapping rainbows

Yes I am!
'cause I passed my frreaking highschool exames!

and since this is pretty much the only social networkingsite I am a member of I am obligated to
share my succes stories with all you creepy people Laughing out loud

This feels even more like a victory because I was pretty convinced I would fail and had to leave school without my diploma. All because of my good friend math who hates me so much that I can't even remember the last non-fail grade I had for it.

I should have posted this yesterday but I had to enlighten everyone I saw in the real world so I'm a bit late.

My congratz to all my fellow students out there

On a different side note If ANY of you know who the wiseguy was who turned the northern hemisphere

from summer to fall overnight tell him to stop it!

-still needs to work on his writing skeelz-


WARNING: Excess rain my wash out brain!

I kinda thought it would been raining, not because I'm psychic or something but because I live about 160 Km North of Auriea&Michaël

Still it's nice to see the colour on my screen being the same as the one outside of my window.
But it was crowded in the forest today!
more then fifty people mooing and jumping so I mooed and jumped along and got some one to tag along with me we had some crazy crowpelt action....Meaning that we just kept jumping until other people jumped along.

Later I went to bug people on my own by copying them and more dancing.

I had a lot more to say but I forgot it all ( read the title)

In other news; seeing a fawn sleeping under a small tree looks a hell of a lot more sad when it's raining then it should be D:

Comment if you clicked me because of the title!

My first year here! (+one hour)


Well not counting the first account I made here but that one didn't actually work 'cause it hadn't given me a logo to call my own( that is how we roll over at internet explorer )

But yeah, because I never given much thought of the community I never really knew if there would be something interesting in the forest wich would sometimes lead to confusion and or being pleasantly suprised.

and that I was waiting for eight months to get the freaking SKULL MASK only to lose it first to the calf button and my lack of knowledge and the second and final time the the damn lake !

So a year older and not alot wiser I am thinking about looking in to this site a bit more active and uhhhh.. Something witty to end this blog with.
( in what category does this fit?)


Launched the game after a long time of completly not launching the game.
to seeif there's something special going on, snow fog alien invasion( ya never know)
When suddenly this deer pops-up, wich isn't that big of a suprise in TEF, but (s)he turns me into a mini deer :0

I never really knew how that happens, I allways thought that it would recuire some sort of skill to be a pony sized deer. Any way thanks who ever it was
The deer had Butterfly antlers a deer mask and a brown pelt

Yay snow and small side notes

Never seen this before Laughing out loud

inches thick snow and a frozen lake would be awesome but that would probably result in frames per minute

on a side note is there anywere where one can find the names of the masks pelts and antlers?

And just to make sure the normal transformation spell( sleeping in a witches circle) can now also make you a bird?

cause I want to crow everywere D:!

Dearest regards


Edit: found out the crow thing and more patches of snow Laughing out loud

I didn't know! that it would dissapear !

That is you play as calf( never even noticed that buton before) that your fullgrown outfit vanishes!

My skull and zombie pelt are gone ;~;
I wanted that I have to wat threehundredandsixtyfreaking DAYS!

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